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14th Dec 2004, 10:49

14th Dec 2004, 10:53
:D :D :D

You should put a copy of that on the "stockings" thread!

14th Dec 2004, 15:03
So that's why they do dem special offers 2 pairs for the price of one... :O

tony draper
14th Dec 2004, 15:26

Did you know a Mike Cook Mr Orac, item on the local news today he retired after 44 years in the RAF,was stationed at RAF Spadadam radar, teaching pointy thing drivers to fly low and avoid Missiles and such, chap with a magnificent handlebar tash,that was your neck of the woods weren't it?

Biggles Flies Undone
14th Dec 2004, 15:39
You're not supposed to mention Spaedadam in public, Drapes!

I learnt to fly at Carlisle and we were told to avoid the area - clearly marked on the maps. I got a bit lost on a misty cross country to Newcastle and wandered across the area. I realised where I was when they started flashing a big red light at me... :ooh:

tony draper
14th Dec 2004, 15:48
One used to often see em firing pretendy missiles at the Tornado chaps round that neck of the woods, whist driving along the A69,(which one often did) gave me a start first time I saw it.
One expects they had rubber warheads.
Incidently, after a hard days graft in Cumbria the A69 betwixt Carlisle and Newcastle is the longest stretch of road in the world.

14th Dec 2004, 17:42
Cardiff Hooker isnt it?

14th Dec 2004, 18:56
her name is baabara or is it maandy,:E
our old chef used to cook up laary the lamb on sundays.:yuk: :yuk:

15th Dec 2004, 03:41
Shouldn't the above picture be on the Dunnunda forum?

Mr Chips
15th Dec 2004, 08:12
If that picture is the Donegal Hooker... how do the Donegal props bind on in the scrum, and how does he manage the line out throws??? :confused: :confused:

Coat, door, gone ;)