View Full Version : Former CFS students where are you now

dynamite dean
31st Jan 2005, 06:46
I am looking for Charles , Stephen fury and an Irish student called John who went to CFS in 2002 if I can remember.

Also if Mathew you had the funny white sun glasses and blimey what his name did his PPL test in 40kts oh yes Nick, of headwind in the same year you guys were very funny an old instructor is searching for his lambs. C'mon you guys if you reading this let us know what your up to:ok:

31st Jan 2005, 17:32
Hello Mr Dynamite.

Are you missing your old chums and feeling homesick for George?Ho Ho.!

We are always here.Just at the end of a telephone cable!

Hope you are well.

31st Jan 2005, 20:25
I'll be doing a newsletter soon for the UK-SA Flyer community - I'll copy your 'post' into that - they may well be on distribition


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