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9th Dec 2004, 16:13
Those with a liking for things nostalgic might find this (http://www.tv-ark.org.uk/) site of interest.

9th Dec 2004, 17:48
Cheers TC - great site. :ok: And just when I was in danger of doing some work....

The Adventure Game - greatest ever use of corporation cash and a BBC micro. Hard to believe Challenge Anneka was 10 years ago. No mention of Cats Eyes but I'll keep looking.

Nor, fortunately, Auntie's counter-truancy initiatives: Painting With Nancy and Going For Gold. :yuk:

10th Dec 2004, 23:58
Gawd. I naff off for a couple of days admiring the nice red trees in Kyoto - and the catching up is amazing.

Mr Dish - Oh dear. Very sorry. Did that nearly two years ago and - not sure it wasn't a good thing in the end.

Brocky's dugge. Sore.

Flappy-san. Happy, happy.

And Mr/Mrs/Miss Crepello:

The Adventure Game - greatest ever use of corporation cash and a BBC micro.

Oooh! Blush.

But the first series used a Hewlett-Packard thingy.

Happy days.


Lon More
11th Dec 2004, 13:18
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

11th Dec 2004, 14:28
Methinks Olly's a bit cross-threaded.:)

tall and tasty
11th Dec 2004, 14:43
My favourites were

Captain Scarlet

Think that is where I got my love for uniforms not the wooden puppets!



tony draper
11th Dec 2004, 15:00
Hell, I go back further than that, one can remember Torchy the Battery Boy.
Torchy ..torchy the battery boy.... dee dee dummmmm.


11th Dec 2004, 16:08
Mr. D. Don't forget 'Prudence Kitten'...
And of course, we know that 'Muffin the Mule' was NOT a sexual offence against animals.

11th Dec 2004, 16:32

I'm a sucker for these things, but I did a quick set of searches:

"Quick Before They Catch Us" (BBC kids series around 1966)
"Gilbert's Fridge" (mid-80s, with a song all about Hitchin...)
"Robinson Crusoe" - THE b&w kid's series (made in France?) from the mid-60s

...not a sausage. Probably won't be busting their bandwidth again for a while.. :{

tony draper
11th Dec 2004, 16:35
Ah yes ,one remembers the French Robinson Crusoe, it went on for about seventeen thousand episodes I think.

tall and tasty
11th Dec 2004, 16:58
I forgot to check out the Comedy section

Dad's Army
Fawlty Towers
Birds of a Feather

Had me in stitches as a youngster to name a few

Love thy neightbour could not show that today!


11th Dec 2004, 21:33
Robinson Crusoe - yep - that brings back the memories.

This (http://www.televisionheaven.co.uk/crusoe.wav) brings it all back...

(not quite the original version)

11th Dec 2004, 23:40
Surprise but you can now actually buy some of the series of 'Love Thy Neighbour on video.

Yes I was actually surprised in these PC times however it is right, the videos are available at the moment!

No doubt only until the thought Police get wind!

What about 'White Horses' which used to show about 5 pm on weekdays in the early 1970's?

Sailor Vee
12th Dec 2004, 07:47
What was the name of the 'Haulage' soap on BBC that starred Gabrielle Drake (mmmmmmm) ?

12th Dec 2004, 12:08
The Brothers?

as in you 'Brother Trucker'....

13th Dec 2004, 11:49
My own favourite from the Good Old Days was Picture Book. Patricia Driscoll was the presenter, who years later taught English to the girls of St Stephens College, Broadstairs - including two of our daughters.

tony draper may be interested to know that I ran into Torchy the Battery Boy in a Bangkok bar last year. After finishing the series he spent some time hanging around on a bicycle, until he went down the pit as helmet attachment. Then he worked in a pub for some time as an electric swizzle stick until he fell for the demon drink (as many Geordies do). This led to him developing such a very bad case of the shakes that he is now obliged to eke out a bare living as an erotic stimulator. I bought him a couple of U2s to keep him going, but I expect he'll just waste them on stirring a few cocktails. A tragic ending to a promising career...

13th Dec 2004, 12:12
My own favourite from the Good Old Days must be the BBC test card...


