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14th Dec 2004, 18:25
Ladies and Gents,

I am looking to buy a decent, digital camera to take photos of airyplanes and the like. Becoming quite active in my flying club recently allows me to enjoy the sights and sounds and now I would like to capture them digitally.

I have been looking at the FujiFilm Finepix 5500.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?


14th Dec 2004, 19:28
SB, there have been a few threads in the Computer Forum about digital cameras.
Typing the words 'digital camera' into the search function threw up these two and many many more.
Good luck with your search. :ok:

link1 (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=150670&highlight=digital+cameras) & link2 (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=112111)

14th Dec 2004, 19:56

*looks away blushingly*

Thanks flaps forty!! I will endeavour to use the search functionality more!

Hmm, one thinks that JB is not the right place to make such a 'faux pau'!!

14th Dec 2004, 22:12
soundbarrier, it's actually a Fuji S[Sierra]5000. A rather good camera. Sold mine to the g/f, cos I went really psh and bought a Nikon D70 :ok: :ok:
Seiously, with that zoom [all usable] you should get some great photies. Happy snapping

A10 Thundybox
14th Dec 2004, 22:20
Sold it to your GF?

Tight Bastard;)

14th Dec 2004, 22:32
Thanks watp,iktch. A10, remember that he probably only made half the money back he spent on the GF anyway! :} :ok:

Edited to remove the excess use of smileys.

14th Dec 2004, 23:50
OOI, it [the camera] cost 290 [tax free] at Ashford Tunnel, after 9 months I was set to buy the Nikon D70, and put the S5000 in part ex for 230ish. G/fs [very] old digi is "Gerfertled" and says. "I'll have it [camera] for 150..sold
Paid for an extra lens :ok:
we aim to pleas, it keeps the cleaners happy
p.s. I also sold a used Fuji4900 to the "ex" for 180 :ok:

15th Dec 2004, 10:37
Try visiting the 'nostalgia' forum. That seems to be where the heavy duty photo anoraks abide. Plenty of threads discussing equipment in there, with examples of their work too.:8

15th Dec 2004, 11:31
Sound Barrier, I've pm-ed you a link to a site where the real anoraks hang out. I've saved a few squid from the supplies links there.

One comment I will make is that if you buy a camera with a fixed lens for aviation subjects, I do wonder if you could outgrow it after a few months. Some places will sell you a Nikon D70 + 28-80mm Nikkor lens for 629. This may sound like a lot more than you were planning, but the D70 is an entry-level DSLR and should last many years on account of this.

Another issue with Digi cameras is the time it takes between shots, some digi cams take up to a second or two to refresh after a shot, and this is a bit useless if you want to get multiple shots of the Tiger Moth as it flies between the tape. The D70 is renowned for refreshing fast.

I hate to look like a Nikon ad, but the D70 is a breakthrough in affordable DSLRs. Also, Canon offer 100 cashback on the 300D at the 'mo, making the price 499, another entry-level DSLR.