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tall and tasty
9th Dec 2004, 21:46
Gentlemen and any ladies who would like to post on the subject

This has been something that has perplex me for ages.

Why do some men definitely prefer stockings over tights and why do some men absolutely prefer fishnet stockings to tights :confused:

Anyone out there who can help put a girl out of her misery because most men I talk to can't give an honest answer! :O


A10 Thundybox
9th Dec 2004, 22:07
Ahhh glad you've started this most important thread

I reckon there is partly a mass learned response coupled with some instinct which means that if something is generally regarded as sexy it will be percieved as sexy- a learned response based on culture, fashion etc.

Stockings are marketed as sexy and are also In my view cosmetically a little better looking than tights, I prefer to see underwear without a vale of "hold in" lycra mesh.

Stockings give you more to look at and more to play with, twang.

I think fishnets are more of a signal, a bit tarty, perhaps a bit obvious, this will turn some guys off (tend to prefer subtle dress believe it or not) and others will like it but they will probably be equally obvious male types, who like red high heels (Grr).

Need to lie down now....

9th Dec 2004, 22:09
Never mind that boring question!!! What were you wearing on Saturday gal?????

9th Dec 2004, 22:13
Its a primal thing

9th Dec 2004, 22:14
It's in the presentation, once the outer layer is removed the sight of stockings and decent underwear is much, much more attractive than a veiled view of compressed underwear through tights pulled half way up the chest.
Plus they show a little flesh in a critical area - has to be sexy, like showing a wee bit of cleavage rather than buttoned up to the throat.
Why buy decent sexy underwear then hide it?

Also a bit of a flirty thing when you notice the outline of a suspender strap - whether intentionally flirty or not, it is.

That's my view anyway.

Little Eagle
9th Dec 2004, 22:24

Fishnets grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :E

long legs and fishnets say no more :mad:

Little Eagle

A10 Thundybox
9th Dec 2004, 22:34

Told you!

9th Dec 2004, 22:38
I am a somewhat conservative male, and usually wear socks

Atlas Shrugged
9th Dec 2004, 23:40
If you’re talking about sex appeal, then without doubt seeing a stockinged leg can be very sexy.

Stockings, whether attached to suspenders or not, have an infinite charm. They free the imagination rather than limit it. The effect of tights is that they impose some sort of barrier. Stockings don't.

The contrast between the flesh of the thigh and the stocking is alluring, the planeness of a leg in tights is neither attractive nor unattractive it's neutral and therefore by definition bland. In the throes of passion, the removal of stockings can be erotic, the removal of tights is closer to a comedy skit.

No comparison - a woman in thigh high stockings is one of the most erotic sights one can view, while one in tights may remain beautiful, they don't have the erotic equality.

10th Dec 2004, 00:46
Come! Come! t and t
most men I talk to can't give an honest answer!
Of course we can. Maybe we will not, but we all can.

CarltonBrowne the FO
10th Dec 2004, 00:47
Quite apart from the visual appeal of stockings (well defined by Atlas Shrugged ), I find it very enjoyable to slide my hand up the thigh of a lady wearing a full set of outer garments, and explore her underwear.... or lack thereof. Fishnets are fun, of course- less for the "tarty" impression as for the slight element of humour in them: they can be a little over the top, but that IS the appeal. The stockings that most appeal to me are the ones with the vertical seam at the back... :ooh:

10th Dec 2004, 01:04
I asked the same question here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61309&highlight=stockings) and think the answer was stockings were the winner....

Hmmmmm... stockings MAKE a woman (out of a female) ;)


10th Dec 2004, 01:13
Call me strange but................how about those surgical stockings what come up to mid calf and leave the varicose veins popping proud behind the knee:E

And if the whole ensemble is topped off with the sexy accoutrement of a zimmer frame.....well:}

The whole thing can only be beaten by the sight of a well overweight woman wearing lycra cycling shorts:{

Buster Hyman
10th Dec 2004, 01:25
I like those furry stockings that the East German Olympian girls used to wear.....

10th Dec 2004, 02:00
Buster, remember this?

"Oh my god. A testicle has popped out of her costume......."

Atlas Shrugged
10th Dec 2004, 02:25
Anna Bolic, I do believe and perfectly described by "Mike Gibson" as "Popping the Jatz Cracker"


compressor stall
10th Dec 2004, 02:33
A 32 year old gym instructor from France I seem to recall.

Feeton Terrafirma
10th Dec 2004, 04:01
Well I'm going to be different. I think if you have the legs for it, bare legs are the most erotic thing. Unfortunately very few ladies have the legs for it. :(

Next best is stockings.

10th Dec 2004, 07:23
And, of course, one major advantage of stockings is you don't have to waste time taking them off.

10th Dec 2004, 07:42
....that very rootable darling of the ice Katarina Witt skates by, and for all you croquet fans out there, once again today we'll have fcukall for you on the show....... :8

10th Dec 2004, 07:53
Well, I think we have proved to Tall 'n' Tasty that stockings are sexy. What about the other side of the equation - tights? Tights, or pantyhose as our colonial cousins call them, are anti-sexy. Indeed, they are a latter day chastity belt. Oh sure, if you start at the toes there is no difference at all from stockings and they pretty much remain the same all the way up to well above the knee. But just when you are hoping, nay, praying to reach the 'cold bit' at the top, the nylon just carries on forming a seemingly inpenetrable barrier between masculine ardour and female forbidden fruits. :yuk:

From the thighs upwards, tights are vile, horrible, revolting things. Strangely enough, whilst this view is shared by a large percentage of the male population, there are a few sad, crazy, bizarre individuals out there that do find them sexy. They have, so I'm told, websites full of pictures of ladies wearing tights. Ideal sites to visit when you want to get rid of a troublesome erection I'd have thought... :ooh:

10th Dec 2004, 07:56
A whole page and a half on the topic and no-one has yet mentioned the 'giggle band'?

Oh, I just did. Damn.

10th Dec 2004, 08:12
I can confirm that t & t was wearing stockings at the bash...

Personally, at Christmas, I like Mrs Dogs to simultaneously wear both stockings AND tights (and angling waders whenever possible) - It makes the anticipation of unwrapping my present last that much longer...


10th Dec 2004, 08:27

Stockings are way sexier than tights mainly because they can stay on if desired. They don't have to be removed. If you do you want to remove them they're more fun than tights.

I can't tell you why fishnets are sexier, they just are. Maybe something to do with the line down the back accentuating the leg or the 'bad girl' reputation they have.

To quote the international man of mystery - 'Grrrr Baby very Grrr'

10th Dec 2004, 08:46
Right, I guess this thread does not need to be merged into the Xmas zone after all.

....grumble ..grumble ...... can't people write titles that are less confusing..... angling waders even.... grumble

10th Dec 2004, 08:48
When they're lying about the floor and you have to pick 'em up and put 'em in the laundry basket, they're equally disgusting.

When they're 'on', either is a million miles better than pop-socks, or whatever they are called where other folks come from.

Biggles Flies Undone
10th Dec 2004, 08:49
Knee tremblers.

