View Full Version : Harrier jet to New Zealand

2nd Feb 2005, 01:16
I have just looked at the attached article on the ex-RAF Harrier going to NZ, but it dose not state weather it is going to be flying or static.
Can anyone provide further details on if/when/who it may fly??


4th Feb 2005, 07:17
heard the aircraft, which was being used by apprentices at the Royal Navy training school in Yeovilton in the UK, was being sold by the British Ministry of Defence.

As it's an ex-training aid for Navy apprentices, I doubt it is being bought to fly. Further reading of the article suggests to me that it is going to be on static display in a museum in Ash-vegas, pampered and doted on by a group of enthusiast's.

Good on them, but do have to wonder about it's link to NZ aviation and wether it desrves to be shown in a NZ museum. The Canberra on the other hand would be a worthy example of a NZ operated military machine with combat honours.


Fris B. Fairing
5th Feb 2005, 00:12

Why does it need to be of relevance to NZ? The reality is that for museums to survive, they need exhibits which people will pay to see.


Plas Teek
5th Feb 2005, 21:13
What a waste. Shame it's not going to somewhere, where more people will get to see it.
Like Wigram or the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

But I suppose to the victor, the spoils. They asked and got.

And where is Ashburton??

6th Feb 2005, 07:18
The museum at Ashburton airport (85km south of Christchurch) is a very worthy place to be housing this machine and plenty of pepole will be able to enjoy it. Also this particular machine saw action in the Fauwklands war (Fuwkalnds?? you know what I mean:\ )

6th Feb 2005, 10:02
ashburton is on the main highway south from christchurch, so there are thousands of cars that drive thru everyday, given some good signage and basic advertising it shouldnt be a problem, there was also an article on the christchurch press the other day the wigram museum is trying to get the original c-141 starlifter that first flew to christchurch and antartic in the 60's/70's apparently its still in working order over in the states,