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Green Meat
25th Jan 2005, 11:09
I'm searching for photographs, other than those already published in Aldon Ferguson's book on Woodvale, of the Spitfire PR.XIXs during their service with the Temperature & Humidity Flight (THUM) early to late '50s.

Any help gratefully appreciated!


25th Jan 2005, 15:50
There was a lass in ATC at Liverpool in the 1970's whose father was on the THUM flights - John Formby.

Last I heard of Pat she was up at Edinburgh ATC but that was some time ago..

Green Meat
25th Jan 2005, 16:22
Cheers! The daughter of the very person I was trying to research. Will try and track her down.

I take it that's Air Traffic ATC rather than Air Training?


25th Jan 2005, 17:32
All I can remember of that is that the Ex Chief PRO (ALAN) of Liverpool was a member of that unit and when they had a reunion of some sort at RAF WOODVALE a Griffon Engined SPIT from this unit that is now with the BBMF was there and did a superb T/O and Display over the Airfield.:ok: :ok:

27th Jan 2005, 14:36
Apologies for the slow reply..

Yes, Pat was an ATCO at Edinburgh but that was back in the 1970's.. I lost touch with her but maybe someone in the Air Traffic forum may point you in the right direction.


Green Meat
28th Jan 2005, 09:13
Cheers jb, thanks for the pointer.