'nuff said ;)

10th Dec 2004, 09:32
Just to add to all the others - stockings win hands down*

When I first slept with my she was writhing, moaning, twiching and screaming. Boy did I think that I was doing a good job - turned out she still had her tights on :)


*thats not some sort of prison slang either :O

tony draper
10th Dec 2004, 09:51
One lived through the magic time for the leg man when short skirts appeared in the north (not quite minis) but tights had not yet made a appearence on the scene,so ladies still wore stockings and susies, fights to the death used to erupt over ownership the seat on the bus next to the stairs to the upper deck.
Used to make a chaps day a glimpse of stocking top did.

Buster Hyman
10th Dec 2004, 10:52
"By gee, by jingo, by crikey! Well watch those Dunnunda boys as they hijack another thread!!!":ok:

10th Dec 2004, 11:02
No one has mentioned crotchless tights yet, so I will. Crotchless tights. For the genuinely bad girls out there.

To quote Larry the Cable Guy, "She said, 'You want some of this?' I said he!! no, look what it did to yer undershorts...."

tall and tasty
10th Dec 2004, 12:23
Hi everyone

Went out shopping to get my favorite pair of thingies to wear on my legs and found almost 3 pages when I get back.

Thanks for having me in stitches over some on the replies.

Feets/Cheerio my favorite is nothing totally bare legs but can't do that too often in Blighty! :{

Dogs_ears_up how on earth do you know what I was wearing at the bash! Only I know that as far as I can remember! :O

But I will say I have used a catch phrase and it involves which type I wear so if anyone can work it out then they will hit the nail on the head! :E

Thanks everyone keep the responses coming they are very very interesting


10th Dec 2004, 12:43
Oooh stockings most definitely. Tights is orrible - don't allow "access" you see. I suppose it's the thrill of seeing soemthing you shouldn't normally see when it comes to sussies n stocking tops.

Oh boy. Gonna have to have a cold shower now!

10th Dec 2004, 12:49
If her toes start to curl I have to check & see if She is enjoying herself or I forgot to take her tights off :\

I'll get my coat:E

10th Dec 2004, 12:54
seamed nylons with stilettos.... :cool:

10th Dec 2004, 12:57
Stockings with knee high boots - or FMBs as I knew them in my youth: F***-Me Boots

There isn't a smiley for yum-yum, is there?

10th Dec 2004, 13:45
I'd like to add my support to the Stockings 'lobby'. Whilst I would certainly prefer bare legs for those well enough equipped to pull that off, Stockings are most definately preferable in my view, to tights.

10th Dec 2004, 14:08
Definitely the sight of those few inches of bare thigh before the darkened stocking top gives way to the sheer of the silk stocking is one to behold.

On the other hand. The inventor of the pop-sock should have been taken outside, put up against a wall, and had his/her head beaten in with a baseball bat.:E


10th Dec 2004, 14:16
Dunnunda boys

"That's Australian Green and Gold my friend, and don't you f***ing forget it" :}

10th Dec 2004, 14:40
Stockings - whether the suspender type or the stay up variety. Especially with a short skirt/knee high boot combo. Mmmmm :ok:

10th Dec 2004, 15:14
I think right about here would be a great time for one of 747Focal's excellent links to a site that probably won't make it though many work filters (or if it did and you got found out, probably time for a new job).

10th Dec 2004, 15:31
In joint first place for me. Bare legs, tanned and toned naturally. Along with hold ups, that completely unfettered bit of thigh is just plain sexy. :E

In second place, a thick pair of socks and little else. The kind that may be worn in riding boots. Although of course somtimes the boots and hat can also remain. Misuse of the crop is encouraged. :O

Third place, stockings. Ok, but somehow the suspender thing is just a bit tacky to me. :hmm:

Not ranked, tights. Just plain disgusting and should be banned. And worse still those patterned chequered type ones that briefly seemed fashionable, able to make even the slenderest legs look terrible. :yuk:

I believe the original question was intended to centre more around the apparent appeal of fishnets in particular.
Personally I can't decide if they actually do have more appeal than regular stockings let alone why it should be so.
One bonus is they don't snag as badly as normal stockings on the rough skin on my hands which is a horrible teeth on edge setting feeling. Same with satin me, can't stand the feel of the stuff.

Suppose it must be the 'tartyness factor' that gives them that image, but I don't go for tarty girls, I prefer to make 'em. Once they reach the fishnet stage my work is done, Next! :ok:

10th Dec 2004, 15:43
- perhaps off topic a bit... was doing the weekly shop in Tesco's wednesday evening - there was a guy in the cereal aisle in full hunting gear (including tights).

Despite the fairly rural community, he did look a complete knob.

10th Dec 2004, 15:54
Stockings are far and away the best.

Did you know that the seam around the top of the stocking is known as the 'Giggle Band'?

'Cause in the seduction stakes, when your hand gets past that without being swatted off, you are laughing!!!:D :ok:

Jordan D
10th Dec 2004, 15:56
Have to say fishnets don't do it for me ....


10th Dec 2004, 18:32
......if she's wearing stockings or tights, without asking her....

wait 'til she farts........if her ankles swell, she's wearing tights...:E

B Fraser
10th Dec 2004, 19:16
I think some research is required here, would any lady prooner be kind enough to post a piccie of either option so the gentlemen prooners can take a vote ?

sorry I forgot that there is no such thing as a gentleman prooner ;)

Vlad the Impaler
10th Dec 2004, 20:54
IMHO it's stockings win hands down every time. I think it is the promise of bare flesh at the top that does it for me. Not all that keen on fishnets though. Having said that TnT if you wanted to model for research purposes...........

tall and tasty
11th Dec 2004, 00:08
Vlad the Impaler

Sorry no modelling those images are left for a very private person! ;)

B Fraser

:I think some research is required here, would any lady prooner be kind enough to post a piccie of either option so the gentlemen prooners can take a vote ?

Have to be a very brave female ppruner to offer her services to do that won't she! I suggest one looks at a packed of pretty polly they have good photos on them to see the difference! :p

The rest of you I love reading the replies thanks again

TnT :ok: :ok:

Bomber ARIS
11th Dec 2004, 12:12
Fishnets :yuk:

Tights :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

However, hold-up stockings :E :E :E :E :E :E :8

B Fraser
11th Dec 2004, 12:25
or stockings with sussies / finger-trappers

:hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

I guess TNT is going to retain her dignity on that question :O

Little Eagle
11th Dec 2004, 15:26
B Fraser Dude

May be she does not have long pins to model the said Items!

Little Eagle

11th Dec 2004, 16:06
Little Eagle, I do not think I am betraying any confidentialities here when I say that after recently having met the lady in question 'in the flesh' so to speak, she most certainly does! ;)

Mac the Knife
11th Dec 2004, 16:31
None of the above....

Smooth tanned legs, no panties.

It's that tantalising glimpse of fur that does it for me.

"If wisdom grew on trees, you Sir, would be a bush". Plunkett & Macleane

11th Dec 2004, 17:04
Pantyhose vs stockings seems to have generated about as much of a diversity in opinion as 'would you prefer to live forever and be rich, or be flogged to death later tonight?'

No surprise there.

B Fraser
11th Dec 2004, 18:29
Little Eagle,

I think the evidence may well be on the Gatbash thread :\ I was elsewhere that evening with another lady Prooner however I am reliably informed that TNT does indeed have a splendid pair of pins.

