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Flying Fokker
3rd Feb 2005, 04:27
A Lionair MD has ran off the end of the runway in UPG. No fatalities reported. Runway has now re-opened.

3rd Feb 2005, 05:34
Was it freight or pax? I used to see a Lionair DC-8 freighter in SIN a few years ago...

3rd Feb 2005, 05:42
I think this is Lion Air of Indonesia which operates MD-80 pax flights. There was a Luxembourg based Lionair with B747s in the late 80s.

3rd Feb 2005, 06:04
Y gents are mixing Cargo Lion operating DC8's. An other Luxembourgish operator that briefly flew B747's and Indonesia Lion Air that operated A310s and lately MD80's as well as B737-400s.

Lion Air of Indonesia went off the RWY not to long ago not once but twice would this be a new incident/accident or warming up old news?


3rd Feb 2005, 06:26
>>Y gents are mixing Cargo Lion operating DC8's. An other Luxembourgish operator that briefly flew B747's and Indonesia Lion Air that operated A310s and lately MD80's as well as B737-400s.<<

Yep, I think you're right, Cargo Lion operated SIN-JKT for UPS for a while (UPS outsources much of its international flying to cut costs):


Drop rise, drop rise...

3rd Feb 2005, 08:46
Flying Fokker.

Date: 30 November 2004
Airline: Lion Airlines
Flight No.: 583
Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-82
Location: Solo, Indonesia
Fatalities: 26:153

Are you talking about this accident or a more recent one?


3rd Feb 2005, 10:19
This is deffinatley a new thing same as november, guess they havn't learn't the leason yet!!!:uhoh:

3rd Feb 2005, 11:04
And not to be confused with:


:cool: :)

3rd Feb 2005, 11:10
Happens at least once a month at UPG. Little disruption to our Hadj program at Britannia.

The runway touchdown zone has heavy rubber deposits on it and is like an ice-rink when wet.

3rd Feb 2005, 12:27
An Indonesian jet with 155 passengers on board aborted its take off after it blew a tyre while accelerating down the runaway on Sulawesi island.

The Macdonnell Douglas MD-28 aircraft operated by budget carrier, Lion Air, managed to stop before the end of the runway.

An administrator at the Wolter Mongonsidi airport in Kendari, Mr Hamzah said all 155 passengers and the crew of eight were safe and no one was injured.

He said that the Lion Air plane was bound for Makassar in south Sulawesi.

An MD-82 airplane operated by Lion Air crashed during landing in the central Java city of Solo last month, killing at least 26 people.

Lion Air blamed bad weather for the accident, Indonesia's worst in recent history.

Lion Air announced in October it was planning to extend its service from 40 to 60 routes. link (http://www.abc.net.au/ra/news/stories/s1279522.htm)

date amended (still living in the past)

5th Feb 2005, 02:38
Lion currently only operate MD80 and 734s. A310 operations stopped up to 2 years ago.

Previous incident was in Solo City (IATA: SOC, ICAOnew: WARQ, ICAOold: WRSQ).

Current info:
PK-LMJ, ILS ldg 13, normal touchdown and 80kt by exit D, but could not stop in last 600m. Ended up 10m off the runway in soft mud. Speculation on condition of nosegear and wingspar.

WAAA Incidents: 6 commercial jets and 1 fighter in last 6 months.

Lion Write Offs:
B732 PK-LID a couple of years back.
MD82 PK-LMJ in November.

Recent Lion Accidents (some from 2ndary sources):
15Oct PK-LMP DPS after tyre burst take off UPG
05Jan Reg. unkn. Kendari. 2 conflicting versions of story.
3rd week JAN, run off PDG, reg. unknown.
03Feb PK-LMJ runoff UPG

Dogma, We don't call it the skating rink for nothing!


6th Feb 2005, 00:53
Just read the accident report on that 737 that crashed a couple of years ago. Attempted to takeoff with the flaps retracted. CB defect known to maintenance.

"the examination of the aural warning CB shows that the CB can not latch in due to wear on the latching mechanism. Such wear should be remedied by replacing the CB. This however was not done. Instead, for some reason, the maintenance of the previous owner/operator installed pull-out guard on the CB. " sic

What is a pullout guard?

6th Feb 2005, 05:12
I need that report !!!! :D *beg beg beg*


Kaptin M
6th Feb 2005, 05:17
What is a pullout guard? In Indonesia, it's probably Supa Glue :}

6th Feb 2005, 18:29