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henry crun
17th Dec 2004, 06:23
Cleaning out a cupboard yesterday and I came across 3 RAF 1/2 mil aeronautical charts of UK, 1957 edition.

The number of marked airfields compared with WW2 had probably reduced considerably by then, but there were still a lot.

Using a fairly broad description of East Anglia as being roughly north of an E/W line through Watford up to Lincoln, and east of N/S line through Bedford, there were, at a rough count, 85 disused airfields and about 55 in use.

Has anyone any idea how many are still there ?

17th Dec 2004, 08:37
A quick look at the airfield listing on the Bones Aviation Page (http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/06airfields/UK/ukmenu.htm) shows about 41 airfields in his Area 6. That covers Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

One problem is that some new airfields and private strips are included that would not have been on your original list. To make a true comparison you'd have to list those 55 airfields.. :}


17th Dec 2004, 09:02
henry crun - would you consider selling those charts to me?

PM if you would!

17th Dec 2004, 11:35
Apologies to Beagle if this tags onto his original East Anglian thread..

I had a rummage through the pile of charts I seem to have accumulated over the years. One set intrigues me but maybe those of military service may enlighten.

Joint Operations Graphic - Air is the title for the set with a box in the corner giving:

Series - 1501 AIR
Sheet - NM 30-4
Edition - 1 GSGS

The charts are quarter mil scale dating back to 1970. The only data they show (over the topography) seems to be airfield layouts, transmission lines and a grid overlay I've not seen before in civil use. They also have safety heights for 15' Lat/Long intervals.

Unusually the charts cover all of Ireland although I have just a few of these. The rest cover England and Wales (just the London area chart missing) but nothing for Scotland.

With the limited data on these charts (no airspace information) could anyone tell me what they would have been used for?

27th Dec 2004, 12:59

They sound like the ones we used for low level in UAS Bulldogs and on helicopters.

I have a number of 1951 issue maps used by my father on Meteors (NF11 and 14) and some GEE chain maps of the UK similarly used. Once the Christmas alcohol wears off I'll count up the airfields.

29th Dec 2004, 20:13
henry and legal:

Please don't bin these maps, whatever you do. Give them to Beagle or some museum or an aeronautical establishment (or whatever) or even to me.
Your maps will be of some historical value to many.


30th Dec 2004, 01:19

You didn't use the usual half mil charts then? The ones with the low level routes printed on them?


30th Dec 2004, 20:47

No, I have some 1/4 mil maps we used - G/S fairly low and therefore the topog was more important than the LL routes. Used 1/2 mil maps on the JP and Hawk etc except for SAP when smaller scale O/S maps used.

Dub Trub and /or Beagle
Have no intention of throwing away Seniorapproach's aviation heritage - Beagle, do you have a specific use for these charts? Would be prepared to send you example of each if for a good cause.