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17th Jan 2005, 19:53
Does anyone have a copy of this they could either lend me, or send me a copy of please?

vintage ATCO
17th Jan 2005, 20:59
Showing your age, AB, in fact you can't be old enough! I know the ATCO in it. :(

PPRuNe Radar
17th Jan 2005, 23:20

I did have a very old VHS copy somewhere. Brushing off the cobwebs from the video collection, guess which is the only one I can't find ? :{ :{

I'll have a quick look around the loft later tomorrow in case it's wandered up there trying to find some IMC ;)


Remember the RT at the end :ok:

'Britannia 123A, just in case you can't believe your eyes, that's 3 Mitchell bombers passing below you''

''Britannia 123A Roger.''

'You saw them did you ?'

''Affirmitave mon ami, I can confirm Mitchells do fly in IMC''

or something like that anyway ;)

18th Jan 2005, 07:50
There was a thread on the Flypast forum a few months ago which sparked off some DVD copies of this magnificent film. If any of you also frequent that forum I would suggest asking around there. I got one of the copies and am well chuffed with it. Unable to produce more though (don't have a DVD burner!)

To avoid setting off a mile-long list of requests for this I won't post the details of where to find this thread here. PM me if you want more hints.

18th Jan 2005, 08:36
If anyone can provide a copy, I'd also be very grateful... I should have a DVD writer next week, er, not that I'm, er, you understand...

18th Jan 2005, 09:38
Jhieminga - I did find that thread in Flypast while Googling, but don't know anyone on it. I'm not sure about contacting strange people over the internet. :suspect:

18th Jan 2005, 10:19
Now don't go all shy all of a sudden:p

I know that there are Ppruners who frequent the Flypast forums as well, a certain connaisseur of Miles aircraft being one of them for example. I was hoping one of these gentlemen might be either brave enough to ask, or perhaps have both the DVD and the burner.

I'll quietly ask around on Flypast whether there is any enthusiasm for further sharing of this film. Stay tuned.

vintage ATCO
18th Jan 2005, 20:14
PPRuNe Radar

Yes, it was something like that. If you ever find that tape . . . . :D

Not sure if it was the same film shoot but I was working a B-25 inbound to Bovingdon one day and was giving traffic information and then avoiding action on an unknown over Bov. After several turns the drawl from the B-25 was 'yeah, we got it now, it's a model airplane'. Big blip!! :D:D:D

19th Jan 2005, 06:44
I have a copy of the VHS tape if that is of any help

20th Jan 2005, 17:41
Thanks for all the replies. I have now been promised a copy on DVD... I'm sure the culprit will own up if anyone else is interested. :ok: I just hope it keeps AerBloke happy & quiet for a few hours. :rolleyes: ;)

PPRuNe Radar
20th Jan 2005, 19:51
Wouldn't mind a burned DVD to replace my lost tape if anyone is taking orders .... always enjoyed the sight of B25s with Fleetwood Mac making the music ;)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
21st Jan 2005, 13:32
I'd love a copy of this, if anyon's burning DVDs. A friend had it years ago on an ancient Philips video (non standard) tape.


21st Jan 2005, 17:36
PPRuNe Radar - Did you find anything interesting in your loft while you were looking for the video? I seem to remember a few years ago, while you were looking for something in your roof, that you came across a brand new juice machine. :D

26th Jan 2005, 16:00
Hi Duxford-Eagle

Yes and Oh Yes.

My next major lottery win is going to fund my B25.

Thanks and postman on his way.

26th Jan 2005, 16:56
My package arrived this morning, so I'll watch it when I get back tonight... Thanks again - can't wait! :ok:

26th Jan 2005, 18:51
All I'll say is they dont make em like they used to. Scary:eek:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
26th Jan 2005, 20:06
I did, thanks to D_E. Excellent. Quite excellent;) . D_E even did a professinal job on the disc and case - graphics to match the subject.

I remember John Hawke, and Don Bullock and those other mavericks back when flying was a tad less PC than it is now - and a tad more dangerous (neither is with us now, and DB took some passengers with him when he went in off that low level roll at Biggin).

But where are the characters like that now? Will we look back 20 years hence with the same fondness we (those of us that were liucky enough to be grass roots flying back then) do now?


vintage ATCO
26th Jan 2005, 20:11
and DB took some passengers with him when he went in off that low level roll at Biggin).

I was there :(

28th Jan 2005, 07:56
Showing your age, AB, in fact you can't be old enough I am. Just. :(
I was finally allowed to watch it last night and what a great film it is! Simply done, but a fascinating insight. It did make me wonder though, how many of the films that Channel 4 show now will we still be wanting to see in over 20 years' time? And would they even show something like that now? Bomber Crew and its ilk are about the only reasonable aviation programmes on these days. And even they could be condensed down to a half-hour slot without losing any content.

Bah humbug. :*

ex jump pilot
3rd Feb 2005, 10:59
Remember the programme very well. The announcer said "instrument meteorological control" Made a betamax copy of it...
I have a few vhs tapes of various TV flying programmes from the 1980s. Bought a small box recently (basically scart in and USB out) and am starting the process of copying from vhs onto DVD. Outlay for DVD burner and 'box' about 100GBP. Yes, I know there are other ways of doing it but at least I hope I'm 'saving' programmes for posterity.
No - don't write yet asking what I've got. I'll post in due course.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
4th Feb 2005, 18:51
Actually, the Ch 4 announcer says "Mitchells do fly in I-M-C". It sounds wrong. We say IMC, as if it were a single word. To hear it pronounced a letter at a time with a distinct gap between each seems to emphasise that it's not a term the announcer is familiar with.

I wonder if she wondered what it meant?