View Full Version : 96% of UK women are liars, how about female PProoners ?

9th Dec 2004, 18:50
The Scotsman (http://news.scotsman.com/uk.cfm?id=1407622004)

surely not
9th Dec 2004, 18:53
Well obviously if they say they don't, they are doing :D

tall and tasty
9th Dec 2004, 18:54

I am not a 6 foot long leggie blond with green eyes, great sense of humor with no personal problems and hate meeting people




9th Dec 2004, 19:14
I AM a 6 foot long leggie blond with grey-green eyes, great sense of humor with no personal problems and hate meeting people


9th Dec 2004, 19:20
The lying is the least of it. I used to know one young lady, a flight attendant in fact when I moved in those circles, who made lying into a way of life. Mind you, she had talent. When parking her car, for example, her vital action on landing was to walk down the street to the first car that had a parking ticket, remove the ticket, and put it below the windshield wiper on her own car. It never failed.

So now work out the effects on the chap whose car was originally ticketed.

I mentioned that to her, but she was unmoved. As she said, it served him right for parking in an illegal spot or over-parking in the first place. He knew perfectly well not to do it. But what about you, then? No, I have a ticket.


She told me her technique with drunk or rowdy passengers. She just went to the captain and got him to jack up the cabin temperature five or ten degrees. Then the offenders fell asleep. I moved on. I knew I was up against a Force of Nature.

More broadly, in my experience NO WOMAN will ever admit that a child is over whatever age it takes to go reduced rate if that child, regardless of its age, looks remotely like qualifying.

9th Dec 2004, 19:31
There is a major difference between men and women when it comes to lying. I've seen women lie to close friends of theirs and then turn around and tell another friend what they did and why they did it. Or a little "white lie" to somebody and then reveal their true thoughts to others.

Men do it cause we're effin' stupid and just trying to get out of trouble.

tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 19:39
Dont think human society could function without our innate ability to lie, I imagine the world would be in a bigger mess than it already is if we told nothing but the unvarnished truth all the time.


9th Dec 2004, 19:47
And sometimes, Dr draper, it is better not merely not to tell the truth, but not to find it out either. For example I know the whole agitprop about who (Frau? Frau's nephew?) was driving my 68 Impala 2-door hardtop when it skidded on that ice, there, and became a write-off. I know that, so it is all peaceful. I also know what the Davaar Tochter (then aged three) confided. But then she is a woman too, younger version at the time, so let's just leave it there. Funny thing is, no one knows I know.

9th Dec 2004, 19:52
Tony, you have a very feminine thought indeed :D
I remarked that those the most inclined to not tell the truth for "diplomatic" reasons are females..... or diplomats.

You may think I am macho.. in fact..yes :D but i have an endless subject for my observations at home :D

Personally I don't know how to lie, and it causes me a lot of trouble, as people prefer to hear what they want than the truth..
Whatever.. people i didn't upset, bashed, spanked, slapped, smashed, trust me coz they know what i think.


tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 19:55
Indeed Mr Davaar,who hasn't been dropped in it at one time or another by this urge on the part of three or four year olds to tell nothing but the unvarnished truth all the time, fortunatly for the human race, this quickly passes once school age is attained, and they quickly begin to learn the survival benifits of bending facts.


Feeton Terrafirma
9th Dec 2004, 20:38
Nearly half said they had faked orgasms

Why? :confused:

55 per cent admitted claiming they were tired, had a headache, or felt ill to "get out of lovemaking"

What? They don't like it or something? :confused:

9th Dec 2004, 21:37
"96% of UK women are liars"

And that's why some men are bitter and twisted when it comes to women.

surely not
9th Dec 2004, 22:17
but if they are such habitual liars........... why should we believe that they have faked orgasms? maybe that's the lie and we're actually better than they tell us!!!!

9th Dec 2004, 22:43
"These shoes were only Ģ10" is apparently the second most popular lie told by women.

I can honestly say I've never told a lie like that. Nobody would believe me for a second. :rolleyes:

CarltonBrowne the FO
10th Dec 2004, 01:05
I used to worry about women faking orgasms. I no longer give it a thought.
Not that I claim to any special abilities. On the contrary ladies, tell me what I am doing wrong and I endeavour to change; tell me what you want and I try to deliver. However, if you don't care enough about your own satisfaction to be truthful, should I?:hmm:

10th Dec 2004, 01:07
Can think of a few lies i ve heard from women... but the only printable one is:

Nah - can't say that without getting barred either!


10th Dec 2004, 01:12
Cmon guys don't get hooked up on the 'faked orgasm' thing. Women do not necessarily climax to orgasm on every occasion, they fake it to make you feel better. If you can't tell the difference between a faked one and a real one (or two) then its your problem not hers, well your lack of technique and experience might make it hers also. By the by, has nothing to do with gasped sounds of appreciation. However, most women do tell porky pies at the drop of a hat and it is a bit sad that they do.

