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2nd Jan 2005, 04:45
Hi, im 17 years old and am studying for my A level exams at the moment. I am also training to get my PPL at present. Yesterday, I was told that somebody who's very rich in the family is going to give me £60,000 as he is aware I want to become an airline pilot.

I was wondering if somebody could suggest what to do now please? I've applied to uni, A levels finished this summer, making my way through the PPL. I have heard people talking about modular and another route, however I can not remember this one.

I understand I may need to build some hours up on the PA28 before applying any further?

2nd Jan 2005, 14:29
I think the other route is intergrated (full time were you will study with just one school) u may wish to consider oxford's APP. You can expect to spend some 70k doing this. the mod. route is about half of this and as u already have a PPL it sounds like u have already started down this route.

As for what to do with ur money...feel free to share it with fellow wannabes who take the time to give u advise!!! LIKE ME!


WX Man
2nd Jan 2005, 16:22
Sounds to me like the best thing to do is follow a modular route to your frozen ATPL. But, before you spend a single penny on flying, spend £25 on this:


(Clive Hughes's guide to getting a Commercial Pilots Licence)

It's WELL worth the money. I am not exaggerating when I say that it can, potentially, for itself 1000 times over!

If you go down the modular route, you might want to consider doing it all with one training provider, and without any gaps. This creates good continuity in the training, and is looked at very positively by prospective recruiters.

Frank Furillo
2nd Jan 2005, 16:40
Hang on a sec,
I'm going Modular, you can PM me and I'll tell you all about it, it works for me but then I'm in my mid 30's with family etc.....

The absolute first thing you must obtain in a Class One Medical from the CAA at gatwick, if your dream is the ATPL,then without that you are going nowhere. That said at your age it should not be a problem.
Have you looked at the CTC scheme?????

2nd Jan 2005, 17:35

Im in the same posistion.
Yet without the Money :(
Ive looked really closely at both modular and Intergrated routes.
The best one for me is intergrated just have to come up with the money.
CTC is good yet the quallity of pilots the produce is rather low, talking to some airline captains from airlines which have recieved CTC cadets.
Oxford APP is good, and the whole set up is proffesinol and every one is easy to talk to and get on with. Yet thats my opinions best thing look into both routes get ur class 1, then look at the Schools.
Yet this is the best way for me everyone is different!!!

Best of Luck


3rd Jan 2005, 13:39
Hi will.If i were in your shoes, i would first get the class I then undertake some aptitude testing to ascertain if i would be capable of flying an airliner.Then perhaps go to college.Think of what would happen if you had to pack in the flying, it would be nice to have a degree as a contingency. But all i can say is if you decide to go to college, be VERY careful about what course you are going to study.make sure you will enjoy it.You will only be 21 finishing college and therefore more mature (and perhaps more competent) to undertake training.I did some flying 4 years ago when i was 16, and i felt i wasnt mature enough to progress at such a young age.Anyhow its great to hear that you have the funds ready to go.I hope you make the right decision.Best of luck

3rd Jan 2005, 15:40
Thanks a lot for the replies; I shall have to give it some thought as to which way I decide to take. And perhaps buy that book as WX Man suggests.

Boeing737, how would I go about doing some aptitude testing? I do feel I need to be 'less shy' and work more in a team. I know these are essential and therefore I def need to adapt more skills in them.

3rd Jan 2005, 16:29
im going to book myself into RAF cranwell in february, there is a session on the 17th.It is conducted by GAPAN and the link is http://www.gapan.org/career/aptitude.htm
it gives the dates for 2005 aswell.It tests your hand and eye co-ordination followed by a debriefing.I myself wont bother with the team skills and personality aptitudes.Im sure a lot of people will disagree with what im about to say but i feel if a person is not a recluse and can keep themselves composed (without losing their rag easily) the rest will fall into place.I havent played team sports in years, but i know i work well as part of a team through college assignments i.e working in teams and problem solving and i can hold down an intelligent conversation with just about anybody that can do likewise.There are people who play team sports and are complete lunatics (Roy Keane :} ) Any how if you decide to go integrated and apply to a flight school such as oxford, they will perform fairly extensive aptitude testing involving hand + eye, team skills, general aptitude, personality etc.I dont plan to apply to oxford when i finish in the summer so im going to just check out my hand + eye coordination.Im not sure what to expect though :} .Keep in mind though that there is not point undertaking aptitude tests unless you can pass a class I medical.At 17 you will breeze it so long as you have never had any impairing illnesses.As for your shyness i dunno what you can do to alleviate that. Just try and talk more to people, you will find that not every body is nuts! :}

3rd Jan 2005, 17:54
Boeing737 thanks for that info. Since I started my part time job for some pocket money I have become more confident in talking to people, hopefully I shall continue to improve.

