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flying jocks
18th Dec 2004, 18:32
Just heard on the news that reports Dragonair pilots will work-to-rule on Feb. 1 unless a dispute can be settled before then.

Does anyone have any information on what the dispute is about?

18th Dec 2004, 19:02
Wonder how many of them'll get fired...

Foreign Worker
18th Dec 2004, 22:47
Why would anyone get fired for supplying the services he's been contracted to supply?

If "work-to-rule" means strictly as per the Company's Ops Man - S.O.P.'s - rigidly adhering to flight plan, it doesn't cause any problems for the Company, as this is what they budget upon, and assume pilots are doing ALL the time.

Disputes between a Company and its staff can often be quite distressing times - there's no point in compromising SAFETY by taking "shortcuts", because although it might save the Company a few dollars, it could end up getting the crew into hot water if things go pear-shaped.

18th Dec 2004, 23:01
I think there are 49 answers to that one.

By the way Tony Tyler is also a director at Dragonair

Foreign Worker
19th Dec 2004, 00:56
So, 6feetunder, you're advocating pilots should NOT follow SOP's nor cleared flight plan routing?

Tony Attilla's handling of the CX Dispute needlessly cost Cathay hundreds of millions of dollars.
To what end? Just to appease Tony's ego?

You're quite right, 6feetunder, remove the one source of the aggravation common to both festering cankers. TT & Ego.

19th Dec 2004, 01:59
foreign worker,

Exactly what do KA pilots regularly do above and beyond the call of thier COS that can be removed during CC.

"there's no point in compromising SAFETY by taking shortcuts". Are you implying that KA pilots normally take shortcuts and compromise safety in order to help the company achieve its aims?

19th Dec 2004, 04:41
not too sure "foreign worker" is familiar with the "work-to-rule" concept.... sop's are always the plan of action, so is following the atc clearance/flight plan...visual approaches, direct routings, duty time discretion, are a few casualties of a :work to rule program'....many many more are involved, but certainly a "work to rule" does not involve short-cutting safety, or disregarding sop's... and these actions are usually a waste of time anyway, and quite often only serve to keep you away from home longer, and have your roster screwed up even worse....good luck boys...

Hangin' on
19th Dec 2004, 17:58
Eye on ball, chaps. What is the dispute about?

Flap 5
20th Dec 2004, 08:10
Dragonair would not sack anyone stating 'following a work to rule' as the reason because they may have to explain themselves in a court of law. Under Hong Kong law any employee can be sacked as long as the employer gives the agreed notice and any payments and allowances due to the employee. Therefore, although following a work to rule could be the actual reason for any sackings, anyone who gets sacked would just receive a letter of termination with no stated reason. It has happened before on several occasions and probably will happen again.

This is not a company to rely on for a career. :(

20th Dec 2004, 10:55
Work to rule? Wasn't that how the Australian pilot's strike in 1989 started off? It's called sticking your neck out...

20th Dec 2004, 15:32
Have to be very careful with contract compliance and be decided before hand what further action will be taken if a 49er situation develops. Strike illegal in HKG but may be the only remedy if things go that far.
On the freighter it would of course be difficult for the operation to get more chaotic than it already is.

21st Dec 2004, 00:00
I wonder if they are getting any 'advice' from the worthless bunch in the HKAOA.
I guess Tony T. needs to crack the whip a little.

Wouldn't be the first time either.:p