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vintage ATCO
1st Feb 2005, 17:23
I see a certain man on the fence has won 1st prize in the 2004 Aeroplane Annual Photographic Competition with the very evocative photo of the Shuttleworth Blackburn Monoplane, aptly taken on the Centenary of Powered Flight.

Well done, mate, richly deserved! :ok:

I still have it as my Desktop background :D:D:D

Peter Barron
1st Feb 2005, 19:16
I don't get Aeroplane but I remember the photo very well when it was posted here, beautiful.

Well done that man !!!.


Grandad Biggles
1st Feb 2005, 20:25
Loads of congrats on another forum too
My congratulations also, brilliant shot

Was pretty cold at the time if I remember and the mist made the moment even more nostalgic

Nick has a couple of other shots taken at around the same time that are equally impressive

1st Feb 2005, 21:30
Just brought the mag, the pic is one of several that alternate on my desktop, and serves to remind me that being at Old Warden on December 17th 2003 would have been a far, far better thing that slogging my guts out in vain pursuit of Mamon...

Well done Nick, thoroughly deserved, and look forward to your contributions to PPRuNe in 2005!



2nd Feb 2005, 05:56
Aw shucks thanks for your kind words chaps.

Its a wonderful reminder of a special day. I have a shot taken just after that has the aircraft just parked and its not nearly as good. Yet when I was taking it I was thinking "I'll take this one to check the settings and get a better one when they've stopped moving it". Its funny how things happen.

Oh and a nice shot of two blokes stumbling around a misty control tower as well :D

2nd Feb 2005, 06:18
I still have it as my Desktop background

How many others have it too, I wonder :O

Absolutely brilliant pic and a worthy winner.

2nd Feb 2005, 17:09
The day itself was magic and that photograph brings back great memories of Old Warden at its best. A really worthy winner among some fantastic entries in the competition. Congratulations.
Trapper 69

3rd Feb 2005, 11:03
Just read these posts and would dearly like to use the photo as a desk-top. From where can I download the photo?

3rd Feb 2005, 15:20
Congratulations Nick, it was a truly superb shot. A prize well deserved! :ok:

vintage ATCO
4th Feb 2005, 22:20
Just read these posts and would dearly like to use the photo as a desk-top. From where can I download the photo?

Here might be the place to look http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=106461&perpage=15&pagenumber=3 It was a magical day.

Suggest a bit of grovelling to M-o-t-F

:D :D :D

7th Feb 2005, 09:57
I too have that stunning photo as my wallpaper.

Well done MOTF, your photos have always shown the beauty of flight.

How about producing a montage/screensaver or something similar of some of your photos? Perhaps sold to help the Shuttleworth Collection? Or even yourself!