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22nd Dec 2004, 20:30
R4118 had engine runs today at Marshalls of Cambridge. All apparently went well and it will be flown tomorrow (Thurs) for the first time since rebuild.

Feather #3
23rd Dec 2004, 17:25
Indeed she has flown in the capable hands of Pete Kinsey.

Congratulations to Peter Vacher and all involved!!:D :D :D

G'day & Merry Xmas :)

24th Dec 2004, 08:59
Excellent news! Seven up in the UK!

Mmmmmm - I'm thinking of a formation of Polly in the Hurricane and Carolyn in the Spitfire - two lovely ladies in two lovely aeroplanes!

Incidently, the Flypast thread mentions that this Hurricane was based at Croydon during the war - be nice if it could revisit it's old haunts...

24th Dec 2004, 13:33
Seven flying Hurricanes in the UK - thats fantastic.

Can someone provide a list - serials and brief description of each one please?

25th Dec 2004, 11:27
Pictures Here:

Much as I love the Hurricane I am not going to allow a commercial link to it and I have deleted it.

Single pictures without "Handmade by Machine" copyrights are fine though.

Mmmmmm. Hurricane.

26th Dec 2004, 08:19
UK flyers are:

Z7015/G-BKTH - Sea Hurricane 1b at Shuttleworth
LF363 Mk IIc - Battle of Britain Flight
PZ865 Mk IIc - Battle of Britain Flight
KZ321/G-HURY MkIV - The Fighter Collection (recovered from a Kibbutz by Doug Arnold
R4118/G-HUPW Mk 1 - Peter Vacher, flew from Croydon with RAF, then to Russia I think...
Z5140/G-HURI Mk XII - Historic Aircraft Collection, ex Canada and TFC
?/G-HURR Mk XII - Real Aircraft Company, Breighton, ex Canada

There are apparently a further four under restoration to fly in the UK - one of which will be rebuilt as a two seater, similar to a field modified aircraft...! Yikes!

28th Dec 2004, 19:31
Thanks Treadigraph for that info, its great to see that after so many years, the number of Hurricanes is increasing in leaps & bounds.

One further question, what happened to the Spitfire & Hurricane that were in the Science Museum in Kensington and what (if any) plans are in place for their preservation?

29th Dec 2004, 08:26
The Spitfire and Hurricane are still in the Science Museum. I'd say that they are preserved quite nicely as they are, so I'm not sure that I understand your question about plans for their preservation, Kolibear. :confused:

As far as airworthy restorations go, I believe that plans for the 2-seater Hurricane conversion have been put on hold.

30th Dec 2004, 01:25
Hurricane IIa P3351 (with bits of DR393 ISTR) is flying with the Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka, NZ too......:O