10th Dec 2004, 01:33
And what of the remaining 4%? Are they undergoing some trans-gender mutation or are they simply comatosed? :)

10th Dec 2004, 01:34
So the results of the survey are unlikely to represent the truth then? :rolleyes:

pilotwolf No lie there. It just changes 'don't' to 'didn't'. :E :ok:

Feeton Terrafirma
10th Dec 2004, 02:53
Interesting that very few of the Pproon Ladies are leaping to their own defence, or even passing comment. I suspect that TNT and SG have more balls than most ;)

10th Dec 2004, 03:30
Does this mean that you guys will never again believe us when we tell you you're all wonderful? :E

Actually, there are a few things I take issue with in the linked article, not least of which is this business of making yourself responsible for other peoples' emotions. "You hurt me." "You make me angry." The examples are numerous. Instead of assuming that we have such powers over people, it might be a bit more honest to concede that no matter what the cause, a person's reactions and emotions are all their own and nobody else's.

Lying to people is sometimes a result of that assumption, sometimes it is simply to avoid "getting into trouble" (I am not implying justification here.) and sometimes it is done when the truth is simply not required. If I say, "Good morning, how are you today?" to a colleague, I am not necessarily asking for a complete and accurate report, I am simply "being polite." If the same question is asked of me, I am more likely to respond with, "I'm well, thanks, and you?" rather than take the question literally.

There is no defence, though, when it comes to lying about some of the major issues mentioned in that survey. For the purpose of this post, I am assuming that the relevant questions have been answered honestly and that the figures are accurate ... I find it a disgrace that anyone would lie about such important things as the paternity of a child or the possible transmission of a disease. All I can say is that these are the sort of women who give women a bad name. There is nothing I can offer in their defence.

10th Dec 2004, 07:42
Must have been a slow news day to report something about women lying.

10th Dec 2004, 11:44
it's the lying they drag us into that gets me, ie; what the hell else are we to say when asked Does my ass look big in this, What do you think of the new hairdo, etc, etc, etc.......

10th Dec 2004, 12:03
"Do you mind if my mother visits next week......" :E

10th Dec 2004, 15:05
Mrs Biz never fakes an Orgasm, I know this because she will occasionally bash me around the head when that particular outcome fails to occur (for her), I believe she is of the school of thought that to be honest about things it is therefore - over time - more likely to shame Mr Biz into suitable levels of performance, hence improving the bangs for bucks ratio. :O

On the other hand and in other aspects of life my experience is that when I lie, I have no difficulty in admiting the truth when once the inevitable confrontation occurs and the futility of ones situation hit's home, it's time to fes up, 12.30 at night, 5 hrs after leaving the meeting in town "of course I'm not piĢĢed!!", 7.30 next morning "OK, yes I had a few I'm sorry won't do it again".

However Mrs Biz is completely incapable of confessing to a lie, even when the facts are literaly staring her in the face, very much in the same way that most kids aged 1 to 6 will fib, they are not aware of the fact that others know they are fibbing so stick to their guns whatever the weather...i believe there is even a scientific explanation for this. My wife is very much the same.

10th Dec 2004, 15:11
I know this because she will occasionally bash me around the head when that particular outcome fails to occur

Thanks for sharing that Biz................

surely not
10th Dec 2004, 15:46
which head Biz?? No perhaps it's best if you don't answer that question :D

Solid Rust Twotter
10th Dec 2004, 19:04
Too much information.......:}

11th Dec 2004, 18:01

it's the lying they drag us into that gets me, ie; what the hell else are we to say when asked Does my ass look big in this, What do you think of the new hairdo, etc, etc, etc.......

Don't put all the blame on the women there. Guys do the same. For example, how am I suposed to respond when my man asks, "Was it good for you?" Maybe I tell the truth, but if it's been a rough night out at the bar and we're both feeling a buzz, chances are the performance was a little less than par.

The door opens both ways...;) Personally, I think it's best all around if we stop asking questions we may not want to hear the answer to.:ok:

12th Dec 2004, 02:13
Of course the Chinese way - only ask a question to which you already know the reply - saves one a lot of face.

13th Dec 2004, 03:51
I used to think if you were good decent person you wouldn't lie. As I get older I discover life is not so black and white.

Sometimes in my life I think I have been too honest and hurt some people I didn't mean to.

I am more cautious now as to what I decide to tell people.

And I also think it is crap that women lie more than men.

13th Dec 2004, 11:19
And what of the remaining 4%? Are they undergoing some trans-gender mutation or are they simply comatosed?

I didīnt realise that 4% of women were mute....

(I almost said dumb, but didnīt want to confuse the issue by bringing blondes into the conversation. :\ )

13th Dec 2004, 12:07
I spend most of my life womanizing - being a lone male surrounded by a wife, secretary, four adult daughters, live-in neice (flight attendant in our airline) and a Philippina housemaid makes this obligatory. The subterfuge employed by females in the normal course of their daily lives still astonishes me. Do I mind? Nah! its the mystery that makes women so interesting. They wouldn't be half so much fun if we could understand them. Long may they lie...

13th Dec 2004, 13:57
Was always very impressed with whoever invented the Courtroom oath, where one promises to tell: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth If you were to use any two of those three and omit the third - you could get a way with an awful lot........:E