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Devlin Carnet
10th Dec 2004, 10:35
Getting fed up with sending cheques for stuff off E-Bay,
Thinking about getting a PayPal account,
Anyone got any bad instances, or is it "safe as houses"

I'm always a bit apprehensive about money and internet issues.

10th Dec 2004, 10:49
's OK. Don't use it much, but I have a PayPal account and not had any problems. It's been useful for "one-off" purchases from sites I've not used before where I'd rather not give 'em my raw credit card details. Gives an extra layer of security.

Of course, you don't need me to tell you to watch out for those "phishing" scams.

Hey, it also works great for sending money to PPRuNe (hint, hint !) ;)

G :cool:

tu chan go
10th Dec 2004, 10:52
We use one for eBay and we have had no problems whatsoever. As mentioned above, watch out for the 'Give us all your password details' email scams. Thay can be quite authentic looking but, with a little care, they are easily detected.

10th Dec 2004, 11:09
Used it for buying stuff, both ebay and retail, no problems at all. Just like using a credit card. Also use it to receive money when selling things on ebay. Again no problem but the commission is a bit steep. Handy, though, as you don't have to wait for cheques to arrive and then clear.

Of course there are horror stories:

Paypal Sucks (http://www.paypalsucks.com/)

Read that site and you probably won't touch it with a barge pole. However, Paypal is now owned by ebay who have a good reputation so I'm happy with the service.

10th Dec 2004, 11:15
Had no problem but as to whats been mentioned above the fee's are quite steep and when I first signed up with them I seemed to have to upgrade to gold status to get anywhere and was immediately charged about 1.50

10th Dec 2004, 13:01
From personal experience, I one sold a mobile phone to somebody in Asia and they paid via Paypal. A few weeks later, the cash was taken from my bank account I had registered with Paypal... they reclaimed the funds because the person in Asia was using a stolen credit card. I had absolutely no way to retrieve my phone or my money.

This summer I bought a kayak from somebody with reasonably good feedback on eBay and he insisted upon payment via Paypal. A cheque or direct transfer to his bank account was not good enough. Needless to say the kayak never turned up and he stopped replying to emails and phone calls. Other customers of his had also lost about 400 each. Fortunately, I paid using a Credit Card which protected me against these types of scallies... a quick phone call saying the goods never turned up allowed them to reclaim the money back from Paypal, thank you very much.

I trued using the eBay/Paypal dispute process but this ended with a brick wall every time... they insisted that there was nothing they could do! :mad:

My advice it to avoid it unless paying for something of very little value, or you can implicitly trust the buyer/seller. If you decide to spend lots of money, then ensure your credit card offers some form of payment protection. :ok: :}


10th Dec 2004, 14:02
I had exactly the same problem as the post above, sold a phone to a guy in Indonesia (I later found out indonesia is the credit card capital of the world), the buyer insisted on using paypal but said Indonesia wasn't allowed to join the PP scheme so the payment would come from a friend of his in the states. He also insisted that I UPS (no other courier was acceptable) the phone to an address in Indonesia, to be dispatched the same day - as soon as I received the payment via his friend in another Country via Paypal.....anyway the payment arrived but I smelt a rat big style, I called directory enquiries and traced a number for the person named as the payee via paypal, I called the number and spoke to this mans wife (it was 4 in the morning in the States where he lived), she woke Mr X from bed and I said I'm sorry to disturb you but blah blah blah...did you pay for a phone from me? NO came the reply....this is getting boring now but here's how it ended up....

1. I get a big thanks from my new friend in the states because the Indonesian guys had not accessed his credit card, but somehow his CHECKING ACCOUNT! with all the money the guy has in the world in it - and no fraud protection. He insisted he'd never given his details to anyone or completed a survey from PayPal so I assume it was a trojan on his PC that gave his bank details away.

2. Paypal treated me like a fraud even though I called them and told them what had happened, they froze my money..serious inconvenience at the time. A great deal of hassle getting this whole mess sorted because PayPal refused initially to acknowledge that I had rumbled a fraud of their system. I have carried out other transactions with them since but am super careful about not duplicating the same passwords for my online banking and transactional services like PayPal and also have a firewall on my machine to prevent trojans from lifting key strokes and passing to 3rd parties....

...be very careful!!!

Stupendous Man
10th Dec 2004, 15:36
Been using PayPal for ebay for a couple of years and have had no problems whatsoever. Only thing to watch is the fee paypal charges per transaction into your account. i.e if someone pays you via pp then you get a bill (can't recall the % exactly, or maybe its a fixed amount, anyway I'm rambling now...)
I ask buyers to add 4% to final cost if paying by paypal - some do and some don't.
The only down side is that Mrs Stupendous Man discovered this source of free money for when she "wins" on e-bay. (I've tried explaining its not a game yet the handbags and shoes keep arriving!)

10th Dec 2004, 15:40
Ebay won't let you surcharge buyers for paying by Paypal - they banned it a few months ago. Still seems to happen though.

I've used it for over three years now with no problems. I suppose with the volume of transactions happening on a daily basis there will always be a few horror stories.

Stupendous Man
10th Dec 2004, 15:44
Didn't realise that - been a while since I sold anything.

Although there is a pile of shoes and handbags..........................

Lon More
10th Dec 2004, 18:30
timmcat Quite a few people - esp. in UK - still adding about 5% for it

10th Dec 2004, 19:47
Have used both PayPal and eBay for several years, PayPal mainly because I sell a lot overseas and our mail is so poor cheques and cash regularly go astray. My one complaint against both is that despite their "policies" every time I get a problem (nothing big so far) they can never sort it out. All you get are phrases directly from their rule book. Ask something different and you still get the stock reply. Hope I never have a big issue!

10th Dec 2004, 22:10
Have used ebay and paypal for a ton of stuff over the last two years, especially as a lot of stuff is cheaper in the US and the customs doesn't bother with tax on most small items.

We have had three problems with stuff either being not as advertised or not arriving. Paypal have sorted two of them without question and within 24 hrs, but the third we were a couple of hours over the 30 day limit and were just straight blanked. Our fault I guess.

Read the rules three times a day for a couple of weeks and then if you think you are going to have a problem read them again.

Remember if you use credit card to pay you are not always covered. You are paying the intermediary not the vendor, one of my friends was told (essentially) that the service from paypal was not deficient so the CC Co did not have liability.

If you decide to continue use and for larger amounts they will want to tie your card to a bank account. DO NOT on any account tie it to your main personal account. Go and get an extra account somewhere and put a couple of hundred dollars in it and keep it discreet from anything else. DON'T get an overdraft facility on it, give specific instructions that it is not to be overdrawn. That way your risk is limited.

IMHO the banks are as bad as Paypal, given the chance and the need they will happily remove money from your account and then play the aggrieved rightous innocent!