View Full Version : Anyone know of a current Fiat CR32 restoration project ?

4th Jan 2005, 16:23
I have a prop that is supposedly from a CR32 and if anyone is restoring one anywhere, would like to see if they can use it. Id say its only suitable for static restoration. I bought the prop but would pass it on at cost.

4th Jan 2005, 16:42
The Fighter Collection have a Fiat CR-42 undergoing restoration to fly in Italy - I dunno whether there's any correlation between the two types (they look very different) but if you are at Duxford, stop by Hangar Two and have a chat with the folk there...

6th Jan 2005, 10:06
thanks for that Treadigraph. I may get in touch with them to find out if the prop would be any use. I'd certainly love to see a CR42 flying again !

6th Jan 2005, 11:12
Isn't there a static CR-42 at Hendon? Wasn't it one of the ones that raided Britain in 1940?

Where did the Fighter Collection's one come from then?

6th Jan 2005, 12:20
Yep, still a CR-42 in the Battle of Brtain bit at Hendon.

TFC's is ex Swedish AF and was recovered from an accident site in northern Sweden in 1983, and joined the collection in '95 - it says here! Just been scanning TFC's website... :)