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5th Jan 2005, 19:46
Hi all,
I have spent so many hours going roun and round in circles looking into which schools are so called good and bad that I have now given up on the USA idea.
I have decided to go to Truman at Nottingham airport (did a trial a few weeks ago with them seem a good bunch) and do my JAA PPL with them, I weighed up the odds of having to go to London to get a visa, then paying for the flights out to the USA thats after you have found the school you hope is right for you anyway.
Not only that there is the cost of the flight to the states, medical/travel insurance, getting to Gatwick/Heathrow then fighting immigration at the other end, recovering from the flight, hiring a car (at most places this seems to be needed) then finding the school is not all you hoped.
I did a tot' up on the costs both sides and the difference was not that great. I do understand that the landings fees is an issue but if you pick the right place in the UK it is not as bad as you first think.
When all is said and done, I truly believe that after completing my training here I will be a more proficient pilot as I will be up to speed on RT and UK airspace as well as used to the weather.
For sure I will loose days of flying here and there, but with my past experiences of a British owned training organisation in California I think things will level out (mechanical issues and availability) and at least you have trading standards on your side here.
Sorry to sound a bit off with the USA thing but I really have wasted a great deal of time getting nowhere, and by the time I wait 4 weeks to get my visa and get to the USA I will be over half way through my PPL.
I do feel for anyone who is just starting to look into training, don't get me wrong the hour building etc in the USA is great but I think a long stay is a MUST to balance the hassle of visa's and the uncertanty of certain schools.
Hope to see you ll in the sky, and wishing you all happy landings.

5th Jan 2005, 22:32
I and I'm sure many others here wish you luck with your training. Aviation like many other things in life is something of a lottery and time and experience will tell you if you made the right decision or not. Remember that technical issues and availability are the curse of aviators on both sides of the Atlantic.

Good luck Capt flydaddy!

6th Jan 2005, 13:26
I only have one comment to make $1.95ish to 1 British Pound!!!!!

(I know a pub where you can buy a pint of beer for 26p, based on the exchange rate, at happy hour!)

6th Jan 2005, 16:16
Sorry but I really think there is more to life than beer.
In my mind beer and cockpits do combine.

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