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31st Dec 2004, 18:35
Hi all I go up and down the M62 pasted the old USAF/RAF airbase at burtowood near warrington with the remnants of some taxiways and 4 hangers what a pity they pulled down the old tower, anyway I have never seen any pictures of burtonwood in its hay day I wonder if anybody could point me to some.

Regards Nick.

arthur harbrow
31st Dec 2004, 18:57
I am fairly certain there was a long article on Burtonwood in a North West published magazine called Rapide.
I will try and look an issue out and give you more details.

31st Dec 2004, 19:05

...may give you some avenues of research!

31st Dec 2004, 21:36
arthur harbrow is quite correct,

Edition No.7 of Rapide Magazine featured a twelve page article on Burtonwood, covering its history from the 1950s to early '80s, including some excellent photos of the many different aircraft that frequented the base. Back copies may still be available from this (http://www.south-lancs-aviation.co.uk/Rapide/rapide.htm) (non-profit making) link.

In addition to BEagle's link, further reading available on RAF Burtonwood History (http://www.south-lancs-aviation.co.uk/raf_burtonwood_history.htm)

1st Jan 2005, 15:34
Thanks guys for taking the time to reply to me all very interesting, I have sent an e-mail to rapide to see if the still have issue 7 fingers crossed, would have loved to have seen it in its hay day I remember as a kid in liverpool around 1967 I had my air band radio and I often heard aircraft talking to liverpool that were going into burtonwood and lots of usaf aircraft going into liverpool, DC-6s convair 330 I think ect, they were the days, thanks again guys.

Regards Nick Axworthy.