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21st Jan 2005, 20:01
OK folks, now that I've paid my deposit for my PPL with EFT...... can any of you recommend good places to eat that are near the student accommodation in Vero beach (i think)?

Cheers, and if any of you on the ATP fancy meeting up, PM me and I'll give you my details.


21st Jan 2005, 21:11
If I recall correctly there is a real nice mcdonalds there !! or was it burger king ?

21st Jan 2005, 21:30

EFT's student housing is actually in Vero Beach not Fort Pierce, so maybe you want to rename your thread?

I shouldn't worry to much about where is good to eat in advance as there are plenty of Diners, Grills, and other restaurants to choose from here. Some of them on them right on beach are worthy of a mention. Waldo's being one and Mulligan's another.

However, the most important place you'll first learn about when you get here is the Tiki restaurant actually on the airport. I can almost guarantee you will have breakfast and lunch there on more than one occasion during your stay!!

Hope this helps, I know it is a very important consideration!! :p


21st Jan 2005, 22:44
Hey Farrell

I am also going EFT for my PPL in the first week of April.

When will you be going there?

Also, how would people rate local hotels/motels vs EFT accom?


21st Jan 2005, 22:47
This should cover it:

14th Avenue Steakhouse 778-1020
2001 Diner 778-9357
2002 Restraurant 569-1920
A Taste of Philly 388-9808
Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty 562-1941
Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill 978-0557
Arby's Roast Beef 770-1281
Asian Restaurant 569-2829
B J's Bar-Be-Que 589-7113
Bacci 569-1551
Beachside Restaurant 234-4477
Bella Napoli Restaurant 564-9800
Big Apple Pizza 569-3923
Bing's Restaurant 407-664-4463
Black Pearl Restaurant 234-4426
Blessing Casual Dining 569-9133
Bobby's Restaurant & Lounge 231-6996
Bono's Real Pit Bar-B-Q 770-4656
Boom Boom's Sub Shop 569-4540
Burger King - East 567-5031
Burger King - West 562-7457
C J Cannon's 567-7727
Cafe du Soir 569-4607
Camelia's 234-3966
Cap's Pizza 770-2277
Caprino's Italian Restaurant 778-5466
Captain Hiram's 589-4345
Captain's Galley 466-8495
Casey's Place 231-4790
Charley Brown's Restaurant 231-6310
Chart House 770-0444
Checkers Restaurant - Roseland 589-7661
Chef Dick Perry's Wayside Inn 562-6065
Chez Yannick Restaurant
Chili's Bar and Grill 564-9040
Conchy Joe's Seafood Restaurant
Country Garden Restaurant & Catering 664-4065
Courtesy House 562-1595
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 563-0066
Crusty's Restaurant 231-4728
Dairy Queen 589-4020
Denny's Restaurant 562-2013
Dodger Pines 569-9606
Domino's Pizza - Sebastian 388-3030
Domino's Pizza - Vero 778-3030
Double Deckers 569-9874
Eagles Nest Restaurant 589-6803
Egg's Plus 770-3565
Ellie's Restaurant 778-2600
Fairways Restaurant 407-229-5900
Fat Boy's Bar-B-Q 562-8333
Fishhouse Restaurant 407-466-8732
Frank's Place for Ribs and Seafood 562-0719
Galley Grille 407-468-2081
Gemberlings 407-664-3663
Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant 571-0917
Giuseppe's Pizza 589-8508
Golden Reef 569-7427
Golden Wok Chinese Takeout 589-3917
Gregg's of Vero 778-7675
Guarino's 664-9905
Guytano's Italian Bistro & Bar 778-4088
Hampton House Restaurant and Irish Pub 562-4864