11th Dec 2004, 19:15
Oh come on folks, someone with the moniker Tall and Tasty is hardly likely to have a pair of short stubby ones, is she? ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
11th Dec 2004, 19:22
I'll fight all of yez for her.... Grrrr, foam, thrash....!!:E :ok:

11th Dec 2004, 20:57
ait 'til she farts........if her ankles swell, she's wearing tights.. Sorry TT's, women never, ever fart. Except, well.... ya know.....;)

Major Cong
11th Dec 2004, 21:02
I find Fishnets tend to get stuck in my teeth, still makes a change from floss......:E

Little Eagle
11th Dec 2004, 21:17
Major Cong

Your doing it all wrong dude if they get stuck in your teeth!

Little Eagle

tall and tasty
11th Dec 2004, 22:51
Solid Rust Twotter

I'll fight all of yez for her....

Please no! :sad:

Don't like pistols at dawn well actually the only decent way to go but............


11th Dec 2004, 23:42
Gentlemen, like the rest of you, I must agree with the stockings option, but surely it is not complete without a good pair of heels?

Stockings, yeah ok.
Stockings AND heels? Show me the way home honey!!


Lon More
11th Dec 2004, 23:48
Capt. KAOS . As in never mind the quality, feel the width ??;) ;)

12th Dec 2004, 00:21
After discussion with my man, my next shopping trip will include some nice stockings, as I didn't realise how much they mean to you guys.

I would help you out and put my pins into
1) my black worktights and
2) a pair of black Hold-ups
for you to compare the two different sights.:O

But I am not very technical and haven't grasped yet, how to include pictures in a post .

Maybe TnT could help me and we could try together:E??

Syllo et al. what happened to that wrestling match in pants, ties and dark sunglasses you promised us girls??
That chocolate sauce tanker is still parked outside my house and I have not heard a sausage from you for a while now!!!

12th Dec 2004, 00:55
TnT - quote:

Solid Rust Twotter

I'll fight all of yez for her....

Please no!

Don't like pistols at dawn well actually the only decent way to go but............


SRT - There'll be a queue I reckon the way this thread is going
If TnT won't let us use pistols it'll have to be joysticks I guess
See you at dawn (GMT one ok?)

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Dec 2004, 05:42
The way I'm quivering pistols aren't an option. Eggwhisks and superglue, however.....

(Froth, gibber.....!!)

tall and tasty
12th Dec 2004, 08:58

Have to be min of 3 inch heels I hope!


Maybe TnT could help me and we could try together??

I am only game if we can persuade

Syllo et al. what happened to that wrestling match in pants, ties and dark sunglasses you promised us girls??

to do that :E

so boys totally up to you!

TnT :ok:

Ps Aged GMT is just fine

B Fraser
12th Dec 2004, 09:05
Sparkle Quote

After discussion with my man, my next shopping trip will include some nice stockings, as I didn't realise how much they mean to you guys.

:E grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

12th Dec 2004, 09:25

12th Dec 2004, 13:12
Sparkle posted this...I would help you out and put my pins into
1) my black worktights and
2) a pair of black Hold-ups
for you to compare the two different sights.

But I am not very technical and haven't grasped yet, how to include pictures in a post .
almost 13 hours ago and not one person has had the good sense to reply with an image posting tutorial! :rolleyes:

Right Sparkle this is how its done, actually on second thoughts just email the piccies on over to me and I'll handle it for you! ;)

Ah yes and start warming the choccie sauce.... :E

tall and tasty
12th Dec 2004, 13:38

Up for the challenge Sparkle set ! Oh yes I see in the small print

TnT :D

surely not
12th Dec 2004, 13:41
CTBEyes ........ was that only a partial answer???

what about as a man :D

Constable Clipcock
12th Dec 2004, 14:19
Stockings. Absolutely, stockings. Stay-up variety. Real silk, no suspenders. Especially great with one of those black strapless teddy things with the snap-away crotch.

Allows me full unimpeded access to all of Mrs CC's most important parts with only minimal readjustments and removal completely optional.

And the fact that she's a very modest dresser out in public makes it all the better. Wonderful Iraqi girl — Christian, but likes those luxuriant silk veils of Muslim design too, at least in private.

12th Dec 2004, 14:49
Give me a stocking every time...........
....you look a right prat trying to do a bank job with a pair of tights on your head....all that extra material gets in the way...:ok:

Hangin' on
12th Dec 2004, 15:49
A well known loadmaster on what used to be the 'shiny fleet' in the RAF used to sellotape peanuts to his legs so that it looked like he was wearing sussies under his blue....works for saga in Miami now.......:uhoh:

Little Eagle
12th Dec 2004, 17:49

Crotchless tights why play with those man!

Just go for the panties and stockings or miss out the p*nties all together! :E :E

And very very short skirt/long legs now you are taking!

Little Eagle


13th Dec 2004, 10:29
Sparkle, TnT,

Do you think I am some sort of tart???:O

tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 10:34

FT a promise is a promise! ;)

and everyone's reward is all the chaps here get to see a spot the difference between

Tights and Stockings on Sparkle!

TnT :p

13th Dec 2004, 14:12
And for the record I'm a stockings man..

Shocker eh??:O

incrediable -mirage
13th Dec 2004, 14:29
Little Eagle

My kinda guy :E

incrediable -mirage

The Invisible Man
13th Dec 2004, 16:23
When I was a young lad and serving with HM Forces Harrier Squadron, I was informed that I would have to deploy to the Paderbourn range in all types of weather at all times of year.

I was informed that the best way to keep warm in the freezing weather was to wear tights.... yeah right me thinks. Anyway depths of winter in the field, first very frosty morning, looks out of tent and sees guy in black tights walking to toilets. Bugga me I thought..... (but kept it to myself cos some of those Army guys would have done!!). Long Johns take ages to dry if they get wet and we often did, tights dry in a matter of minutes and keep you just as warm.

So I have to admit I may have worn them.... and would like to be known from this day forth as.... "The Invisible Tights Man"

ps. Flaps dont...!!!

tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 20:09
How many other's are brave enough to state that!



13th Dec 2004, 20:27

Most folks that have worked on a building site probably have from what my dad told me when he was in the trade

13th Dec 2004, 21:56
Dear Flytest,
I don't just think you're a tart: I know it!:}

Dear Syllo,
dohh, yeth,Im gonnu send piccies to yoouuh,doh...:=

TnT, what I really meant was: we both take part in the comparison, ie: End result would be 2 pairs of pins in stockings and tights. (your lovely long ones and mine...)cool:


as we stipulated: FT, Syllo, BF et al have to fight it out first in said wrestling match.
Syllo: Heating blanket around choccie sauce tank is ON...:ok: :


tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 21:57
Hi Sparkle

I am definately game if we can get the other party to participate! :E

so Gents if you want to see two sets of pins gentle persuasion is needed :p



B Fraser
13th Dec 2004, 21:59
warm up that chocolate sauce, I'll bring my snorkle, mask and flippers too !


13th Dec 2004, 22:09
TnT - quote
so Gents if you want to see two sets of pins gentle persuasion is needed


I think it'll be best to have the joysticks at dawn before the wrestling, give the choccie time to warm
Then move on to the comparisons which could take a while, these technical things do

Surely watching semi mentally developed men duelling and wrestling over you is enough gentle persuasion??

13th Dec 2004, 22:38

As we are both verrrrryy, verrrrryyyy gorgeous, we can be very fussy; so the persuasion has to be very gentle!!!

B Fraser:
snorkel, flippers and KILT ???

