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28th Dec 2004, 16:02
Trying to find information for a possible article on the movie pilot John Crewdson.

Did anyone know or fly with John.

Any help would be much appreciated.


29th Dec 2004, 16:11
Martin Caidin wrote a book about the ferrying of three B17s to UK for the film 'The War Lover', flown by John Crewdson, Tim Clutterbuck and Greg Board. The book is called 'Everything But The Flak'.

Another great Caidin read is 'Ragwings and Heavy Iron', which has a chapter on his trip to England to fly in 633 Squadron with Jeff Hawke in Nord 1002/bf108s and the hair-raising ferry trip of two of these aircraft back to the USA after the filming was complete.


29th Dec 2004, 22:25
When I met John in the early seventies he had a company called Film Flight and flew an Allouette doing all kinds of aerial filming, his business partner in those days was a blond lady, (name forgotten), who had been a stunt-woman.

I think I am correct in saying that John was sadly killed in an accident when his aircraft collided with some power poles or wires somewhere on the east coast of England, possibly the mouth of the River Humber?

Not a lot there I'm afraid.

30th Dec 2004, 07:33
"The Tiger Moth Story" contains some pics of three Tigers converted by Crewdson's company "Film Aviation Sericves" at Croydon in the 50s. Two were disguised to look like Rumpler C.IVs for the film "Lawrence of Arabia" and the third to a very convincing Fokker DVII replica for a film for which it wasn't needed. There is some text about him and his involvement in "The War Lover".

Incidently, not that long ago a pic appeared on PPRuNe, WIX or the Flypast forum of Crewdson beating up Bovingdon in one of the B-17s - lower than Bullock I'd say!

30th Dec 2004, 22:15
Yes, I'm sure it was Adlam, not sure if it was Jill or Jo?

30th Dec 2004, 22:23
Thanks for the info everyone, especially the name Adlam.


Lou Scannon
2nd Jan 2005, 10:35
I had the pleasure of working with John's daughter Emma some six years ago when she was flying for Air 2000. You might try contacting her.

2nd Jan 2005, 20:13
Thanks Lou,

Would you still have a contact address or details.

Could you PM to me