Heavenly Wings 562-2492
Hermanas Mexican Cafe 589-0501
Hibiscus Coffee & Tea 778-4138
Hioki's Japanese Cuisine 407-951-2710
Hodges Restaurant 567-5444
Holiday Inn Beachside 231-2300
Holiday Inn Countryside 567-8321
Hurricane Harbor Restaurant 589-1773
International House of Pancakes 569-8229
Italian Grill 567-6640
Jackie's Sandwich Shop 562-1720
Jade Garden 569-3301
Jaycee Park Seaside Grill 231-1911
Jeff Rubin d/b/a Burger King 569-3420
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kentucky Fried Chicken 562-2045
Kountry Kitchen with Love 567-6733
LaVia Pizzeria 778-3800
Le Brunch 562-0842
Love's Sub Connection 978-0503
Mandarin Garden 388-3287
Mangrove Mattie's 407-466-1044
Marker 1 Restaurant 589-6518
Maryland Fried Chicken 547-5360
Mash Hoagies/Subs and Salads 231-9436
McCray's Crab Delight 562-8381
Menu Restaurant 231-4614
Miami Subs Grill 569-9586
Monte's Italian Restaurant 231-6612
Mr. Fried Rice 978-0805
Mr. Manatee's Casual Grill 569-9151
Mrs. B's Family Inn 569-1989
Nature's Way Cafe 978-0069
Nino's Cafe 231-9311
Norris's Famous Place for Ribs 407-464-4000
Ocean Grill 231-5409
Old Towne Cafe 569-6377
P V Martins 407-465-7300
Palm Court Restaurant 234-1620
Patio Restaurant 567-7215
Paula's Place 589-1530
Pearl's Bistro 778-2950
Penny Hill Subs 567-0043
Pickle's Deli Cafe 562-9999
Pineapple Joe's Grill and Raw Bar 407-465-6930
Pizza Hut 562-0748
Pomodoro Grill & Pizza 234-1123
Poor Man's Castle 778-9792
Prima Pizza & Pasta 589-6949
Quick-Snak 567-1488
Raymond's Courtside Cafe 770-1300
Reef Cafe 388-9343
Riverside Cafe
Riverwalk Grill 388-1977
Ruddy Ducks 234-3880
Shoney's 770-9700
Starbucs Pizzeria 562-2210
Stuart's Bistro 664-4002
Subway Sandwiches West 569-8780
Subway Sandwiches East 770-1223
Sue Isarone c/o PDQ Pizza 407-723-9057
Sunset Cafe 778-5461
Super Dip 569-5130
Szechuan Palace Chinese Restaurant 562-7726
Taco Bell - East 567-9577
Taco Bell - West 569-3737
Taiwan Express 567-2009
Tango's 231-1550
Taste of Italy 569-5905
Tasty-O Donuts of Sebastian 589-0810
The Upper Crust 388-3438
Toby's Oasis 231-1110
TooJay's Gourmet Deli 569-6070
Treasure Coast Pub & Grill 231-2300
Turning Point Restaurant & Gameroom 563-0036
Vero Surf Restaurant 562-6550
Vic's Pizza and Pub 589-8989
Vincent's Restaurant 569-4333
Vista Plantation 778-5994
Wabasso Beach Market 589-3386
Waffle House 569-3911
Waldo's Restaurant 231-7091
Walmart Food Court 563-2278
Waterway Cafe 664-7410
Wendy's Hamburgers - West 569-6762
Wendy's Hamburgers - East 562-7075
Wendy's Hamburgers of Sebastian 388-0735
Westside Beanery 562-0911
Yesteryear Coffee Shop 567-5395

HG :ok:

22nd Jan 2005, 17:16
Jesus Handspring!

That's a restaurant for every meal of the trip!

Thanks mate!

Matt - I'm sure I'll spend many a meal at the Tiki!

Cheers folks!


Frank Furillo
22nd Jan 2005, 17:21
Good to know there will be no shortage of places to eat, when I go over at the backend of march for my CPL.

22nd Jan 2005, 18:54
Another good spot is the flying j's.It's a trucker stop near fort pierce.The breakfast buffet is to die for!!

23rd Jan 2005, 10:41
Good to know where the Flying J is for circuit joining purposes as well! (And the Winn Dixie supermarket and the I-95 as well).

Enjoy your time at Saint Lucie - I still have fond memories of my flying there over three years ago!