(drooolll, drooollll:8 )

14th Dec 2004, 08:28
Sparkle and TnT

"As we are both verrrrryy, verrrrryyyy gorgeous" go on girls, prove it

You don't really need to see the wrestling do you? Just post the pix please. Pretty please :)

Not too many stockings to be seen out here and in need of a reminder ;)


tall and tasty
14th Dec 2004, 12:00

Sure Sparkles will back me on this don't like to see a man down

Sure we can come up with something! :p


Little Eagle
15th Dec 2004, 13:07
You two sound serious hot babes :E :E

Let me hold the camera for you and take those all important close shots!

:mad: :mad:

Little Eagle

16th Dec 2004, 22:11

I like woman with long firm tanned legs.

Whether they are bare or swathed in silk seamed stockings,

they have to look good any time of day/night.


19th Dec 2004, 20:40
Like gals in stockings


Feeton Terrafirma
19th Dec 2004, 21:55
I think most would agree that stockings or tights are perferable to trackie dax? (partictularly if the butt is wide)


Mr Knife: It's that tantalising glimpse of fur that does it for me

Fur? Doesn't it get stuck between your teeth? :eek:

20th Dec 2004, 00:02
Well I know which I prefer boys - joyeux Noel!


20th Dec 2004, 09:09
:( Sigh

Another night of denim clad legs, albeit with the odd skirt thrown in, but no nylon in sight.

Feeling veeerrrrrryyyyyyyyyy down girls ;)


20th Dec 2004, 09:41
How many gentlemen who have declared their predilection for stockings have thought to go out and buy the lady a rather gorgeous suspender belt and a selection of stockings (to buy one pair is rather narrow minded - much more classy to buy a selection for different occasions). Christmas is coming and a good quality department store will have knowledgeable salesladies to advise on selection and gift wrap the purchase.

20th Dec 2004, 13:25
Most definitely, *********.

Looks especially good when accompanied by the matching undies :)

Just have to find a suitable candidate out here. Any volunteers? ;)


tall and tasty
20th Dec 2004, 13:30

What a lovely idea and the ones I especially love is the stockings with the little ankle motifs just draws the eye down.........

Oh never mind

TnT :)

20th Dec 2004, 13:56

Down? Surely it should be up :D


tall and tasty
20th Dec 2004, 14:07

depends on the orientation of the leg!



Miss World
20th Dec 2004, 14:08

Hint all you like...... guys never pick up on it......You av to tell em straight!!!

Guys, listen to you all... you all sound obsessed with stockings..
Like ********* said why not treat your girl to some sexy underwear for christmas.. Do yourself a favour instead of getting her purfume & jewellery because i'm sure it'll be a bigger treat for you when you see her in em!!!

20th Dec 2004, 16:11
A real gent would naturally throw in a pair of ab. fab. FMs - just to complete the picture, you understand.

(Guaranteed BJs for the whole year if the FMs have the magic words printed inside...)

B Fraser
20th Dec 2004, 18:57
Pilot'sPal Quote...
Guaranteed BJs for the whole year if the FMs have the magic words printed inside...

Blimey, my birthday was spectacularly good.... and it's Xmas next week... then there's Boxing day..... New Years Eve..... New Year's day.... and only another 11 months to go until......... damn !

What are the magic words ????? tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me !!!!!

now where's my magic marker and where does she keep her shoes :E

20th Dec 2004, 19:30
Sorry my photograph did not show here. How is it that you do that?

20th Dec 2004, 19:34
The magic words are Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. Ring your bank manager tomorrow and you could have the necessary finance in place by Christmas Eve.....

B Fraser
20th Dec 2004, 21:10
The words "I'm with BF" should be enough !


20th Dec 2004, 21:20
Sod the BJ - money better spent on booze and a new TFT monitor for me pooter...

21st Dec 2004, 17:10
Sod the BJ - money better spent on booze

Can't find any booze that beats the former!

treat your girl to some sexy underwear for christmas..

is this going to be included in the photo shoot mention? :E


Miss World
21st Dec 2004, 18:12

Maybe if my first attempt doesn't work!! ;)

Capn Notarious
21st Dec 2004, 19:26
a new TFT monitor for me pooter...
Because some of the real quality legs and other parts come as vvery hhigh mmaintenance. Most of us only have ordinary salaries.

tall and tasty
24th Dec 2004, 08:59

As a Christmas treat I will let on to you I was wearing.............


TnT :E

24th Dec 2004, 10:25
and guess what I'll be wearing when I pick up my gorgeous, lucky man in 3hours time!!!
Horny Christmas everyone:E :cool: :ok:

Billy Whizzz
24th Dec 2004, 16:08

If he's been reading this thread, he won't be too surprised, just VERY pleased!!

For me, Stockings get 2 thumbs WAY, WAY up!!!!! :ok::ok:

And as for the "Giggle Band",.......Well......!!!

Just like to point out that Stockings with a long dress, one of those "split-to-the-hip" styles (a la Joely Richardson), has many, many, MANY positive qualities too!!!! :D

Grrrr Baby, YEAH!!!! :E :E

Little Eagle
24th Dec 2004, 18:17
Miss TnT

Fishnet - what

tights :yuk:,

stockings, :mad:

holdups! :E

C'on babe spill the beans if you really dare!

Little Eagle

El Grifo
25th Dec 2004, 11:52
Tall and tasty, I real cannot thank you enough for the excellent Pics on the PM I received today, best Chrissie Present so far. Thank you for soliciting my professional opinion,

You are in the wrong job girl, you should be contracted to Pretty Polly.

My favourite was the sussies and stockings with the seam down the back, and as for that Kylie underwear, shhheeeesh !!

In answer to your question, yes I think it would be safe to share the pics with the broader forum. Sooner the better.

:ok: :cool: :ok:

surely not
25th Dec 2004, 15:49
Without having seen them I have no hesitation in agreeing with el grifo on account of his fine standing in the proone community :D :D

Lon More
25th Dec 2004, 16:19
Pilots Pal, did that one Christmas Eve on way home after a long trip, unfortunately a bit too late as my present was divorce papers.

BTW What are FMs? Frequency Modulation is the only thing that comes to mind

25th Dec 2004, 16:52
am definately game if we can get the other party to participate!

Come on TNT, please, make everyones christmas,
post the pins!!

25th Dec 2004, 16:54
Sorry about me just jumping in like this, have not been on the boards in awhile.

The stocking and tights debate.

Personally, I love the fishnet stockings topped with Garter. Very sexy. Very women. very....very.
They cover yet reveal the leg, and that is what gets me going. It enables you to have that touch with the leg, yet knowing somthing is in the way.

As for the tights, I love ripping them off the wife, and she loves it when I do. Especially the hip huggers. She says there is nothing more erotic than to be wearing a thong, tights, and miniskirt, only to have the tights ripped and torn off. Very erotic.

That's my 2 cents

25th Dec 2004, 16:58
Is this Jet Blast or the Daily Mail?

Little Eagle
25th Dec 2004, 17:19
Miss TnT

If you won't rise to the challenge! Maybe we can persuade
El Grifo to post his copies :E :E

Little Eagle

With your blessing of course! :p

El Grifo
25th Dec 2004, 18:58
Likkle Eagle - - - Check ebay !!!!!!

Fnarr Fnarrr !!