About a month back, I passed my class 2 medical, letís hope I'll get the same result for the class 1.

3rd Jan 2005, 20:13
Hi pilot will, i am also currently studying for my A levels hows it going for you? Just as a matter of interest, which subjects are you taking at the moment?
Have been reading many posts from the other guys at our stage and see many are taking maths and physics. I have taken physics french biology and geography and starting to wonder if these will put me in favour with the airlines or not.
I am certain i will not get my hands on 60k without a loan so i am relying on studies and an airline sponsorship (if there is one still around when i finish education)
I went for a visit around West Drayton area control nr LHR over x mas and i was amazed with the jobs the guys do down there, gave me ideas if flying fails- u should check it out as you may be interested!

let me know how its all going and good luck

Genghis the Engineer
4th Jan 2005, 08:17
A passing thought.

If you are likely to have that sort of money available, then you could do the majority of your training between school and university, and during the long university vacations. You should then, all going well, in 4-years have an ATPL and a degree, and far more options than most!

You'll also be knackered, but you'll get over that.

In the meantime, as you say, get some quality flying in so that you are sure it's what you really want.


R T Jones
4th Jan 2005, 17:43
From reading your posts it seems I am one year behind most of you as I'm about to take my AS Levels this coming summer. If your intrested I'm doing Maths, Physics, Geography and ICT. I think I will apply to CTC when I turn 18 before going to university, if that doesnt work out onto Uni and 3 years later I can apply again. If again that does not work out its off to find a high paying job to raise the money :). Like Genghis the Engineer said, if you have the money avaible to you then get on with your flight training. Good luck with your exams and keep us informed on your progress!

4th Jan 2005, 19:12
You absolutely must ensure that you will be capable of completing the course by some sort of aptitude testing prior to handing over that sort of money - through self-selection you may put yourself in the dangerous position whereby people accept your money to train you, however you might not have the potential to fly commercially in a multi-crew environment.

You must also be aware that through investing in such training you gain a licence, but that it is a huge step and possibly further financial commitment beyond that for most to becoming an airline pilot as well - you will not be the only one with a licence!

Furthermore you do not necessarily need to hours build now, and indeed some view hours building at such a low-hour level to be degenerative to flying skills. Fly to keep current or in structured training would be my advice.

Much advice is well given above and you should take it all onboard (Class I medical), however rather than simply taking for example the modular route (cheaper but possibly different training providers) or the integrated route (one focused course with one provider) you should establish which is best for you by visiting the schools and talking to past students as well as people here.

For example I know that I would select an integrated route when it comes to it for reasons that I thrive under pressure and enjoy being with a large group doing the same course together, and I want to give myself the best opportunity for the money by gaining a licence through a structured training environment in which I can build up a training record - this may not however hold true for you and you should neither reject one nor the other without ascertaining the best for you.

As you appear to have a shaky knowledge of the training environment, look out for the Flyer magazine Flight Training Exhibition in November of each year (usually at Heathrow), though be aware that all advice will come from a p.o.v. of trying to market their course to you! BALPA employment seminars will give you an idea of the job market ahead of you.

Do uni, consider University Air Squadrons if you are interested in the RAF, and consider modular throughout university (I would advise against if you want to guarantee a good degree that will be of any use however). With university will come the maturity if you throw yourself into the activities available without compromising your degree result.

Keep reading here (though don't get cynical), keep realistic about the job, and read Flight Magazine to gain your market awarenes.

Good luck.

8th Jan 2005, 01:35
Hi, sorry about the late reply.

ashmac33 - im doing ICT, English Language and Psychology. May not seem like the best of choices, though I tried Physics for a month, and thought if I were to continue, the grade I would get at the end would not be substantial for my needs. It's going ok so far thanks.

I hope things are ok with your studies and good luck with the sponsorship :-)

Genghis the Engineer - sounds like a good idea! :)

R T Jones - Sounds like you have it all planned, good luck in exams!

Re-Heat - I shall try and keep a look out for the Flyer magazine, sounds like that should help me. Im leaning towards an intergrated APP course. Been looking into that recently, looks good.

Letís see if I get any offers from uni.

Thanks very much for all the help.

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