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14th Dec 2004, 14:09
"An Irish nun from an Edinburgh convent was the winner of Ryanair's E100,000 prize for the carrier's 100 millionth passenger. Sr. Kathleen Murphy from St. Catherine's Convent in Edinburgh who was awarded a E100,000 cash prize as she boarded a flight from Scotland to Dublin.

Ryanair has been running a special promotion to celebrate the first European low-fares airline to carry 100 million passengers. All passengers who booked return flight with the airline between Sept 30 and Nov 04 were eligible for the draw. Sr. Kathleen Murphy was one of over 700,000 eligible passengers who took part in the promotion throughout Europe.

"On behalf of our congregation, I would like to thank Ryanair for this very generous gift towards enabling us to promote Mercy in the UK. This E100,000 gift will help us enormously and will be donated directly to feeding the hungry and to the service of all of the Corporal Works of Mercy (as in Matthew 25 vv34-37) and to the spiritual renewal of women," Sr. Kathleen said."

- now, if you had a very bad mind, maybe Mick made sure the nun got it so he could claim the tax back given it was a charity contribution? C'mon Mick, we know you read prune, spill the beans....

The Invisible Man
14th Dec 2004, 14:18
I know a certain airline, when nearing their umteenth million passenger mark, went on the lookout at check in to vet the contenders. They did not want average Ibiza bound pax, yobs, track suits etc. It had to be squeeky clean family, mum, dad and two kids.

Once identified, the band, airline big wigs etc moved in to surprise family with " Congrats you are X millionth Pax and have won holiday.... Oh and would you feature in next years brochure?"

Fixed I tell yer!!!

14th Dec 2004, 14:26
Can you just imagine all the repercussions if Ryanair had awarded the prize to TIM?! :(

14th Dec 2004, 14:48
I dunno. If he wore a nice suit and a hat, it could make an interesting photo. And make sure he's wearing a watch as well.............

14th Dec 2004, 14:53
And if TIM wore a blue suit and hat, it would make it easier for the SFX guys...:p

The Invisible Man
14th Dec 2004, 14:57
At the 3rd stroke it will be

15-57 precisely

beep beep beep

14th Dec 2004, 15:07
Is TIM trying to get an extra hour of S&M on the house?! :confused: :)

14th Dec 2004, 15:14
He said stroke...........

14th Dec 2004, 15:40
Hmmm, it could be embarrasing to have a stroke under such circumstances. Even if it was the 3rd time...;)

The Invisible Man
14th Dec 2004, 15:49

You know what happens if you are naughty Airship , yer posts gets zeroed...... I've nearly made 100 this time round.

Why were Jerrichos posts not zeroed, he was a naughty boy too wasn't he.

What was the topic of this thread again????