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10th Dec 2004, 11:49
Was watching another repeat on the beeb last night, Uncle Albert was talking about his lost love Helga, saying how she worked behind the bar and had lost her little finger on her right hand when her family house was bombed during the war in Germany, he'd asked her to marry him but she said no so now whenever a German film came on the tele and he heard the word Nein it made Unc think of Helga......to that Rodders says 'was it because she only had 9 fingers.....classic

10th Dec 2004, 12:55
Good episode that. Rodders and Delboy head off to the West End on a pulling exercise and Del fixes Rodney up with an old bow-wow right underneath a poster advertising a band I used to play with. :)


10th Dec 2004, 13:01
"This time next year, Rodney - your watch will be Cartier, your shoes will be Gucci , and your clothes will be . . . Man at C&A !!"

10th Dec 2004, 13:04
On their trip to France:

Rodney: "How do you say Duck in French?"

Delboy: "It's canard"

Rodney: "You can say that again"

(doesn't work unless said in east end accent)

Elwood Senese
10th Dec 2004, 13:04
Scene: Del Boy holding pump-action shot gun after arriving un-invited at a shoot.

R. "where did you get that gun from?"

Del "Iggy Higgins"

R. "but Iggy Higgins robs banks"

Del Yeah I know, but today is a Saturday"


Devlin Carnet
10th Dec 2004, 13:23
Brace yourself Rodney....
Right grandad give it a good smack...

the rest is history

Biggles Flies Undone
10th Dec 2004, 13:26
Boycie: I heard a rumour that Mickey Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wristwatch.

Classic :ok:

10th Dec 2004, 13:37
Rodney: "Mickey Pierce is investing in property"

Delboy: "What? On 200?!"

Grandad: "What's he got? A wendy house?!"



10th Dec 2004, 14:15
Del Boy : "What is the French for en-suite ?":p

10th Dec 2004, 14:21
Still makes me laugh that episode where Del Boy and Trigger are in a wine bar and Del goes to lean on the bar and falls flat on his face. :D

Nearly happened to me once, but grabbed hold of the bar rail just in time :\

10th Dec 2004, 14:37
So many good lines...

Same episode as GrahamK mentioned. Del is in the wine bar, sees these two 'posh sorts' at the bar, slides up to them Faxofle at the ready....

Del - 'just bought a few shares in a little place in Knightsbridge - how do you spell Harrods?'

Posh sort - 'Capital A!!'

Again, only really makes sense when said in a Cockney accent... ;)

cessna l plate
10th Dec 2004, 14:56
I've got a video clip of the bar scene on my computer, if someone tells me how to post it I will!!!

10th Dec 2004, 15:06
Del Boy : "What is the French for en-suite ?"

And Bush copied the idea once when he said "the French haven't got a word for entrepreneur"!!

Dr Jekyll
10th Dec 2004, 16:41
When Grandad was describing his adventures during the Spanish civil war, including taking a 'cargo' to spain in a small boat.

Rodney (I think) "What sort of cargo?"

Grandad "Guns"

Rodney "you were running guns in the middle of a civil war?"

Grandad "But that's the best time to do it."

10th Dec 2004, 19:08
"From Prussia With Love"

Sitting alone at a table, a suitcase by her side, is Anna, an attractive 19-year-old language student from Germany.

I can speak a bit of German,
I was over there just after the war.

Yes, sit down, sit down. Come over here. Now listen to me. I want you to ask her what her name is, where she lives, her address and all that sort of thing.

Right, leave this to me.....


Video clip here (http://fp.waitenet.plus.com/media/wmv/fromprussiawithlove.wmv)

Metro man
10th Dec 2004, 21:37
When trying to find a place for Uncle Albert to stay Del Boy suggests the Seaman's Mission ,Rodney say's " No ,it's all gone ,there's a Marina down there now" Del replies "Well he can kip in the back of that then "

And who could forget "This time next Year we'll be millionaires"

10th Dec 2004, 22:13
Delboy: "No, honest, its not Concorde fuel, it's anti-freeze from the Starship Enterprise!"

10th Dec 2004, 22:43
Del in the doctors

DR ' Mr Trotter Id like to examine you please, strip to the waist and lie on the couch, do you smoke Mr Trotter?

Del ' Not just now thankyou Doctor'

11th Dec 2004, 07:26
Nice & easy Trig, nice & easy...

In the Hospital, Raquel's given birth, Del is overwhelmed with emotion:

I've done it Rodney, I've only gone & done it.

What is it Del?

It's a little baby!

The Boy Lard
11th Dec 2004, 07:53
In the same Doctors scene:

Dr: Strip to the waist please Mr Trotter

Del behind screen - Dr goes behind screen and emerges quickly

Dr: I meant the TOP half Mr Trotter


Boss Raptor
11th Dec 2004, 09:53
Trigger - something along the lines of;

I've had the same broom for 20 years...with 3 new handles and 4 new heads...

11th Dec 2004, 10:07
whenever Trig calls Rodney Dave!

11th Dec 2004, 14:19
"No Rodney.... you're going with the Groovy Gang!"