View Full Version : Crazy Mo Fo riding a motorbike in heavy traffic

Onan the Clumsy
10th Dec 2004, 04:13
Anyone got that link for the crazy fool with the camera on his bike weaving in and out of traffic at incredible speeds?

A10 Thundybox
10th Dec 2004, 05:05
Puts me in mind of that Ferrari (sounding thing-very grunty) zooming through Paris one evening in the 1970's to meet a girl. top gear showed it about a year ago-absolutely crazy-anyone got that?

10th Dec 2004, 08:51
Ah, yes - remember very well as a kid seeing the Ferrari in Paris film as a trailer in the cinema, I was gobsmacked by it. Called "Rendezvous", made in 1976, available on the following link:


- I've nothing to do with Duke but have bought stuff from them over the years and can recommend them. If you're a petrolhead, have a look through the rest of the site, I'm sure the "Getaway in Stockholm" series will float your boat as well. Still can't beat the older Paris video, though, as you just KNOW there was no camera or other trickery.

10th Dec 2004, 09:20
Once saw a vdo with a crazy biker waving through the traffic of Stockholm at speed of 290 kmh, found it absolutely breath taking (and I'm used to fast driving....).

You can find this one and some other crazy vdo's HERE. (http://www.xfactorvideo.com/catalog/ghostrider-2-ghostrider-goes-wild-dvd.htm)

There are some hair raising movie trailers on this site as well...

10th Dec 2004, 18:01
That top gear in Paris thing was awesome!!!!!

Inspired me to take my wheels abroad and flout their laws!!!!

Would love a copy but am never going to pay 29US for it....


My names Turkish
10th Dec 2004, 18:32
Flash0710, Well I am glad you have decided not to pay for it, but have not decided to use say Kazaa or Shareaza where one could easily find all of the above mentioned videos.:E :E :E

11th Dec 2004, 22:47
Hmm Turkish hmm.....:E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E

13th Dec 2004, 15:11
Still can't beat the older Paris video

The dog is looking at me wondering why I'm laughing so hard.

I like all the videos with Ms Hilton in them.

13th Dec 2004, 15:53

c'etait une rendez vous is just incredible. I bought it a few months ago. Through a home cinema system the sound of the Ferrari is something else. The ride is almost as quick as Ryan Air taxing (but with no-one sitting on the loo:ok: )

13th Dec 2004, 16:01
and the sound is like the old 737-200's before the hush kits were installed!

Jerricho, you're a sick man! :E