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4th Feb 2005, 07:36
Hey folks,

Got this on e-mail a few days ago.... quite hectic, anyone know where this was taken?



4th Feb 2005, 07:45
Looking at the holding point and runway number boards I would hazard a guess at Aberdeen.

4th Feb 2005, 07:55
....is the picture real ?

Would a pilot intentionally manouver his plane into that much water ?

4th Feb 2005, 07:59
Erm, is this a joke? Looks like Photoshop to me. There is now standing water anywhere else in the picture, there appear to be pilots in the cockpit, the leading edge flaps are set and there appears to be a lot of heat haze behind the starboard engine. Nice picture though.

4th Feb 2005, 08:00
It looks pretty real - and there's water all round the airport in the backround - maybe it rained after he parked the plane?


4th Feb 2005, 08:00
Is he going for an engine wash??


The Greaser
4th Feb 2005, 08:01
No a pilot would not intentionally do this, appears in the photo that the flightdeck is occupied, so I'm hoping it is a fake, but it looks pretty real to me. Oh and it is definitely Aberdeen.

4th Feb 2005, 08:01
Surely there's half a chance it's fake? There's jet blast coming from both the engines, and the water's going into the one on the left (as you look at it). Surely an engine couldn't keep running if it was sucking in this much water? Secondly the taxiway centre-line is reflected in the nose. It wouldn't reflect so straight if it were underwater.

Finally there's the fact that the plane was either parked on a taxiway which subsequently flooded, which is unlikely, or the pilots tried to forge their way through a five-foot deep lake on the way to the runway, and I'm not sure that's likely.

Willing to be corrected though.

4th Feb 2005, 08:05

Like the taxiway spot, someone is definitely pulling our collective plonker

ps please could someone tell me how to spell definitely, ta.

jimbo jet set
4th Feb 2005, 08:06
definatly a fake

4th Feb 2005, 08:08

good comment bout the centre line, if it is photoshop, its very well done though - especially the shadows at the wheels etc...


4th Feb 2005, 08:11
That is some fake picture - the reflections of the aircraft on the water are brilliantly done . can they also put 4 engines on it too..................?

4th Feb 2005, 08:33
It's a fake, look at the reflection of engine No. 2 in the fuselage, no sign of water around the engine's reflection.

Dan Winterland
4th Feb 2005, 08:40
Good spot Iolar - deffinitly a fake. By Ryanair perhaps!

4th Feb 2005, 08:42
C'mon peeps, there is a heat haze off of the engines and hardly a ripple on the water caused by the draught , and there's not even a bow wave off of the wheels.

4th Feb 2005, 08:46
Looks like a fake. The engines aren't turning but yet there is heat haze.

4th Feb 2005, 08:48
Reasonable effort (better than I could do at least!) but a clear fake!

4th Feb 2005, 09:04
The water is a very common aplet, popular on personal web pages several years back, commonly looking like a flowing stream. The aero has just been "plonked" into the frozen aplet then some cosmetic touches applied. Nice try though, I'm surprised a shock/horror journo hasn't run it under a sensational banner yet.

4th Feb 2005, 09:08
It's a rather good fake but just a pity that the faker missed the obvious anomalies like the taxiway centreline reflection in the nose, and lack of fuselage shadow/reflection.

Still, I'm sure a print is on MO'L's wall already!

4th Feb 2005, 09:49
Photo was created using this photoshop plugin.


Here is the Airliners.net thread about this photo but hardly any of the links in it are still active


4th Feb 2005, 09:56
Cue jokes about wet-lease, 'sea' checks...etc etc

4th Feb 2005, 10:01
...EASY WET 737....!!!

4th Feb 2005, 10:20
If they can get the reflections that good in photoshop its scary


4th Feb 2005, 11:23
There is a photshop plug-in called 'Flood', which has been used to fake this. See:


Just noticed, beaten to it by Photo :O

4th Feb 2005, 13:43
A very good one,apart from the taxi line they missed,look at the engine spinners!!!!!They are getting a jet balst but without the N1 rotation, very efficent engine!!Who ever did this must be bit peeved at missing these after their hard work!

4th Feb 2005, 13:48
I have never seen any water like this at this part, or any part of ABZ, and my office is just beside that location!

4th Feb 2005, 13:50
One of the things I am is a photographer. And here's the things that I noticed:

1) The centreline is visible behind engine #2, so clearly there is either very shallow water there or no water.

2) the photographer is slightly above the level of the top of the fuselage, but only slightly (note the position of the horizon cf vetical stab.)

3) a long focal length is used (note the compression of distances)

4) The ripples in the foreground are large compared to those near the aircraft.

3 & 4 are at odds. If this was real, the ripples in the foreground would be much smaller.

Even allowing for (3), 1 & 2 suggest that the "water" does not extend far behind the aircraft. In addition there is no indication that the water is covering the ground on the port side of the aircraft. These would suggest that either the aircraft has sunk into the runway, or the runway has subsided. Note that if there was a dramatic slope, we would expect to see far more of the top of the aircraft.

