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12th Jan 2005, 13:44

Apologies in advance for this post. This was my last resort.

I've been emailing NAC with no response for two weeks. Have tried PMing Richard and Ninety-Nines but their Message box is full.

Have called Florida from my mobile phone but couldn't speak with anyone (though did leave a message).

How else can I get in contact with you.

Do you have another email address? Please PM me, I would like information.

Thank you.

The apologies are for ppruners and the mods.

12th Jan 2005, 14:42

I had a responce to an e-mail I sent them the other day .
Try this , im sure Bea will get back to you ..

[email protected]<hidden>


12th Jan 2005, 14:55
Try another server we have:

[email protected]<hidden>

Or use the contact form at www.nacgroundschool.com or www.naplesaircenter.com (these 2 are on the same server)

Chris at NAC

12th Jan 2005, 22:05
Or, phone from the UK 001 239 643 1717 I know for sure that Richard and Nikki are working right at this moment having spoken to them some 15 minutes ago on the above number. They are working flat out and just haven't had the time to deal with their e-mails and the dozens of spam e-mails received on a daily basis. They closed over christmas and there is clearly a baclog to clear.

12th Jan 2005, 22:29
This is not the first time i have seen this happen!!

Happened to me before i went out there, and numerous others have had the same prob. Bea is usually behind the computer in reception.

Your messages may be going to their junkmail box...


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