Lon More
25th Dec 2004, 21:49
T'n'T. Thanks for the explanation - I must have been a real gent then once

tall and tasty
25th Dec 2004, 21:54
Lon More

No problem, nice to know there still out there :O


Ps Guys once I have got a professional pic of those pins I will post it unless Sparkle gets one first!


CarltonBrowne the FO
25th Dec 2004, 22:38
The "FM" reference in shoes, stands for, errr, Fondle Me. The shoes are supposed to be so gorgeous that, on seeing your lady wearing them, you are consumed with the wish to fondle her.
I'm sure that was the word! :E

26th Dec 2004, 17:27
"Sorry my photograph did not show here. How is it that you do that?" My photo could not show here when posted....

You chaps must have to pay attention or you'll never get to see anything!

tall and tasty
26th Dec 2004, 19:06
Ok everyone the picture you have all been waiting for!




27th Dec 2004, 03:14

You haven't by any chance got a sister have you? :}

Nice one gal :ok:


Little Eagle
27th Dec 2004, 08:51

Well worth the wait babe! :mad:

Like your style :E

Little Eagle


27th Dec 2004, 09:12

Thanks for the PM. Fantastic :D Can't wait to see her pics.

and Grizelda is such a pretty name

CS ;)

El Grifo
27th Dec 2004, 09:55
The tinkling sound of shattered dreams.

Normally referred to as BOBFOC

Body Of Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch.

Just how do you measure 36 inchers, Just what are the points of reference ?????

:} :cool: :}

27th Dec 2004, 10:56
CarltonBrowne. How many times? The word is not "fondle". It's the one we're not allowed to post here but Flaps knows what it is. As do many of the more enlightened among us, male and female.

CarltonBrowne the FO
27th Dec 2004, 11:08
While on the subject of stockings, it is worth noting that the Ann Summers sale is now on- suspender belts are on sale for under a fiver.
If you buy one of these for the lady in your life, a good idea to stop her taking it back is to call it a joke present, and give her gift vouchers for a more expensive shop (to a higher value of course) as well.

27th Dec 2004, 11:17
Note to the ladies: see how well CarltonBrowne's training has come on. As a reward I even let him put the top down on the new car yesterday (only for about 7 miles though). I am now considering a short series on Training the New Man in Your Life.

I think I shall allow him a brief glimpse of stocking top on New Year's Eve by way of encouragement - he's yet to master the art of undoing the suspenders with his teeth but I have great hopes....

27th Dec 2004, 11:34
Bit slow off the mark I'm afraid *********. Lessons already being offered elsewhere - was sent this over Christmas. And remember you have to start at a really basic level with some of us:

New Evening classes for men! All are welcome!

Note: Due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will
accept a maximum of eight participants each. Sign up early and get a discount on registration.

1. How to fill ice-cube trays. Step by step with slide presentation.

2. Toilet Paper: Does it grow on the roller? Roundtable discussion.

3. Differences between the laundry basket and the floor, practicing with hamper. Pictures and graphics.

4. The after-dinner dishes and silverware: do they levitate and fly into the kitchen sink or dishwasher by themselves?
Debate among panel of experts.

5. Loss of virility: losing the remote control to your significant
other. Help line and support groups.

6. Learning how to find things, starting with looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming.
Open forum.

7. Health Watch: bringing her flowers is not harmful to your health. PowerPoint presentation.

8. Real men ask for directions when lost.
Real-life testimonial from the one man who did.

9. Is it genetically impossible to sit quietly as she parallel parks?
Driving simulation.

10. Living with adults: basic differences between your mother and your new girlfriend. Online class and role playing.

11. How to be the ideal shopping companion.
Relaxation exercises, meditation, breathing techniques and a bulging wallet.

12. Remembering Birthdays, anniversaries, other important dates and calling when you're going to be late.
Bring your calendar or PDA to class.

13. Getting over it. Learning to live with being wrong all the time.
Individual counsellors available.

Experience varies directly with equipment ruined.

CS ;)

CarltonBrowne the FO
27th Dec 2004, 11:37
cargosales , none of these sound nearly as interesting as my "advanced appreciation of corsetry" class...:E

27th Dec 2004, 11:44
CarltonBrowne :

Sign me up for the correspondence course immediately please good sir :E


tall and tasty
27th Dec 2004, 13:51
CarltonBrowne the FO

wouldn't I love to be a fly on the wall in that class

TnT :ok:

Little Eagle
27th Dec 2004, 20:54
Tall and Tasty

Would prefer to be a fly on your b*droom wall babe!

:E ;) :E

27th Dec 2004, 21:53
Todays Guardian crossword, 25 across:-

"Things loose women won't wear? (6)"

Says it all really.

27th Dec 2004, 23:29
TnT.... You didnt get me that drunk! :confused:

Come on now, play fair, let them see 'em.

(If you don't I'll describe them) ;)

28th Dec 2004, 04:03

6 letters?

Not tights surely? :{


Corset :E

Reminds me of a certain ..

I'll get me coat


tall and tasty
28th Dec 2004, 07:41

(If you don't I'll describe them)

you wouldn't dare! ;)

TnT :p

28th Dec 2004, 07:53
Go on SC

Spill the beans !!

But in the absence of those promised pics I think we should assume the worst :ugh:


28th Dec 2004, 08:56

Of course.

As I have admitted earlier in another thread and to my eternal shame my family does have a connection with the hosiery trade - my uncle built the first machine to manufacture tights in large quantity so they were cheap enough for everyday use.

I'm sorry about that. :(

El Grifo
28th Dec 2004, 09:29
No probs cargosales. I don't think she's a bloke.

:ooh: :cool: :ooh:

28th Dec 2004, 10:10
El G ,

I don't think she's a bloke either ;)

P'raps said pins just don't look too great ? Heard an awful lot about them but no evidence they look any good :(


El Grifo
28th Dec 2004, 15:39
Actually I have been thinking about this whole thread.

Like all normal red blooded males, I was attracted by the perennial Tights vs Stockings discussion, especially since it was raised by one from the Tights and Stocking wearing sorority.

That seemed to add extra spice to the thread.

The idea the the author of the thread had taken on the name of "Tall and Tasty" added extra zest to the fantasy, creating visions of 36" slender legs, sheathed in the sheerest of black nylon.

The fact that the possibility existed of a picture being posted, prompted me to make occasional (frequent) returns to the thread.

With me so far guys?

The word on the grapevine is in fact that "Tall and Tasty" certainly lives up to her name, not only that, but she is a lady with a good heart, not only that, but she is a bit more timid than she would like to admit.

If one returns to the original posting I think it justifies my point :-

“Gentlemen and any ladies who would like to post on the subject
This has been something that has perplex me for ages.
Why do some men definitely prefer stockings over tights and why do some men absolutely prefer fishnet stockings to tights
Anyone out there who can help put a girl out of her misery because most men I talk to can't give an honest answer"

I think we have run with the ball here guys. What started out as an honest question, has ended up with us lot baying for flesh (or nylon)

I think we should raise our collective glasses to TnT, thank her for a fine festive distraction and leave her and her 36 inchers to those more qualified to enjoy their pleasures.

Thanks for the fun TnT, you are a good sport.