The main gear seems to be only 2/3 submerged, but the nosewheel doors are in the water. I don't know the relative heights of these things, but I suspect that this lends weight to the argument above - unless the water isn't level :-)

Even on an obviously overcast day like this appears to be, I would still expect to see some unevenness in the illumination on the underside of the fuselage nearest the water. The water has a rippled surface which reflects light unevenly and should "dapple" light under the aircraft -- at least a bit.

I didn't notice the jet blast, but if stuff is coming out of the back of the engine then (as pointed out already) stuff should be going in the front, and a lot of that stuff would be water!

Even if the aircraft is at rest and has been for quite some time, the ripples on the surface of the water would "reflect" off objects in the water giving interferance patterns that should be visible in three places (engines and nosewheel doors)

The argument about the jetblast + engines not spinning is wrong. I am sure you'd see those spiraly things even with the engines spinning -- I've noticed how slowly they go round during the later stages of descent in some aircraft where I have been able to see into the front of the engines (I don't fly business class too often).

In addition to the #2 engine beig visible as a reflection (sans water) on the fuselage, the main gear is visible, also sans water.

The water on the lower right of the image (around the front of engine #1) reflects the grassed area, why doesn't the water under the wing do likewise?

If you're really interested in fake photos, try this one: http://www.naturephoto.hu/natgeo_english/index.html

Stone Cold
4th Feb 2005, 13:58
Fake! The engines are running because you can see the heat haze at the rear of the engine, so if the engine was running the water in front of the engine would not be still and calm like it is, it would be getting sucked up.

Very good though.

eight iron special
4th Feb 2005, 14:19
This picture must be in the city of Bath!!


Ice Man
4th Feb 2005, 17:29
The engines are NOT running... LOOK at the spinners - I have flown this machine and can confirm they do go around when the engines are running!.

The heat haze is being caused by the APU exhaust with a wind from LHS.


4th Feb 2005, 18:10
It is a fake photo. Even the guy that made it never claimed it was real.

LOOK at the spinners

Well all i can say to that is Look at these spinners


I do not know Aberdeen airport at all. Is the aircraft in a position were only the APU and not the engines would be running?

4th Feb 2005, 19:04
Also on the port engine the relection of the gear has no water around it either.

El Grifo
4th Feb 2005, 19:10
fake for fax sakes !!!

:} :cool: :}

4th Feb 2005, 19:31
Don't be silly Hoskins they don't have Tsunami's here, turn the ignition on just in case though.

5th Feb 2005, 07:58
The real giveaway for me is the area of black underneath the engine.
The "hole" in the front of the engine is black because light is not reflected out of it. If this were a real picture, then the black hole would not produce a black reflection, but the image of water under ambient light, similar to other parts of the water.

The black reflection of the black hole appears because the computer program has, in it's own rather dumb style, just taken the colour values from the area above.

But I still think it is fun!

5th Feb 2005, 08:00
Good job Piers Morgan got the shove from the 'Mirror', or this pic would have been front page news.

5th Feb 2005, 09:41
Unless I'm very much mistaken, this was done with a Photoshop plugin called 'Flood' - no kidding. I've used a demo version before. Very simple to use and requires practically no skill from the user. It does create a very convincing effect, but as other users have mentioned here, the engines would not be running with this kind of 'ingestion'! With a little thought from the user this could have been so much more convincing.

5th Feb 2005, 10:01
Why no ripples around the main gear indicating any movement? Granted the ship might have stopped, but there would still be some residual ripples etc. Wish I had time to waste doing this sort of thing :(

Lou Scannon
5th Feb 2005, 11:05
I had this sent to me months ago with the caption:

" I think we will go for a wet V1 !"

5th Feb 2005, 17:13
here's a similar pix... FRA in July 2004

http://www.skytanz.de/verschiedenes/Flughafen2x.jpg not fake either.... it was after a thunder storm


ok... the skiier is fake :E

Why Travel
6th Feb 2005, 22:01
Silly RyanAir :ok:


22nd Feb 2005, 13:45
Hi all

Amazing how this image gets around after posting it to someone some months back.

Yes, it's a fake. It's my photograph taken at ABZ and the 'Flood Filter' done in Photoshop.

Great tool and can produce some fantastic effects.


Gary Watt

Hi all (again)

For all the doubters, the engines ARE running as it was taxiing to 34 for departure.

I can still confirm it\'s fake and if anyone else thinks different, ye need yer heids examined ;)



3rd Mar 2005, 07:59
I was going to say... If you have a fast enough film or ISO setting for those who have digital the camera can capture fast moving objects very clearly, like the spinner of a 737 engine...

I work in film and TV production, and it drives me nuts when the news photographers have the camera set to a high shutter speed when they're filming helicopters, turns the rotorblades into sticks!