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19th Jan 2005, 21:37
hello all
What became of the ace, Gollob? I have read a few of the Luftwaffe histories and there seems to have been a shunning of the man. Certainly, he seems to have dirtied his bib enough to be shunned, for want of any other word, by the surviving german pilots. What did he do and where did he end up?

The Invisible Cat
20th Jan 2005, 07:50
Once again, search and you will find
Google : Gordon Gollob brings 4 or 5 very interesting links in the 2 first pages (esp the Steinhof and Galland interviews)

23rd Jan 2005, 20:23
Hello all
he was a bit of a beaut, alright.Steinhoff was particularly scathing!! Sounds like the guy would have made an excellent politician....Cheers