:ok: :cool: :ok:

28th Dec 2004, 16:05
Just to take the attention away from TnT's mythical pins for a moment, has anyone else seen the film version of Phantom of the Opera yet? There is a bit in it where Christine (Emmy Rossum) is being entranced by the Phantom (some Scottish bloke) and on a couple of occasions we get a glimpse of the top of her silk stockings.

Lovely :O :O :ok:

Right, back to TnT...

28th Dec 2004, 16:35
I just love the taste of that celestial hiatus at the top of the stocking. I think I'll go and lie down now.:\

tall and tasty
28th Dec 2004, 17:01
El Grifo

Thank you for a very gallant posting :)

BALIX seen the film and highly recommend just for the costumes and story but if you have seen the stage original I will not comment on anything else except the sets were stunning in both

Thanks for everyone who has posted on this thread I have thoroughly enjoyed the insight into how people perceive something as simple as an item of lingerie :E

I hope you will all understand why I would never post that pic only for a wonderful persons eyes and he knows who he is ;)


Little Eagle
28th Dec 2004, 20:33
I hope you will all understand why I would never post that pic only for a wonderful persons eyes and he knows who he is

Thanks babe :E

28th Dec 2004, 22:03

I've seen the stage production of Phantom in Manchester a few years ago and on Broadway last October. I enjoyed both, especially the Broadway production though they did drop the chandelier just before the interval which I thought a bit odd.

As for the film, I think it shaded it as I don't remember any stocking tops being visible on the stage :}

tall and tasty
28th Dec 2004, 22:14
As for the film, I think it shaded it as I don't remember any stocking tops being visible on the stage

Don't think I saw any either but would not have been looking being a girl! :O

But the period costumes are really stunning :D

TnT :p

(Ps Little Eagle could you explain your remark!)

tall and tasty
28th Dec 2004, 22:39
Thanks Mike but all I can say is I don't think he does.............



29th Dec 2004, 04:42
Hear hear El G

And thank you to TnT for being such a good sport and a lady to boot


P.S. For those still hankering after a glimpse of something, check out www.prettypolly.co.uk ;)

29th Dec 2004, 10:45
Well Miss TnT

Shame we will never see those photos but understand the reasoning - a real lady! :)

Thanks for making an old git :D


B Fraser
29th Dec 2004, 15:41
Gentlemen... and FT :p

All is not lost as the incomparable Sparkle may yet come up with the goods :ok:

29th Dec 2004, 15:50
Mr Fraser,
I suspect Sparkle may be maintaining a low profile following her faux pas and unintentionally lewd reference to matters carnal elsewhere recently. ;)

surely not
29th Dec 2004, 16:11
ooohhhh where was Sparkle being lewd?? Do tell :D

29th Dec 2004, 16:21
Now now surely not, a gentleman wouldn't disclose such a thing...

...which means that I can happily point you in the direction of........ :}

tall and tasty
29th Dec 2004, 16:24
B Fraser

Gentlemen... and FT

Does that mean that FT falls outside the realms of a gentleman? :p

uhhhhhhhh go on SC you were saying..... :E


surely not
29th Dec 2004, 17:02
nope, checked my pm's but you is keeping stum SC........ pretending to be all gentrified are we :D

29th Dec 2004, 21:08
B Fraser

"Sparkle may yet come up with the goods"
Can we have that in writing!

So we may get a Christmas promise after all!

But the proof is in the pudding so I will only believe it when I see it :\

30th Dec 2004, 07:50
"Sparkle may yet come up with the goods"

Can we have that in writing!

Hawkseyes - is that not in writing?

I am a stockings man complete with the sussies

Thanks Cargosales for the link nice one!


30th Dec 2004, 08:35

My pleasure


Had to check it out thoroughly to ensure it was fit to post here you understand ;)

30th Dec 2004, 11:32
Stockings or Tights.

I’ll humbly try to help TnT on her question, and try to be as honest as I can.
From a hopelessly disturbed male point of view:

Stockings on a woman’s legs are like runway markings; just follow the marks for a safe landing.

Tights are more like fog: We know its somewhere out there...

Stockings combine the flesh and the nylon in a contrast of sensorial pleasures, felt or imagined. A woman who knowingly uses stockings transmits the following message to the observer: “I know EXACTLY just how to satisfy a man”, even if she doesn’t have the slightest idea of HOW to accomplish that.

Speaking of textures, I prefer leather to plastic, but that’s another subject all together.

Ok then, back to robot mode.

B Fraser
30th Dec 2004, 11:45

Stockings on a woman’s legs are like runway markings; just follow the marks for a safe landing.

just don't miss the correct exit or you may have to backtrack :ooh:

30th Dec 2004, 14:13
Oh dear me. I despair of CarltonBrowne ever learning how to handle the 6m laces on a proper corset. Such a slow student - I must have demonstrated the technique a dozen times at least. I'm afraid he's going to have to repeat the course before he's fully qualified to lace me up on his own.

Cargosales - I'd be more than willing to undertake distance learning with you but CarltonBrowne seems unwilling to share his study materials.

30th Dec 2004, 17:28

Speaking of textures, I prefer leather to plastic, but that’s another subject all together.

It could be incorporated in to this topic surely!

I am too a leather man and a nice leather bisque holding up those stockings! :mad:

There you go - incorporated! :E

Little Eagle
30th Dec 2004, 18:18
learning how to handle the 6m laces on a proper corset.

Can I join the course babe! can I can I

Oh "CarltonBrowne seems unwilling to share" no goer then :uhoh:

I dig rubber rather than leather or plastic :E

30th Dec 2004, 18:20
Running w, do you mean Lobster Bisque or leather basque? Je ne sais quoi...

30th Dec 2004, 18:44
maybe he is hoping the whole ensemble is tasty!

30th Dec 2004, 19:17
A leather BISQUE?

And what would that smell like?....No, don't even go there...! :E

31st Dec 2004, 07:47
basque guys :E

lobster bisque :yuk: :yuk:

(typo error in the original txt) :eek:

but still in leather

31st Dec 2004, 12:17
Leather, plastic, lobsters. Dear oh dear... Come on guys, what's wrong with lace? :D

Especially 6 metres of the stuff :p

And CarltonBrowne: Mummy always taught me not to be selfish and to share my toys with the other children. And to help them with their homework when they needed it.
If you are having trouble mastering the techniques then maybe it is I who should be running the course ;) What say to that *********?


31st Dec 2004, 13:48

Now your talking black lace on fair skin :E

surely not
31st Dec 2004, 13:50
or white lace on black skin :D

31st Dec 2004, 18:30

enlighten me what would you do with

6 metres of the stuff

Must be too old to imagine!

tall and tasty
31st Dec 2004, 18:52

To put a gent out of his misery it goes on the back or front through all those annoying hooks and is pulled very tight! :E


31st Dec 2004, 22:10
The lace is passed through the eyes that run down the back of the corset and are used to tighten the garment. The rigid fixing (the busk) down the front holds the garment firmly in place and provides the framework. The only proper corsets still made in this country are by Vollers (www.vollerscorset.co.uk). Mine is a slightly longer black velvet one.

(For those who know me, yes, I do almost fall out the top.)

tall and tasty
1st Jan 2005, 07:44

Thanks for the web site I am now a true convert and think I might even just go and treat myself.

No more camis for me...... :E


1st Jan 2005, 08:45
TnT, THAT's something we need a pihoto of!!!:E :oh: :ok:

1st Jan 2005, 16:26
Here here!


