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12th Dec 2004, 17:38
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding this the other day? Apparently the cops were testing at the entrance to 'staff car park'..

Joyce Tick
12th Dec 2004, 21:04
Don't know if it's true - but I hope it is!

12th Dec 2004, 21:30
I've had 4 "polite people" pop there head thru my car window in the past 4 days ..... its a "smell test" as I understand it :ugh:

One of them was a very nice young lady indeed!!! :O

Hand Solo
12th Dec 2004, 21:55
Is it not illegal for the Old Bill to do that? I understood random breath testing for motorists was not allowed in this country, only 'with cause'. Perhaps some of the lurking coppers on here could elaborate? I'd keep my windows wound up just to spite 'em, they could be carjackers!

12th Dec 2004, 22:10
Its not legal to random stop for breath testing, however there are ways round it ...

There are 3 reasons for requring a breath test.

1. Involved in an accident
2. committed a moving traffic offence
3 Constable has reasonable grounds to suspect a driver has a blood alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit.

1 is obviously not the reason, 2 is probably not, which leaves 3. The way round it is to stop the driver for other 'reasons', eg to check driving documents, and if they smell of drink then breath test. the smell being the reasonable grounds.

If Uncle Tone & Bonker Blunket get thier way then that may well change.

12th Dec 2004, 22:17
But if everyone is checked it's not random, is it?

12th Dec 2004, 22:37
A smell test, interesting - anyone know some really good, strong mouthwash?? Jokes, of course it should be done, no one saying it shouldn't.. But just very nervous about the extremely low limit.

Thanks for the replies..

The count

Ranger 1
12th Dec 2004, 22:56
I suppose we may be in line for a spot of this treatment if they do this kind of thing here, as one of my workmates booked the Airport Police unit's Sargent, a while ago for an airside driving offence:E.

Big Tudor
12th Dec 2004, 22:59
Change the law, I say, and bring in random breath testing. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I am sick to death of watching people stagger out of the pub with car keys in hand, and drive off in third gear, kangaroo-ing as they go. I would be happy to see a copper outside every pub in Britain testing every driver as they leave. In fact British Forces Germany had a policy of testing people as they came to work on a Sat / Sun morning. Quite scary how many people they caught who were stil over the limit 8 - 10 hours after their last beer. :ooh:

And yes, I have reported such people to the police. Unfortunately they are too busy mopping up the mess that other drink drivers have already left! :mad:

Flight Detent
13th Dec 2004, 01:33
No big deal really,

We've had random breath testing here in Oz for some years now, though the police are not allowed to wait outside pubs, clubs, etc, they sometimes just wait down the road a little, but they can, and do set up anywhere for short periods, like 20-30 mins, day or night, then move on.

We have come to accept this as pretty normal, it usually catches several out at each place - if the breath test shows over the limit, then the police officer has to drive the persons' car from that place, to a spot safely off the road and lock it up. The driver is taken aboard the "boozebus" and undergoes a bloodtest, and if that confirms, the person is 'escorted' to the watchhouse for charging, etc. (The blood test is the real test - the other is just preliminary).

The whole thing only takes about 1 minute, assuming you're not over the limit of 0.05.

Personally, I'm glad they're around!


13th Dec 2004, 02:02
well you might be glad and no-one will condone any mix of alcohol and aviation -but this is not strictly legal since the legislation allows only WITH CAUSE testing and was drafted that way expressly to prevent this sort of random trawling.

Interesting that the British Medical Association (doctors union) recently stated that any form of testing for doctors was "a major violation of their individual liberties" even though there have been many documented instances of alcohol and drug abuse by on-duty docs

13th Dec 2004, 07:45
Warning for everybody. I have seen the police with the their lasergun a few times already hanging around where you enter STN carpark (next to enterprice house) Everybody is approaching to fast so they stop lots of people. Yesterday everybody stopped had also their breath checked for alcohol and i know 3 people (cabincrew) have been caught with to much alcohol.

Mr Chips
13th Dec 2004, 07:56
Errrr ShotOne, if they are testing Drivers on the public highway.. they are looking for drink drivers aren't they?

Mick Stability
13th Dec 2004, 08:06
I'll accept random DRUGS testing as long as it applies to ALL employees. I will not have the finger pointing at me while others outside the brotherhood get away with shoving all kinds of stuff up their noses and smoking waccy baccy.

Anyway, next person to stick their nose through my car window will be treated to a stifling fart. That'll learn 'em.:E

13th Dec 2004, 08:14
Shot One

The police in the UK have the power to stop any vehicle on the road at random and check documents and vehicle condition etc, if during the the check the officer suspects that the driver has consumed alcohol then they have the power to request a specimen of breath.

So they can do random stop checks, that can then result in a breath test, but not a random breath test. It's a minor point, but vital when they get to court.

Wot No Engines
13th Dec 2004, 08:52
The one thing that those mentioning random testing in Oz have failed to mention is that we can also get "test yourself" machines easily (are they still illegal in the UK ?), and some pubs have a pay to use tester - I wouldn't rely 100% on their results, but if you test yourself at home, you can make a reasonable choice.

13th Dec 2004, 10:59
In STN it's not random testing. They stop you for overspeeding and than check you out for alcohol. Everybody is driving to fast on the road towards the carpark entrance.

13th Dec 2004, 11:21
Not for the first time, I followed a police car past the tower towards Enterprise house yesterday, speed ? Just over 40 mph. the hypocrisy stinks.

13th Dec 2004, 11:58
Finland also has random tests. No big problem.. mind you still the local paper is "full" of people being caught...

