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3rd Jan 2005, 08:18
Once read a biography of Jeffrey Quill (Supermarine test pilot) which alluded to his involvement with a squadron in active service during WW2 but gave no real details of his participation.
Can anyone enlighten me on his war record?

3rd Jan 2005, 10:39
In August 1940, the chief test pilot of Supermarine, Jeffrey Quill, arranged to be posted to No 65 Squadron for operational experience. He joined on 5 August but was recalled to Supermarine 19 days later to test the Spitfire Mk III. Nevertheless, he saw considerable combat in this short period and his experiences led to two important changes in the Spitfire. http://www.raf.mod.uk/history/spit3.html

3rd Jan 2005, 20:09
You will find details of his several periods of RAF service in "Spitfire : A test pilots story", which seems to be still in print -- and is a good read.

As commercial URLs are banned Google has to be your friend.


5th Jan 2005, 10:22
JQ also served a short tour of active service on Seafires as an acting RN Officer.