Little Eagle
1st Jan 2005, 19:34
proper corsets

My babe is going to get one of those in her birthday gift this year


1st Jan 2005, 19:51
proper corsets One cannot claim to be expert at such matters (whilst still retaining one's "amateur" status), but one believes "improper" corsets might be somewhat more interesting...:E

1st Jan 2005, 23:21
A word of advice to gentlemen considering the purchase of one (or maybe more) of Vollers' finest: take careful note of how to buy the correct size. You have to buy the corset according to waist size, usually 4" smaller than her natural waist size. Vollers are very good about changing one if you get a size too large, which is the most common mistake. Remember also that if the intention is for her to wear it in public, the ones with the higher cut on the bust are more practical.

2nd Jan 2005, 07:54
Thanks for the advice *********

But I think these (things) will be bought for the bedroom use only we are just weak willed males you know!

:p :E :p

2nd Jan 2005, 08:51
Soft silk or satin with lots of lace and frilly bits. Tiny buttons an inch apart. The anticipation and suspense as each button comes undone, until the final release reveals all. Oh, I do so love frilly bits...

Yum, yum!

2nd Jan 2005, 08:55

Having tantrum and stamping feet. The Voller site is blocked here

Does it show anything obviously naughty or something?


tall and tasty
2nd Jan 2005, 09:54

It shows some beautiful corsets think of Victorian woman the tops to their dresses and Phantom of the Opera the new movie and you are there.

all done very tastefully but I am sure if..........



2nd Jan 2005, 10:20
but I am sure if..........

if what? TnT

Pray explain ;)

On second thoughts, don't. Some things are best left to the imagination.


coughing corner
2nd Jan 2005, 10:34
Fish net tights, coz then you get to play 'Special Forces Submarine nets!' :ooh:

From Sydney Zoo an Alligator,
was put on board a flying freighter.

He ate the pilot and the navigator,
then asked for more with mashed potater

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Jan 2005, 10:37
play 'Special Forces Submarine nets
Is that the game where you attempt to penetrate the net with your torpedo?

coughing corner
2nd Jan 2005, 10:40
sort of, but you have to snip your way through the nets first, can take some time apparently!..... Allegedly nail clippers are quite good for the job!

2nd Jan 2005, 10:55
so we can blame airport security for this game dying out then?


tall and tasty
2nd Jan 2005, 10:57
No cargosales

Allegedly nail clippers are quite good for the job!

Can buy them airside!:E

shhhhhh don't tell anyone thought! :O


coughing corner
2nd Jan 2005, 10:59
yup Bin laden has a lot to answer for!, can't recall ever wanting to play said game with anyone from airport security though!

Lon More
2nd Jan 2005, 12:40
Fish nets; my cat said he didn't know what they were but it seemed a nice thing to ask for for Christmas

antipodean alligator
2nd Jan 2005, 13:12
TnT. Thanks for a fascinating thread. For what it's worth here is the pecking/perving order IMHO:

1. Stockings.....Particularly those you described with the heel triangles and seams up the back of the leg,

2. Bare tanned legs - A real eye-catcher,

3. Fishnets.....Perhaps because they do just suggest a little too much - Although they certainly have their place where they are the perfect option, and

2999999999. Stockings. They're just wrong!

So when are these legendary pins of yours coming down to the other hemisphere?


CarltonBrowne the FO
2nd Jan 2005, 13:20
If you're going to be serious about the "Special Forces Submarine nets" game, then you cannot let a minor problem like the confiscation of your nail clippers prevent you reaching the target.
Use your teeth.:E

2nd Jan 2005, 13:23
If you say so ...

:} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :}


2nd Jan 2005, 16:38
antipodean alligator

We live in hope that she heads to the southern Hemi with those pins :E

But with her new year's conversion of corsets it would make an old git :p

2nd Jan 2005, 18:31

Thanks for the site on corsets but this is more up the guys street on here I am sure complete with the sussies :E


2nd Jan 2005, 19:17
Either make good varnish filters. At least that was the explanation I was given by a yachtsman disposing of a very gooey pair... :(

tall and tasty
2nd Jan 2005, 19:38

On that subject of uses for them - stockings make great emergency fan belts when a girl is stranded and in distress!

any other ideas for their uses?

TnT :p

2nd Jan 2005, 23:58
Good stuck in front of a film camera.

Honestly - can soften the wrinkles in a face without losing focus.

At least that's what cameramen keep on telling passing totty...

3rd Jan 2005, 10:16
One day I've bought a gift to Mrs.GD&L from La Perla, a complete set of bra, panties garter belt and ... stockings (yes, yes, YESSS!!) :)
The night she was dressing it all up I've heard a "Oooops"; It was the most expensive Oops I've ever heard :eek: :bored:
It comes with the territory I guess.

Just to add a little more choice to the already posted one, here's a site worth having look guys.
Agent Provocateur (http://www.agentprovocateur.com/)
She will return the favour I'm sure ;)

Happy 2005


CarltonBrowne the FO
3rd Jan 2005, 12:44
Going back to the original thread about Stockings vs Tights... I can't remember who commented on tights being less use for bank raids- good point, unless you're Tasmanian...

3rd Jan 2005, 15:23
Got a mate to swears tights keep his legs warm under his trousers out on his rounds! :confused:

3rd Jan 2005, 15:33
tights being less use for bank raids-
Unless you wear both legs over your head, one inside the other ... to be sure, to be sure. :hmm:

I know ... coat ... door ... :(

3rd Jan 2005, 16:38

Thanks for a very very good :E :mad: :E site for me to surf for the misses!

Little Eagle
3rd Jan 2005, 18:38
Honestly - can soften the wrinkles in a face without losing focus.

dude what sort of babes do you photograph!

mine uses silk stockings to make screens for silk printing! :p

3rd Jan 2005, 20:55
To return to the young ladies original question.

Holdups get the heart racing!

Stockings next but more to remove with belts etc

Tights went out with the ark didn't they?

3rd Jan 2005, 22:37

What brill sites thanks so much!

Copied and pasted on hubbies fav sites and left big post it on his comp key board for the morning!

Birthday around the corner hope the hint is big enough!


If not may just get something myself and treat him on my birthday instead :ok:

3rd Jan 2005, 23:15
I am a stockings gal - holdups or with suspenders ;)

But I love to wear the little garter at the top of the stockings so when you are in high heels and a skirt with a slit at the front you get a tantalizing glimpse when you walk.

SxJt69 :E

Little Eagle
3rd Jan 2005, 23:31

Bet the dudes love you in the work place babe!

Distracting or what! :E :E

Ever heading East?

4th Jan 2005, 08:22

You are a baaaaaaaaaaaad girl, yes you are ;)

I'll take that as a compliment to men.

As they say, good girls go to heaven, bad girls go anywhere! :E


CarltonBrowne the FO
4th Jan 2005, 09:54
I wonder how many readers of this thread, salivating at the thought of the significant other attired in stockings, have started making purchases?

Try here http://www.stockingshq.com.

