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9th Dec 2004, 20:51
Having been rather less than professionally treated of late by a company which will remain nameless I seek revenge!

A devious plan is afoot, the details of which will be posted once the act has been perpetrated.

One is curious however as to whether any other ppruners have waged their own campaigns against unsavoury people or establishments.

Naturally the funnier the better. :ok:

tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 20:54
You know what they say Mr C, yer can't beat city hall.


tall and tasty
9th Dec 2004, 21:06
Ohh yes they say revenge is sweet. Especially when you are a green eyed (excuse the pun) young dispatcher who had loads of nasty tricks played on her on the flight line.

One in particular was to do with a/c washing and sun cream. Being told the latter was applied to protect the passengers from the effects of the sun at high alt levels! They thought I bought it and told everyone so I played the game for months. Complete dizzy blond!

My revenge was sweet and embarrassed the hell out of the dispatcher and if he reads this will know who he is!

He had a big thing for a Miss X (face for a big cosmetic company)as I presume most men do.

She flew regularly on a flight we handled.

An X was on an expected pax list for the day and he was in.
So I decided payback time was then.

I told him about the immanent person at checkin and he monitored the systems. X checked in and he got really excited asking all his mates and senior managers to come to the flight to see miss x

Well I had the flight and he came rushing over! Asked the question and I contacted the gate. Passenger on board in seat such and such.

He rushed on board followed by all these people to find the said model was not the person but a very startled gent not sure what was going on.

I disappeared to the gate to get paper work and went the long way back to the a/c to close and push.

We then cut a photo of her out of a mag and signed it

"Sorry I missed you catch you next time through "

and left it in his pigeon hole and went on a break

He didn't talk to me for days!


Feeton Terrafirma
9th Dec 2004, 21:23
In this modern age how else would you take revenge on a company but with Nokia Sucks (http://www.nokiasucks.com/)

See, bad news DOES travel.

Vox Populi
10th Dec 2004, 11:03
Post deleted

Mr Chips
10th Dec 2004, 11:37
Following the spirit - so is mine

Vox Populi
10th Dec 2004, 12:12
I thought the link was aposite. SHAC use several methods to disrupt companies: bombard them with emails, phone calls, target their staff, suppliers and customers etc etc.

And they have considerable success...just look at the list of pathetic letters from suppliers to HLS who have caved in to SHAC.

SHAC isn't illegal and neither is PIRA anymore for that matter.

Mr Chips
10th Dec 2004, 12:17
Vox Populi may i take it that you think it is ok to threaten to firebomb the houses of company directors? Houses where their children live? I'm sorry, did I say threaten.. they actually do it.

They threaten suppliers? They target companies with an incredibly thin link.. in one case the company that supplies paper cups to the comapny that supplies drinks machines....

They are terrorists, pure and simple. Please do the decent thing and delete your link

Vox Populi
10th Dec 2004, 12:29
Tis done, but only as the thread was clearly meant in a light hearted sense.

Please don't keep accusing me of supporting the organisation, after I have now made clear twice that I do not.

Oh and by the way, I suspect I have more reason to feel aggrieved about SHAC than you.

10th Dec 2004, 13:10
Did work experience for a short time with a well known company in these there parts once. The guy over me was a boring one interest nerd if you ever met one but quite funny all the same. He was on to a customer on the phone trying to sort out a problem & was jackassing & f-ing & blinding down the phone in a jokey sort of way. I laughed outloud at his antics to which he lay down the phone and said to me

"How dare you laugh when I'm on the phone, please shut up"

within full earshot of the customer on the other end. I apologised meekly but felt furious and totally humilated. He picks up the phone and says to the customer:

"It's only a trainee".

I was furious, felt about two feet tall, how dare he!!! When he cracked jokes from then on I refused to laugh. One time he said "Its a joke" so I went "ha ha ha " real sarcastically. He didn't like the fact that I wasn't a totally nerd too thank God.

