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Big Dog 2
24th Dec 2004, 14:12
I am sorry to here that Cameron Full James has passed away. His funeral held in Edinburgh Today. I worked with him at British Midland Regional
and he will be sadly missed by all . Many off us are far and away and can not be with you on this day .Our thoughts are with your family and we will all miss you.. Big dog 2.

25th Dec 2004, 17:43
I am so sorry to hear this. Cam was a very courageous man who battled through his first brain tumour with guts and determination.

My thoughts are with his family and parents.


Luke SkyToddler
25th Dec 2004, 21:46

You were a mate, a bloody good pilot, and an example to all of us about how to handle adversity that would have destroyed the spirit of most normal people.

And if I may make a shameless plug in memory of Cam : It was one of his greatest wishes, that his book reach as many people as possible, in the hope that it might one day inspire some other pilot who had to handle the kind of life shattering adversity that he found himself dealing with. It's called "On a wing and a prayer" and it is one seriously good story, get into your local Waterstones and buy the thing. It's about the most inspirational thing you'll read this year I guarantee it.

25th Dec 2004, 22:05
Paste Cameron FullJames into Google or similar search engine and you will find much to read about a special Aviator