One would sneak down to the living room really late, sometimes even just before midnight and put the tele on. Standing at attention for God Save The Queen and then marvelling at the wonders of the test card until... :uhoh:

PS. Lots of interesting stuff here. (http://www.sterlingtimes.co.uk/)

tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 12:16
Ohhh no


That used to have the opposite effect on me! I used to sleep walk and ended up infront of it as a child night after night to awake and see funny black and white boxes! :uhoh:

Makes me shudder thinking about it now! Except I remember a little girl and a puppet on it though :p

Does anyone remember I think it was Puffin stuff with Jack Wilde and the horrible witch and Ken Dodd and the Didy men!

13th Dec 2004, 12:17
Rag Tag and Bobtail..no-one seems to remember that one.
Sooty with Harry Corbett.Had a signed picture of him and Sooty once,would love to know here it got to.
Also an old b & w that my Dad let me watch if he felt like scaring me to death,think it was called the Cliff hanger series.

13th Dec 2004, 12:54
TnT, this one? :)


The 1st video on the list is the one (http://www.sootyandsweeps.com/sootyandsweeps/page.php?page=video) lasernigel wants...?!

13th Dec 2004, 12:56
Rag Tag and Bobtail..no-one seems to remember that one

Remember my sister talking about it, but don't recall it myself. Must have been a late fifties / very early sixties thing.

tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 13:00

Yup that is the one oh the horrible memories


13th Dec 2004, 13:02
I'd better come round and tuck you into bed tonight then...:)

tony draper
13th Dec 2004, 13:15
Worra bout the Wooden Tops? didn't they have the biggest spotty dog in the world.
Telly only had about three hours programming a day when we got our first,a Eko bloody huge cabinet with 12 inch screen, one recals the interludes as well, The Potter ect.
Snot nosed youngsters the lorra ya.
Never believed that "Whats my Line" either, peeps used to come on squiggle their little finger in the air and the panel would figure out from that clue that they were the last captain of the Cutty Sark, bollix! twas fixed.

13th Dec 2004, 13:53
TnT That's not you is it????I mean the one without the make up.:ok:

Yes Rag Tag and Bobtail was late '50's.

13th Dec 2004, 14:25
That lil gal is about to mark an x or o. Imagining it was an...? One's mind is overloading...any professional noughts and crosses experts here who could help out? :(

tall and tasty
13th Dec 2004, 14:43

Thanks for the offer but I am a big girl now and don't need to be tucked in! :p

Think she is about to put a cross then again maybe a nought! How knows :confused:

lasernigel unfortunately she is far fairer that I :O


Windy Militant
13th Dec 2004, 15:28
Anyone remember 'Bleep and Booster' which were a feature on Blue Peter for a while?

And of course Noggin the Nog and Ifor yr Ijan Bach (Ivor the Engine) :D :D

13th Dec 2004, 16:32
No,no, I'll take the money Michael...Yes I really mean that...
Let's see what you would have won...You would have won a deluxe vacuum cleaner and a twin tub washing machine!
Give her a big hand ladies and gentlemen, she leaves with FIFTY POUNDS!!

The Invisible Man
13th Dec 2004, 16:36
Anyone remember the childrens show that had a song that went

Billy Bean built a machine,
To see what it could do,

Can't remember the rest....Late 50's me thinks

tony draper
13th Dec 2004, 16:43
Ah yes one recalls that Mr Invisibule,but in truth one googled the below.

Billy Bean built a machine to see what it could do.
He made it out of sticks and stones, and nuts and bolts and glue.
The motor sang chuggle-a-rang, chuggle-a-ruggle-a-rator,
And all of a sudden a picture appeared on the funny old cartoonerator
Billy Bean built a machine to see what it would do,
It did the funniest things he'd seen,
So he called it his fun machine, machine,
Billy Bean and his fun machine.

Bern Oulli
13th Dec 2004, 16:49
Edited 'cos I got cross-threaded. Duh!

Vlad the Impaler
13th Dec 2004, 19:49
The red hand gang.
enough said

13th Dec 2004, 23:25
And why has nobody mentioned that classic, "Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men"?