Anyway the crux of it is this major company has now gone bust. Doing a search on it I found a forum where they were yapping about boycotting it before it went fully to the wall cause of its treatment of its employees. I posted the story I just reiterated to you on it. Some fella came in and said I never remember a ****** (a psedonym of course) doing work experience in the ***** department, tell me more.

Thing is I think it was him and he used his real name, hard to remember it given it was a few years ago and I was only there for a short time but it rang bells and certainly the person who posted it was in the know about this small department where I worked.

He even told me "With a CV like mine I would get an interview but I wouldn't get a job". I agree I wasn't suited to the work but I even said on the website that guess who worked in a great job now and I hope it took ages for him to get reemployed and get a bit of his own humiliating medicine, he deserved it. :E

Warning though: Careful how much you give away lest it come back to reverberate on you. I chose not to give this geek more info about myself though I doubt he could do any harm to me now.

Who ever said revenge ain't sweet don't believe them. :D :ok:

10th Dec 2004, 16:18
Yep, won a battle against an insurance company.
The details were posted here years ago in ~1999 when the said fight happened.
I crashed my Ducati. I contacted the insurance company to get it repaired. I spoke to a smarmy little bastard who seemed to take great delight in writing off bikes.
The assessor came and agreed with the costs, my licence check had gone through no probs. Another chap said that the repair will be approved.
Within 20 min of that phone call, the smarmy little bastard rang me saying that it was in fact a write off and the bike will be sent to Brisbane to go to auction. He wouldn't entertain me buying the "wreck" (I rode that bike from the crash scene all the way into town!!)
I smelled a rat. My bike is quite rare and I reckon he rang around his mates and he wanted to snaffle the bike.
I immediately cancelled the insurance and got mad. Real mad.
I searched out their website, took note of names and company mission statements. Also, "What_does_this_button_do" answered my call for help. He got hold of his insurance mates in London and gave me some invaluable advice.
Letters sent and hate campaign immediately started.

Note, most people had said to me not to bother fighting the big insurance company.

About 2 weeks later I get a call from an assessor coming up from Brisbane to look at my bike. He tells me that their office had been getting some heat from the London office (underwriters). He told me that he would approve the repair :D and the smarmy bastard who made the stupid decision was fired. Good.

Moral of the story. You can fight them, but don't fight illegally. Just state your case to the highest person you can find. Explain why you're annoyed and not happy and cross reference it with the company's mission statement.

I won. It cost me about 2 hours of netting and a stamp.

10th Dec 2004, 16:29
Revenge is a dish best served cold. When the scrotes have forgotten you a sneaky and yet annonymous stilleto knife in the side can cause a small but painful wound.

My act of revenge caused the early retirement of a CEO and a 10% drop in the company's share price. More I would be uncomfortable revealing...... :E

10th Dec 2004, 16:37
If one feels hard done by a large powerful company but perhaps not for a large sum one can always resort to the small claims court if there's one in your country. Large companies hate the bad publicity and exploit the fact the most customers as was the case in this story wouldn't dream of taking them on and end up doubting their side of the story allowing these companies to keep taking advantage. The costs of bringing them to a court like this are very small with no risk should you lose. I know, I did it and they settled out of court to my dissapointment cause I was gunning to take them on. :}

Now the High Court... Well that's different. :\

I won't be getting on your wrong side, neither today or tomorrow Flypuppy & like you, I NEVER forget. :E :E :E

10th Dec 2004, 17:07
A large "-----'s fav airline" once" despised & rejected" one of their own cheaper tickets and forced purchase of a new and overpriced one way for me My travelling companion was a vendor of same "-----'s fav airline " and added a small 5K premium to the "-----'s fav next bill

11th Dec 2004, 03:52
Redsnail is positively correct. If you want to shake up the tree, go right for the top where it is most limber. Don't bother with the trunk unless you plan to use a chainsaw.