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cool blue
20th Jan 2005, 15:54
I am trying to install a "NetLink/Directlink", file/data transfer cable (i.e. the "host to host" or "direct-linq" part, not the "network" bit). I believe the chipset is a Prolific PL-2301. The installation runs without problem completing with an icon named "PC-Linq". When the program is then run the red indicator lights are on for both the local and remote machines (indicating USB not connected). After poking around I find that a new conflict has occurred (yellow question mark) in System Properties called "Other devices" , along with a sub-headed "USB Host To Host Bridge" entry (also flagged yellow question mark).

I've uninstalled & reinstalled several times (using add/remove programs) to little avail save, on occassions (either boot-up or cable entry) the "Windows has detected a new hardware device" wizard appears. "USB Host to Host Bridge" does appear, in the devices window etc, but concludes by saying "the device is already installed but it has a problem" ... see device properties...where it says "the drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)". Option to re-install driver>wizard again>two options 1."search better driver recommended" results as above, and 2. "Direct wizard to list of specific drivers" etc, after which the result is "Windows was unable to locate a driver for this device". Press finish> says "Unknown device" with yellow question mark.

I've also tried right-click on the driver where an install option is... nada again.

It looks like windows can see the device but can't properly recognise thus install it. I've downloaded the driver (Usbbc.inf) and program from around half a dozen sites in case the driver was corrupted, but no luck.

Finally, I tried installing the network drivers, but that didn't work either (it didn't even recognise each local machine).

Is it possible to sneak the driver in past windows using DOS? (But where would it go?)

Would much appreciate any help offered.


[PC: AMD-K6(tm) 3D MMX 3Dnow, 500mhz, 128ram, Win98SE & Laptop: AMD-K6-111, 466mhz, 64ram, Win98SE]

20th Jan 2005, 17:55
I had one of those linq devices that I used frequently to link my laptop to other PCs that I was "treating". It worked flawlessly.

Then I "upgraded" to XP Pro SP2, and it woulnd't work any more. Apparently (so I've been told) none of the cheap ones will work with XPSP2 - you need the $40 and up software such as Laplink.

I don't know if that's genuine, but it certainly seems to be in my case.

cool blue
20th Jan 2005, 22:38

That's exactly what I'd heard too... which is why I'm so puzzled I have this problem (supposedly runs beautifully on 98SE & hates XP).

I must be doing/missing something simple.. but darned if I can see it. I'll ferret around and see if I can find anything helpful relating to Laplink.

Thanks for reply,


21st Jan 2005, 00:52
If you're not using XP SP2, then it may just be glitchy software.

Before I bought my (now not functioning) PC-Linq, a friend of mine came round with his poorly laptop and a different link and software. It wouldn't work on my machine at all. We downloaded a different piece of software (no idea where from, now) and that worked fine with his cable.

When I got my cable, the downloaded stuff would NOT work with it. But the software that came with my cable was fine. Until I upgraded to SP2.

It might be worth trying some different software. If you want, I can send you a CD or two.

Oh - you did install the software before plugging in the cable, didn't you?

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