Got breath tested on a snowmobile once. I was parked up outside a cafe waiting for the now ex Mrs Luoto and having 40 winks on the bank seat and the nice coast guard woke me up and thought I would want to blow into his bag...

13th Dec 2004, 12:06
just a thought, but as we are coming into the christmas period it may just be that, as with most police forces at this time, they are bringing in their traditional crack down on drink driving. I may be wrong but i think if you look at the figures that the number of breath tests carried out at this time of year is higher than at others.
i admit that testing everybody sounds a little more than random, but have you tried asking the police what their reasonable cause was for the test (after you have passed it obviously). If you have'nt been speeding or commiting any other offence then I don't see why they couldn't tell you

13th Dec 2004, 12:53
We have random testing in Norway as well, and I cannot se why anyone would object to them? If you are over the limit you shold stay at home right?

13th Dec 2004, 14:09
Could be a good place to start the "why drive even if you have had one drink?" argument. That always gets some interesting responses.

13th Dec 2004, 15:31
Coming away from a Funeral this afternoon - a mile out of XXX Airport - two polite people - this is the fifth time in a week that I've been checked on the road, a mile from the Perimeter fence :ooh:

oh, and all I had after the Burial was a Coffee !

If you Drive or Fly, forget the Drinkies!!!! because they are going to get you Buddie!


13th Dec 2004, 16:48
Whilst we're on the subject of STN speed limits, can anyone explain why it's a 30 mph zone between Endeavour House and the main terminal roundabout??? It's a wide, straight road, with no junctions, trees, or buildings for half a mile, yet there are Officers out there almost every day with radar guns.:mad: :mad:
I can only assume because it's BAA land, Stansted Airport Limited impose the ludicrously low speed limit and take a cut of the fines received from drivers.:yuk:

surely not
13th Dec 2004, 17:43
If I remember correctly Eagle 18th, it is a public highway therefore the Police have every entitlement to be there, and it is nothing to do with the BAA (for once).

Of course I might be suffering from a faulty memory, but I'm sure someone will tell me if I am!

13th Dec 2004, 18:36
No, nthing wrong with your memory.

The BAA don't get a 'cut' of fines imposed for traffic offences at airports. It all goes to HM Goverment. All traffic Offences apply on BAA property (landside) except for no VEL.


They will probably tell you before you take the test, I certainly used to. The reasonable grounds (not cause) are as I said earlier, have reason to suspect you are driving with a blood alcohol level above the prescribed limit. Thats the only reason there is. That suspicion could come from lots of things, maner of driving to smell of alcohol.

Police Forces don't have an xmas drink drive campaign, its a goverment thing. But yes there are many more tests this time of the year.

13th Dec 2004, 19:20
Wow. Drink driving and speed tickets in the same thread.

Throw in "I hate speed cameras"...............

13th Dec 2004, 20:15
"J" ..... its called "Drift" on the subject matter :p

ps. and don't forget .... don't Drink and Fly (or Drive)

surely not
13th Dec 2004, 20:18
and 'farts' got a mention as well!!

14th Dec 2004, 14:44
Or was that "draft"...............mine's a Guiness thanks. Not driving home you see.

14th Dec 2004, 15:15
There are a group of ladies in my office who went out the other week for a girls night out.

At chucking out time, one of their husbands duly arrived to pick up 4 very tipsy ladies. He was stopped about 100 yards from the pub's car park exit for a random check.

Smell test!!, the copper looked in the car, smelt the brewery, asked the guy if he had been drinking....saw the state of the ladies, laughed and told him to get them home quick pronto.

So you see, if everyone around you in the car is pi$$ed, the boys in blue are going to smell alchohol...........hopefully.

14th Dec 2004, 17:11
No doubt that's how they attempt to justify it but there was no mention of document or vehicle condition checks. The issue was being stopped at random to conduct this "smell test". Of course they could lie about the reason in court...but that would be against the law wouldn't it?

This might seem a fine distinction but countries where the police are allowed to make and break their own rules in the name of "safety" or "security" are generally unpleasant places to live.

14th Dec 2004, 17:21
Thats one way of looking at it ShotOne.

Another could be there are lots of reasons a constable can stop a car. If by coincidence there is a smell of alcohol, or any other evidence that the driver's been drinking then breath test time yes.

I have stopped vehicles to check documents, and not even bothered asking for them, as having spoken to the driver I am happy he probably had them. I have also ended up breath testing them or arresting for other offences.

Yes stopping vehicles for one reason can be an excuse for seeing if another offence has been committed, and while it aint cricket, its better than the alternative.

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Dec 2004, 18:16

Just clock into a mate's brewery with a ham sandwich and a sleeping bag. Sorted!:ok:

CarltonBrowne the FO
14th Dec 2004, 18:34
autobrake 3, there is a possible reason besides hypocrisy why the police car was doing 40. Some forces tell their drivers to routinely drive either well above, or well below the speed limit. This is to avoid the police cars acquiring their own little queue of cars, as every driver comes up behind them (probably slightly faster than the limit) then slows down rather than overtake.
Of course, this is only reasonable in those forces which have some flexibility about speed limits. If they have a zero-tolerance policy, then you are quite correct.

surely not
14th Dec 2004, 18:39
I have only been breathalysed once but the premise for stopping me was 'vehicle checks'. The Officer duly walked round the vehicle, but was most pleased when I said that I'd had one drink with the meal and asked me to follow him to his vehicle where a breath test would be conducted. I am pleased to report it stayed a solid green throughout and I was wished a good evening and sent on my way.

The strange thing is that I had a rear light that wasn't working but this didn't get a mention?