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4th Jan 2005, 14:48
Just finished my multi engine IR but have yet to complete my CPL. Looking to continue on a multi engine aircraft and am looking at Naples to do my CPL but they only have Piper Seminoles. As all my multi engine flying has been on the seneca, how different would the seminole be. Any advice muchos appreciated.


4th Jan 2005, 17:09
If anything I found the Seminole easier to fly than the Seneca, it's certainly easier to land!

I guess it would depend if the Seneca were a turbo charged version, the Seminoles are all normaly aspirated and no turbos.

I did my commercial on the Seminole and some rough guide figures are:

Cruise 24 rpm /22 map 140kts

Climb 25rpm / 25 map 100kts or so

All in all a very stable and forgiving twin, easy to fly and manage. Well that's with my limited experience of course!

Good luck


4th Jan 2005, 17:46
Thanks YS, sounds like it should be a easy enough transition from the Seneca II to the Seminole. Speeds all sound familiar and settings should be easy enough to remember. Thanks again

4th Jan 2005, 18:31
Llesson, Check your PM's



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