23rd Jan 2005, 10:43
Near to the EFT accommodation in Vero is a "family sports bar" called Beef O'Brady's which has a happy "hour" Monday to Saturday 3 til 7. Domestic draughts just 99cents (admittedly not a pint). The staff are normally more than happy to put Fox Sports World on one of the tvs which show the odd premiership game.:ok:

23rd Jan 2005, 20:06
I recommend Bono's for their ribs and a waitress called Kelly who has the cutest butt..... who somehow managed to get herself up the duff when I was there.

Ocean Grill is on the pricey side.

There is a lively bikers bar called 'The Jetty' down by the beach near 'Theo Thudpuckers' which is a great night out on a Saturday! Mind your manners though or you may become another crime statistic.....

Crime in Fort Pierce (2002):

8 murders (20.4 per 100,000)
41 rapes (104.5 per 100,000)
236 robberies (601.5 per 100,000)
538 assaults (1371.3 per 100,000)
964 burglaries (2457.2 per 100,000)
2,152 larceny counts (5485.3 per 100,000)
390 auto thefts (994.1 per 100,000)

Enjoy! :)


24th Jan 2005, 11:05
VFE.......is that location, Gerland, Lyon??

24th Jan 2005, 15:12
Had many a good night in Chili's in Vero, bout 5 min drive from the housing

24th Jan 2005, 19:41

No, it's just a play on words:

England = In Gerland .....

....you know how our football fans shout "INGERRRLAND INGERRRLAND INGERRRLAND" at soccer matches? :)


24th Jan 2005, 23:07
I am shocked nobody has suggested the Golden Coral yet. Its near Fort Pierces walmart, and it is a drive away but its a glorious all you can eat, look at me i'm a fat beast, resteraunt. With any luck i'll be out at EFT in May to savour the treats of the golden coral. Also there is some mad chinese buffet as well hidden in fort pierce, however both were very cheap and i don't recall seeing many dogs or cats in Fort Pierce

24th Jan 2005, 23:33
What - no Blue Oyster...?


25th Jan 2005, 12:02
I can't believe that for a place as grim as Fort Pierce this thread has made it onto a second page!! :uhoh:

'I' in the sky
25th Jan 2005, 16:11
Anyone know if Archie's Seabreeze Bar on South Hutchinson Island survived the hurricanes ?

Ft Pierce isn't grim, it's just that snobs don't like it.

If you're living in Ft Pierce and get fed up, go south towards Stuart rather than up to VRB. If you're actually staying in VRB then unfortunately Stuart is a bit of a treck so you'll just have to get used to being surrounded by a load of "Oh, we live in Vero Beach" s.

25th Jan 2005, 18:47
Fort Pierce grim? Nah, Pahokee or Airglades - now that's grim! Pop in and say hello to the banjo player next time you're flying past. First time I visited Fort Pierce was about five years ago. The taxi driver was the perfect tour guide meeting me at the Greyhound Station and giving a running commentary as we swerved elegantly towards my motel. The stearing was shot to sh!t in this cab and it was pretty obvious the driver had been hitting it hard the night before. His introduction was perfect if rather un-PC:

"This is the bad part of town. This is where all the black people live. Drugs. Prosititution. Crime. Don't come near this part of town unless you're after trouble".

Best part came later that night when I went to that Jetty bikers bar I mentioned. Sitting at the bar supping the Bud and musing pleasantly on this an' that (as ya do), a nice hairy local tatooed gent informed me that because I was English and the fact it was getting late (1am) the chances of my ass getting hauled outside into the car park at gunpoint and being administered a sound thrashing were increasing ten fold with every ticking second but to not worry because his pals were looking out for me.*

Above moments aside - it ain't a particularly bad place (I've been to worse places) - you just have to learn how to carry yourself and not walk around with a bum bag and a posh accent. If you want to experience the real America by going to bars like the one mentioned here then it's perhaps prudent to go with friends unless you're good at talking your way out of bother. :}


* = Note the bikers were great people.

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