View Full Version : New 'Labour Stealth Tax' Exposed and Deferred for now

12th Dec 2004, 21:58
Well folks, just when you thought the coast was clear !

Last week Chancellor Brown released his Pre-Budget report. Within it was a proposal to introduce a new 40% tax on the surplus within Life Assurance and Pensions funds.

The Life Assurance and Pensions Industry was given just 4 days to these stealth tax proposals, however such a row has developed that this has been extended for the time being.

With Pensions, and life Assurance schemes in meltdown following Brown's earlier stealth tax raid on them, and the total disaster that has befallen pensions, you would not believe it.

Unfortunately it is true.

Brown has now announced that the tax will be included in a Finance Bill due to be laid before Parliament next Spring, giving the finance industry at least another three months to lobby against the proposal.

The net result will be to further damage and devalue the little that is now left in our Life Assurance and Pensions schemes.

Will no-one rid this Country of these parasites?

In the meantime a suitable letter to the parasites would be useful, remember that these are the parasites who have just voted in large pension increases, and thus will not be affected by these proposals in the same way as us ordinary mortals.

A view from our resident Lefties would be interesting.

13th Dec 2004, 14:13
Why should the people who run pension funds worry? After all, it's not their money. :rolleyes:

Ever wondered why the Chairman of a FTSE company can call Downing Street and generally get to speak to someone highly placed within minutes? Especially when Joe Bloggs calls his local council, spends 10 minutes going through the automated exchange only to be informed that the department he is trying to contact is open between the hours of...! :yuk:

One may live in a democracy, one man, one vote etc. but that pretence is solely based on a vote once every 4 or 5 years. The rest of the time, it's everyone else who never voted who have the edge. All the little Joes are here mainly to be screwed. :}

What's note-worthy though, is that Labour these days ensures that more people lower down the food chain get screwed than ever before. I expect that's what everyone means by the term social democrats...?! :O

13th Dec 2004, 15:55
It occurs to me that one of the modern fallacies is that we live in a democracy.

Once every while we get to have a vote and generally the voters can be classified in two ways: those who have a political affiliation and those who vote for the party which they perceive will do them them the least personal damage.

However those that represent us do not have to bear any heed to what the electorate would like see happen - it is as if they enter a parallel universe where they become insulated from the real world.

In a true democracy the peoples wishes would rule - we tend to be told what the government is going to do which is not the same thing at all. :yuk:

The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community are supposed to be one of the cornerstones of democracy. I don't see an awaful lot of respect from our politicians of any party for me! :(


henry crun
13th Dec 2004, 19:44
8686: The reason why that happens is that most politicians, when elected, hand in their brains to a secret central storage establishment.
In return they are issued with a new clean one, much in the manner that you might replace your hard drive.

This means they have no recollection of what they said before or promised to do, so they can proceed with a clear conscience.

Only a select tiny minority are allowed to keep their original brains after election.

Send Clowns
13th Dec 2004, 22:23

The bizarre misconception of almost the entire world is that democracy is the power to select government. It is not at all - it is the power to reject a government, to throw them out on their ear. That keeps the government relatively straight - or did so until this bunch of crooks got in.

There is no sensible way I can think of for us to have more direct power, so until that is possible we have to keep this, the worst system of government apart from all the others.