4th Jan 2005, 10:07
A gentleman will only provide his lady with the best: La Perla (http://www.laperla.com/)

May I suggest the Classic Collection but beware if you have a heart condition. Girls, underwear and prices are HIGH:eek: :hmm:


4th Jan 2005, 10:30
Sexjet69 YOU are a very very bad girl send me your CV and maybe I can find you a job in the office here! :mad:

TnT a real lady Classic sophistication a rare breed in this day and age
:E :E

4th Jan 2005, 10:32

A little practicality here. La Perla is very very nice lingerie indeed, with prices to match. As with all fine quality delicate clothing, you have to hand wash it. How many women do you know who are keen on constantly hand washing their underwear?

And La Perla bras are absolutely useless if one is seriously curvaceous. The bra can be the most gorgeous thing to look at but if the end result is floppy-floppy - well, best not go there really.

The very best underwear, in terms of fit, fabric, styling and quality, is made to measure by Rigby and Peller, and it's so well made it is machine washable. We are talking a lot of money here but the end result is probably the most perfect underwear that a woman can own.

They make fabulous suspender belts - and for that perfect finishing touch, Links of London do solid silver suspender fittings.

tall and tasty
4th Jan 2005, 10:33

They have blocked the site at work have to wait until this evening to view it :{

panelbeater what a sweetie you are such kind words after you offered sexjet a job! Oh well can't complain

TnT :p

4th Jan 2005, 10:35
Hmm, now there speaks a woman. Shortanddesperate take note.

(Sorry CarletonBrown! Carry on!

4th Jan 2005, 11:20

I agree to some extent with your point of view; La Perla and such delicattessen are not practical for a daily use, and I'm not willing to force a girl handwashing her panties and bras if she can't afford the time to do it. I even think they're not so comfy after a day's work - unless it was previously considered on your flightplan, if you get my drift ;) :E

But any girl should be flattered to receive such a gift, because the man who offered it thought that it will suit perfectly no matter how curvey, chubby or skinny his object of affection is.

*********, what would a woman think if the guy offered her a Sloggi (http://www.espotting.dealtime.co.uk/xKW-sloggi_underwear/NS-1/linkin_id-3025539/GS.html) cotton set? Think about it for a while.;)


tall and tasty
4th Jan 2005, 11:31

But if you are never sure get a gift voucher from said boutique and then go along with the young lady in question and have fun watching her try on the items that you choose together.:E

Or she can do it by herself and then have fun with a mini fashion show in private for yours eyes only ;)


Ps i would be totally flattered if he bought me something from any of those sites but not a sloggi!

4th Jan 2005, 12:10

Yes, it is great fun to help a young lady find THE set that suits the couple's expectations. Its even better to let the young lady choose if she likes to take a walk on the wild side every now and then.;)

But from my personal experience, ladies tend to be more conservative and point to halfway between sexy and comfy, and I like those thingies to give a more spicy look than the one they would go for. :cool:

The next best thing after giving such kind of presents, is THAT look on her face i.e. "OH this is way too kinky for me!" but after they try it on... you'd better brace for impact! :E


4th Jan 2005, 12:22
But from my personal experience, ladies tend to be more conservative and point to halfway between sexy and comfy, and I like those thingies to give a more spicy look than the one they would go for.

Dear dear GearDown&Locked

not all ladies are conservative! :E


4th Jan 2005, 12:46
For a really nice selection, try Bravissimo :D

Can thoroughly recommend them. They have a shop in Ealing, W. London and a website & mail order catalogue.

Very nice range of items, right through to Rigby & Peller


4th Jan 2005, 13:34

Indeed they're not. And thank Gawd for that!!:ok:
Wildcats are one of my favorites.

There are also these ladies who can trick you in thinking they're too shy or unworthy of a playmates aroused attention, but then they even surpass you're best and wildest fantasies when a gentleman starts to peal off their petals.;) :E


4th Jan 2005, 22:08
BFU is available to assist ladies with trying on undies. Always comes prepared with a pair of pre-warmed spoons.....

4th Jan 2005, 22:15
......... but can he play 'em?

5th Jan 2005, 18:05
The next best thing after giving such kind of presents, is THAT look on her face i.e. "OH this is way too kinky for me!" but after they try it on... you'd better brace for impact!

unless you are married to Mrs panelbeater and then

:ouch: :confused: :{

where did I go wrong!

5th Jan 2005, 20:35
panelbeater, who was wearing the lingerie? ok nevermind that.

You could try the "Secret Admirer" approach to your Mrs. ;)


6th Jan 2005, 22:35

Naw not worth it, should have got those kitchen thingies she subtly hinted for but thought it meant she was really after the lingerie :confused:

Don't think I will get it wrong again!


Howard Hughes
6th Jan 2005, 23:03
What more can I say?

Stockings = SEX!!

Tights = THE BIG DETOUR!! (Hand goes up one leg, whoops and down the other)

Cheers, HH.


Tom the Tenor
7th Jan 2005, 10:37
Wolford.com is certainly worth a study too for the hosiery scholars.

Used to sing with a girl whose Dad was a travelling salesman for hosiery. Thought about it for a while too as it has a certain kind of appeal but I guess there are only so many packets of stockings I could get on the back of my motorbike! ;)

Stockings always, of course!

7th Jan 2005, 10:40
definately have to go for stockings!.

But before you think that's just because of the sex appeal, have to say fishnets, with a long skirt!.

simply because you get to see the below the knee bits:p....and leaves the rest to the imagination, or later on!! (here's wishing).

7th Jan 2005, 11:57
I'm very fond of Bravissimo's website and mail order service. Likewise Figleaves. Unfortunately they've been put on the Strictly Prohibited list at work - it seems that our trainees just can't resist applying themselves rather more studiously to piccies of semi-naked ladies than to the finer points of the new Pensions Act.

8th Jan 2005, 07:32
it seems that our trainees just can't resist applying themselves rather more studiously to piccies of semi-naked ladies than to the finer points of the new Pensions Act.
LOL It would depend why they're looking but can you blame them? ;)

Mmm now that one on the third page with the fabulous ...

...... stockings

Other than cross dressing builders and aspiring bank robbers, has anyone got a good word to say for tights??


8th Jan 2005, 13:18
I could ask Mrs.GD&L permission to reproduce not one single word but a lot of them right after making a little hole on them that rapidly turns into a breach from top to bottom, but given the rules here that would become something like a lot of :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I'd better not :}


Little Eagle
8th Jan 2005, 20:06
Other than cross dressing builders and aspiring bank robbers, has anyone got a good word to say for tights??

yeah - trash!

Good word in Alice Coopers vocab!


10th Jan 2005, 21:34
Tights feel revolting and give you thrush.
Stockings make you feel like a slapper and expose your bits to the cold.
Trousers are necessary in this life, I am afraid.

10th Jan 2005, 21:58
why on earth should tights give you thrush?

may be you should try washing, instead of scratching?


jesting, pulling your leg, joke, joke
please have mercy

10th Jan 2005, 22:02
Trousers are necessary in this life, I am afraid
Exactly. If tights or stockings were so wonderful, then men would be wearing them!!



10th Jan 2005, 22:11
They are not wonderful - and think of the image of men in stockings is a rather vile one.....
And I have tried washing, but it seems to exacerbate the problem.....

10th Jan 2005, 22:19
If tights or stockings were so wonderful, then men would be wearing them!!
Who said they aren't? :} :8

tall and tasty
10th Jan 2005, 23:52
Now I have finished rolling around on the floor laughing

Tend to agree with this though sorry any fellows out there

and think of the image of men in stockings is a rather vile one

Unless they are in panto that is - as tis the season :p :D :p