View Full Version : 14 day waiting list for complaints at BA.

Art E. Fischler-Reisen
8th Jun 2001, 20:37
I recently had cause to contact the British Airways Customer Relations Department. In return I received a standard letter which stated:

"We have recently experienced unprecedented volumes of mail into this office and are unable to reply to customers as quickly as we would wish. Currently it is taking us up to 14 days, but if an in-depth investigation is required a reply may take longer."

Oh dear, oh dear. Looks like I'm not alone then!

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Hot Wings
8th Jun 2001, 21:27
Typical! It does remind me, though, of a newspaper article last year, in which a gentleman reported sending a "well done" letter to Virgin Rail. He received a computer generated, groveling "we're sorry that you were inconvenienced" letter and a 50 voucher!!!