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30th Jan 2005, 14:49
Depressing news.....as of now Discovery has "rebranded" Wings and it's become The Military Channel. :(

"The Military Channel will bring viewers compelling, real-world stories of heroism, military strategy, technological breakthroughs and turning points in history. The network's slate of series and specials are designed to take viewers "behind the lines" to tell the personal stories of servicemen and women and offer in-depth explorations of military technology, battlefield strategy, aviation and history."

Still - it'll keep the channel's execs on the White House "preferred" list.

30th Jan 2005, 15:21
Still some great helicopter shows on it, I saw a good one about military heli ops all over the world. But it was purely military...

Old Skool
30th Jan 2005, 15:58
My girlfriend is pleased...

I know discovery wings used to bore her but eastenders/corrie/emerdale bores me.

I knew she was bored because she said this many times, over and over again...
her displeasure of many things are not kept quiet

why do they do that?

Capn Notarious
30th Jan 2005, 17:24
They do that because they want you to notice them.
With regard to Soap progs.
My phrase which you may use at no charge go's thus.
Is your life so empty that you have to fill the spaces with fictional people?

This is startler ( startle her ) may instigate serious consideration. YOU could always remind, that more ladies are in construction design etc.

Who rules? he that has the remote!

Keep us informed of progress.[COLOR=crimson]

30th Jan 2005, 18:24
Military aviation channel dedicated to "killing"?

Maybe I missed something....is not the content to remain the same? Does not military aviation worldwide lead to technological advances in civilain avation?

I seem to remember many of the very first responders to international disasters have been military organizations....plainly life saving operations and not dedicated to "killing".

Me thinks certain posters here have a political agenda that looks for any excuse, no matter how trivial, to stir the pot.

The irony here, is the very military they claim to hate so strongly, are the very thing that protects their ability to exercise that bit of free speech.

If the Discovery Channel wants to celebrate that part of aviation by naming a program offering for the military...then good them!

30th Jan 2005, 19:08
There are loads of military programs already, on Discovery Civilisation for example. Why do they need a specifically-branded extra channel, and why do they have to take away Wings?

30th Jan 2005, 21:06
"As much we all like to see pictures/footage of helicopters, a TV channel entirely dedicated to glorifying the killing of people leaves a nasty taste in one's mouth." A quote taken from a previous post.

As I said in response to the above taken from your post....take your political agenda elsewhere. Unless you can show the new focus will be the "glorification of killing by the military" , I fail to see where you have valid complaint.

I also wondered why the name change....but the argument should be about whether it should have been changed from "Wings" to "The Military Channel"....unless the content is to be purely military....to the exclusion of all non-military aviation.

As to taste....one man's meat is another man's poison I guess.

Tony Chambers
30th Jan 2005, 22:22
although i like to watch military programs i feel that wings also showed the great work of the civil helo pilots around the world and this will be lost. I wonder where the civil aviation guys will get thier 11 mins of fame?

B Sousa
31st Jan 2005, 12:54
Wings Channel had really run its course. It was time for something new. As to glorification of Killing folks as the Bleeding Heart above mentioned........Remember the saying.
Some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them............

3rd Feb 2005, 14:49
To headsethair,

Any idea when this changeover is taking place? (And I presume that you're refering to the UK...)

The reason I ask is that I was watching Wings last night (and everything seemed to be normal). They were promoting Wings programs that are appearing on Feb 18th and their website (http://discoverywings.co.uk/_listings/index.shtml?schedule_date=20050213&channel_code=DWIN&language_code=ENG&target_page=/_listings/index.shtml) is showing listings for the 13th Feb.

Any idea? These hardly seem to be the actions of a channel that has shut down...



3rd Feb 2005, 15:43
The change in the US happened on Jan 10. The rest of the world will play catch up - although it seems far from certain that there will be a global rollout for The Military Channel. Discovery is dropping the Discovery name from many of its channels - hence The Science Channel in the US.

3rd Feb 2005, 16:25


3rd Feb 2005, 18:43
I don't think that Mr Sousa has to grow up, zxcvbn, as I believe that he has a valid point.

You, after all, are the one who implied the glorification of killing and therefore started pulling the topic off course in just the second reply

4th Feb 2005, 14:28

Just Helicopters is exactly the forum you wish to visit....enjoy your self there....you are a natural for it. The banter there is very similar to yours....ta!

B Sousa
4th Feb 2005, 15:23
Seems I struck a nerve.....I seem to do that quite frequently.......Oh Well.
Dont take things too seriously, it was a description as I viewed your post, not an insult... Im guessing your not a Pilot or you would have tougher skin than that.
Anyway the Wings Channel was getting pretty repititious. It had a good start but has to change with the times.....As it will after a few years of re-runs of the Third Reich, WWII, etc.

As Miss zxcvbn(bottom six keys on the board) would love to bait us into the politics here. I will be nice....So that Heliport does not have to bounce me again for telling the C:mad: what I really think...

4th Feb 2005, 15:31

"i don't approve of governments using military action under the excuse of "defending our freedoms"

When do you approve of them using military action then - just when it suits you? I don't think Bert was insulting you at all - just expressing his view of you. If you can't take that, then it tells me something about which one of you is the grown-up - and it's not the one who hasn't yet got as far as learning about capital letters :}

4th Feb 2005, 15:46

You chose to make a controversial political comment within 14 minutes of the thread being started.
If you think you can describe a channel specialising in military topics as "dedicated to glorifying the killing of people" without provoking a reaction, you're the one who needs to grow up.

The responses have been very restrained in the circumstances. Perhaps that's because those who've responded to you are older and wiser than you, or maybe it's because they respect the fact that we don't allow political discussions in this forum.


4th Feb 2005, 16:06

Heliport has put it rather succinctly. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


I commend you on your diplomacy.

4th Feb 2005, 19:16

I'm confused. :confused: :confused: :confused:

The current administration, through embedded journalists, supports televising the death of 'them', while refusing to televise Dover Airforce base and the death of 'us'.

Is this the 'freedom' we fight for?

Or, is this 'thought control'?

Perhaps if there had been fewer helicopter taking life in the Middle East, there might have been more helicopters available for saving life in the Far East.

Or, is having this 'though' verboten? :uhoh:

Dave :ok:

alghaita ganga
4th Feb 2005, 19:40

Oh boy, you really do get wound up quickly don't you:=

anjouan just makes an oblique reference to your lack of capitalisation but you just have to go over the top and start talking about spelling and the whole nine yards. Pretty immature behaviour. I hope you're neither a pilot nor a politician, because it would be pretty darned scary if someone as volatile-seeming as you were ever in a position of being responsible for people's lives. I guess you wouldn't have approved of the United Kingdom having declared war on Germany in 1939 then, since at the time it was not under an immediate threat? :mad: To someone like you I suppose that programmes like Dad's Army and Allo, Allo should be banned because they trivialise war. Grow up will you :8

4th Feb 2005, 23:53
Pardon me, people, but has someone had a little tantrum and thrown all their teddies out of the cot by removing previous posts??

Or have I missed a subtle point here??

5th Feb 2005, 14:22
Looks like he has.
Most were R22 questions, but it does seem a bit extreme. :confused:

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