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Nardi Riviera
28th Jan 2005, 18:30
Hey, Chuck!

There is a pic of it on airlinersnet from 1980, in winter storage at EMA (Nottingham).

Canadian pilots waterbombed with it here, last part of the 70'ies. That's the one I got a ride in ca 1975.

Reverting. :D :D :D

Chuck Ellsworth
28th Jan 2005, 20:04
There does not seem to be a link to the picture....

...However I do believe CF- HNH was one of Avalon Aviations PBY6A's and I used to fly it when it was a waterbomber..


28th Jan 2005, 20:35
Sorry to interupt a private conversation but is it this (http://www.warbirdregistry.org/pbyregistry/pby-64017.html) bird you're talking about ?

Nardi Riviera
30th Jan 2005, 00:42
Dusk2dawn - that's the one! Thanks a lot! The pic on airlinersnet from 1980 sports the logo of Haydn Air Charter that leased it from 1977-85. (The links there are miles long, but maybe you can fix one? Think it's on page 21/22 when you search for PBY.) Then my ride must have been after 1975. Happy to see it's still alive.

Chuck, I suspected you would know that a/c. Heh, then we actually have occupied the same seat! Small world indeed. Doubt if I could get time off from work in March, but sure would love to join you in Holland. Will leave it up to fate...

Would you know, we also visited Como last year (late May), great place! Didn't see much of the city, couldn't bear to leave the SPB. Kinda weird to sleep in quarters used by air cadets in the 1930'ies. Met an 89 old veteran who trained in the "Caproninco" double-decker seaplane that they have restored and fly occasionally.

:D :D :D

30th Jan 2005, 07:29
Here is the link (http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=C-FHNH&distinct_entry=true) to all the pictures of C-FHNH on airliners.net