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25th Jan 2005, 23:04
I have a PPL which is in need of re-newing, have not flown for a bit as i was concentrating on getting through the JAR written papers, and now want to head off and build some hours before starting on the CPL flying training.
Question is, where? if anyone can offer any pearls of wisdom on places and prices or deals for either this country or abroad, i'd be most grateful. as they say the best advert is to recommend, so if you would like to give something back to the place where you trained/ hour built...

many thanks in anticipation.

25th Jan 2005, 23:46
Am in a very similar situation, so may I echo 814hotelalpha (no phonetic pun intended) and say that any advice in this area would be awesome...

Thanks all you wise people out there who keep us informed!!

Take it easy

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