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14th Dec 2004, 23:52
While the subject of lights on cars is fresh in your minds, what exactly is the position nowadays re the front fog lights mounted under the bumper.
I ask because way back in the '60's when 'ilman imps were new, I had a pair mounted below the front bumper.
One evening I was flagged down by Mr. Plod, who informed me that lights to the front, mounted with their centres less than 18" above the road surface could only be used in conditions of fog or falling snow. I said I was not aware of this, and was sent on my way, sans front lights glowing.
I doubt if any trip I take now in the dark passes without seeing a large percentage of cars driving along with these under bumper lights blazing. Has this law been changed, or are they all driving 'illegaly'

15th Dec 2004, 07:13
The positioning, fitting and wattage of these lights are controlled by law, but the usage is controlled by the driver.

15th Dec 2004, 07:24
Good question. It always seems to be certain types of cars too.

On a similar subject, am I the only one starting to feel in the minority because I have two functioning headlights and two functioning tailights? That seems to be another new trend.

Bo Nalls
15th Dec 2004, 08:18
This site (http://www.legislation.hmso.gov.uk/si/si1989/Uksi_19891796_en_1.htm) gives masses of legal stuff on UK light placement and use.


15th Dec 2004, 08:21
It is irritating to be dazzled by chav lamps when it ain't foggy. Worse are the rear foggys what people seem to forget to turn off. I just full beam the buggers till they get the message, in the absence of James Bond's Aston, it's the only weapon.:E

15th Dec 2004, 08:35
Worse still are people with no brake lights- almost crashed my motorbike in the back of a 4x4 (:yuk: ) once :mad: - of course the driver always looks at you as if you are the stupid one....

Fog lights seem to be a common epidemic on BMWs with spoilers at the back, driven by youngish blokes who constantly seem to be fiddling with their stereos... :rolleyes:

15th Dec 2004, 08:45
In my younger days I was pulled over several times for having my 'chav lamps' on in normal conditions. The explanation is apparently that having them on can obscure your indicator lights from oncoming traffic and therefore they should only be used when weather conditions necessitate their use. Always did sound a bit dubious to me but then I was only 17/18.

15th Dec 2004, 10:12
Mullers Assuming by 'Chav lamps' you mean fog lights (centres < 18 inches above road, as opposed to spotlights mounted higher) it sounds like they were being reasonably polite and giving a full explanation. Unless it was snowing or poor visibility (used to be defined as being less than 100 yards, don't know if it still is) it is a traffic offence to have them on. They gave you an explanation of why the law is there.

And recalling my younger days always used to have a good method of upsetting the people who insist on driving at me on main beam when driving my car. Car had spots wired as required by rally regs. (spots only on when main beam on; I think it is required generally now but wasn't then). Anyway when someone was coming at me on main beam sequence of actions was:-

1. Flip main beam on for a couple of seconds to remind them of their lights;
2. Flip main beam off;
3. Switch on spot lamps (4 * 90 watt bulbs, don't show yet)
4. If they still don't dip flip main beam on again

By this time I don't care what beam they are on since I have full-beam headlights plus 4 auxiliaries at 90 watts per (and if I'm wrong they will flash back after stage 2).

15th Dec 2004, 10:38
I'm finding it increasing difficult to tell if a car has got its full beams on and not just badly adjusted lights. Another favourite appears to be one light "full" the other dipped, so unevenly adjusted!

15th Dec 2004, 10:39
Chav Lights

Highway code states in rule 211
"you MUST NOT use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced as they dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights"

Seriously reduced is defined as when you cannot see more than 100 m

ps I'm no anorak but have just covered this studying to be a driving instructor

15th Dec 2004, 12:56

Setup was 2 * Oscar fogs, 2 * Oscar drives (100 yard or so range), 2 * Superoscar spots (clear lens 200-infinity range). (Always cost o bomb cause they came with a 55w standard bulb).

(And 110w main-bulb lamps. Legal but most people hadn't heard of them).

15th Dec 2004, 13:45
By this time I don't care what beam they are on since I have full-beam headlights plus 4 auxiliaries at 90 watts per (and if I'm wrong they will flash back after stage 2).

Which equates to two drivers travelling towards each other completely blind....

15th Dec 2004, 14:35
Am waiting for Drapes to comment on the Suez Canal lamp mounted on the Drapermobile...:(

15th Dec 2004, 14:37
You would all love driving in Western Australia. There appears to be a rule that says - so long as the driver can see (ish) then no lights are required (exceptionally, the really nervous use sidelights - which are no use to man nor beast).

Drives me bloody nuts! I am one of the few that uses dipped headlights in full sun (helps when you get that mirage effect on a heated road) and also uses rear fogs when viz is reduced (and switches 'em off when no longer required).

God help us from the terminally brain challenged!

15th Dec 2004, 14:38
Paracab. Only one.

And the situation never lasted more than a couple of seconds, even with a lorry on full-beam.

Windy Militant
15th Dec 2004, 14:46
As a frequent user of hire cars I generally find the headlamp load leveling knob set to searchlight mode. I presume most people just wind the setting to full up irrespective of the load or lack of it that they're carrying.

15th Dec 2004, 15:18
Doubt most of them know what its for.

15th Dec 2004, 17:24
Do some stupid drivers actually think that front foglights are there for the benefits of oncoming drivers and that their car cannot be seen in gin clear conditions without them switched on, 3 days after the last fog? :rolleyes:

With regard to fog lights, front or rear, some Vauxhalls have a great idea. Every time the ignition is switched off, these lights drop off line so there's NO excuse for folk to claim that "it's not my car and I didn't know they were on"...... or "I saw the dash warning light but didn't know what it meant".

More likely, in some cases - "I'm an immature T#AT in a BMW and, yo, dude, I think they look cool - so STUFF YOU LOT!" :=

Vlad the Impaler
15th Dec 2004, 21:38
In the good old days I used to flash people with their rear fog light on until they turned it off or pulled over at which point I would pull up alongside and point out the error of their ways. Don't do it now for fear of being shot and because the body isn't as fit for flashing as it used to be !!!!!!!!!!1

15th Dec 2004, 22:23
Madsdad - the only problem with your solution is that by the time you have flashed them with that lot, they are blinded, and end up hitting you.:uhoh:

robontweb - a point of order, the Highway code is not in itself law. Most of the rules in it are backed up by either the Road Traffic Act, or the Construction and Use of Vehicles act.

Also included in the group of the feeble minded who do this are the people who will not use their handbrakes when stopped in queues of stopped trafic, so you end up blinded by three brake lights, and the new trend of indicating right at a roundabout when their intention is to go straight on.

16th Dec 2004, 07:59
the new trend of indicating right at a roundabout when their intention is to go straight on.
At least they sodding indicate!! Much as the scenario you mention annoys me.