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10th Dec 2004, 15:04
Looking for any photographs or technical documents of a Glenn Curtiss biplane referred to as the "Hudson Flier". It was also known as the "Albany Flier". This aircraft was used in 1910 for the following;

1. First city to city flight in the US.
Albany, NY to NYC - May 29, 1910

2. First over-ocean flight. Atlantic City, NJ - July 5th, 1910

3. First take-off from a Navy ship. Uss Birmingham - Nov.14, 1910

Have already search the internet, eBay, and various other museum archives including NASM.

I am working on a project with the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, in Hammondsport, NY. We are going to build a full-scale flying replica of this airplane. Work has already started on the wing spars.

......Thank you.....

11th Dec 2004, 07:45
[email protected] name for your topic mate:suspect:

How about Seeking info on 'Albany/Hudson Flier'

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11th Dec 2004, 16:33
Appreciate the response, but 165 people have read it in one day.

This less specific title generated more views in one day than my
very specific "Curtiss A-1 Triad reproduction Flies" thread title generated in two weeks.

15th Dec 2004, 01:23
Here is a picture of it from July, 1910