The very first one transmitted was a gem: The lads discovered a basket of vegetables. Bill (I think it was he) hit an onion with a stick; it said 'Ping'. He hit a carrot; it said 'Dong'. He hit a spud; it said 'Clang'.

So Ben decided to have a go. He hit an onion. Nowt! He whapped a tomato; silence. "Flobalop", he quoted and cracked a sprout across the noggin. Not a sound. He then went mad, flobalobing and whacking everything in site while Bill observed from the sidelines.

I don't remember how it ended - probably in tears with that smarmy Weed commenting on the price of cheese or something.

"Boing" said Zebedee.

14th Dec 2004, 06:40
How about the Magic Roundabout, Mary, Mungo & Midge, Playaway, Play School and the Banana Splits - all ones I remember.

Anyone remember 'The Genesis Man' - had a special watch that was an invisibility device but he only had 30 seconds of use per espisode otherwise he became visible again.

Windy Militant
14th Dec 2004, 07:37
You mean the Gemini Man starring Ben Murphy of Alias Smith and Jones fame, And it was 15 minutes not 30 seconds. Oh yeah if he didn't reappear after 15 minutes his molecular structure would permanantly break down.

14th Dec 2004, 07:59
Oh dear, am I the only one old enough........

[405line VHF]

"Here comes Muffin,
Muffin the Mule......"

[/405line VHF]

tall and tasty
14th Dec 2004, 08:26
Some of my favourite which are being revamped

Hectors House
Herb Garden
Majic Roundabout (but I never knew Zebidee sprung off at the end as I had to go to bed before it finished)
Andy Pandy
Bill and Ben

Oh such a joy to watch them with my little ones now


14th Dec 2004, 10:38
In its day, Muffin the Mule was one of the best programmes on television. Unfortunately ionagh, Muffin' the Mule was made illegal some years ago, in public at any rate.

Here comes Muffin. Muffin the Mule.
Dear old Muffin, playing the fool.
Here comes Muffin, everybody sing;
Here comes Muffin the Mule!

All my own and some of tony draper's favourites are found here (http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/tv/children/watchwm/watchwm.htm). Andy Pandy was the subject of Parliamentary censure when Lady Docker complained at Prime Minister's question time about the randy young Andy being locked in the cupboard with Looby Loo for a week. Today of course, they would be more concerned about his activities in the basket with Teddy.

Like tony, we also watched them on a 12" Ecko in a huge cabinet. One soon became familiar with twiddling the controls to get a watchable picture. Do you remember the excitment when they erected the re-transmitter at Pontop Pike and the North-East was finally able to receive "The Commercial" tony?

Lon More
14th Dec 2004, 10:48
Airship A question arising from your link some time ago to the British Party

When flown should the broad white diagonal on The Union Flag be next to the mast at the top??

14th Dec 2004, 11:00
I've absolutely no idea, Sir. I put great reliance on the flagmakers putting the eye or toggle at the top and the longer bit of twine at the bottom of their flags...:O

Lon More
14th Dec 2004, 11:08
Airship it was just something half-remembered from many years ago; flown upside down is a sign of distress; now where's my old Vimto Book Of Knowledge? or Possibly Mr. Draper will know

B Fraser
14th Dec 2004, 11:48
Dragging this thread back to TV nostalgia..

My Chipmunk flying buddy had a party in the summer and who showed up but the genius that gave us Camberwick Green, Trumpton and countless other gems, one Mr Brian Cant. He's still going strong !

They don't make them like that any more.

tony draper
14th Dec 2004, 12:02
Indeed one recalls the coming of Tyne Tees Television Channel 8, Two whole channels we had.
Old mate of mine who shall be visiting one tonight helped in the construction of Pontop Pike, many a story he has of the bleakness of the place, he recalls the only way they could approach the transmitter one winter was by walking along the tops of the dry stone walls.

Been inside and part way up Emily Moor, err for those prooners with a dirty turn of mind, Emily Moor is a television transmitter in Yorkshire, and what a transmitter it is, feckin huge it be, not like these puny repeater mast they have now.

14th Dec 2004, 12:55

that's the one - was only young when saw it (my excuse) same nobody actually invented such a gadget ':E'

Blake's 7 anybody??? - poor mans star trek but still worth a watch

Windy Militant
14th Dec 2004, 15:02
paulc Who's to say they haven't. Perhaps PPrunes own TIM could let us have the full 'Griff' as they used to say in Dan Dare.

Any one remember a Saturday Morning show called Zocko or Socko. It had a cartoon Sci Fi inset. Used to be shown on LWT... I think. Only saw it twice or so whilst staying with relo's in the Big Smoke.

Mr D were you there before or after Emley Moors Big Fall (http://tx.mb21.co.uk/emley/index.asp) :ooh: :eek: :ouch:

14th Dec 2004, 15:13
Was it Emily moor that fell down? I cannot remember honestly, I just remember a stick falling down..
Our first tv was the old ViewMaster, kit form constructed on our kitchen table by my old man an myself.
(God I feel old :( )
Then there were the colour test transmissions in the early days of Colour TV. 'The Weald of Kent' with John Betchamin,was one, and a guy rebuilding an old car, but the radiator was whipped away by the dustbin men.
That would not happen now of course, if it's not in a bin or an approved refuse sack.....

Windy Militant
14th Dec 2004, 15:16
TJ Behind you :p check out the link ;)

tony draper
14th Dec 2004, 15:18
Thank you Mr Windy, facinating site,believe me that mast is a beast up close, worked on another to the south east of Emily Moor, forgot its name now, a Telecom repeater tower, nowhere near as tall though, went to the top of that one, some buggah had broke in and stole the CCTV Cameras that keep toot of the ingoing feeds and such lest some luvvie organisation break into transmition and inject their own touchy feely stuff, about loving each other and other such nonesence, one had to clamber about on steel girder work 200 foot up in a gale fitting new cameras at a suitable height to discorage the scallywags,
Most of these places are unmaned now, and interestingly all the CCTV camera outputs from all over the country are fed back to my neck of the woods to a depot on the Team Valley, thats how Drapes used to get lumbered with such tasks.

14th Dec 2004, 15:28
You must type quicker than me... As Tony said, interesting link.

Lon More
14th Dec 2004, 15:54
What was the (Belgian?) kiddies series shown in the UK in the 1960's, theme music presently used on the ING-Bank tv ad.?

14th Dec 2004, 18:56
Used to live near Emley Moor, could see it from the front window, drove past it many times. I remember one year the local paper had a competition and the prize was a trip to the top of the mast where there is a viewing gallery (it takes the lift about 10 minutes apparently). Would have liked to have won that.

One thing I also remember though is they used to close the roads in the area regularly in winter. Ice would fall on the tower and then get blaown off and it was reckoned that a half-hundredweight chunk of ice falling from 1000 feet would have a deleterious effect on a sunroof. :{ The thing was though there were some houses quite close to the mast and I wondered about the possible effect of the ice on them I suppose there wouldn't have been any problem if the attic was just used to store the odd mad relative.

14th Dec 2004, 19:21
Oh good grief. There aren't many of us with memories that long.

Who remembers 'The Newcomers', a BBC soap that ran for a couple of years? Starred Maggie Fitzgibbon, an Orstralian lady who gave me the hots.

In fact I suspect she still might.

tony draper
14th Dec 2004, 19:41
One is developing a case of lust for the red headed mum in the kiddies ITV serious My Parents are Aliens, the prog is desperatly silly, but if one can sit through Lorrains brecky prog for glimpse of her legs one can sit through anything.
Yers, one remembers the Newcomers and the Plane Makers, they made women shaped women in those days.
Anybody remember The Power Game?, Sir Thingies wife was a bit of all right,them posh birds like a bit of rough now and again.

Oh yes, and Callan, one liked Callan, and Man in a Suitcase, hard chaps those two,not wimps like today, shoot yer as soon as look at yer they would.

14th Dec 2004, 21:50
And don't forget the predecessor to Callan and Man in a Suitcase (not to mention The Prisoner).

The immortal Danger Man

(Come to think of it Danger Mouse was bloody good as well).

Dum dee deedum, dee dee dee dee dee dum, dum dee dee dum dee dee dee dee dee dum..........

16th Jul 2005, 15:17
"Here comes Muffin,

I thought that was a sexual offense?