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tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 08:36
Anybody else watch this last night?, Mr Dyson put into words what a lot of us have been thinking for the last twenty years or so, I think he was clutching at straws re his solutions though, to much inertia in this land now.

WE Branch Fanatic
9th Dec 2004, 09:09
No, what did he say?

tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 09:42
More or less that Science and Engineering are real life, the Arts are just show biz, the arts have held sway in this sad land for the last fifty years, ergo we are headed for the shite bucket, unless we change,which we wont alas.
Drapes solution would be a bit more drastic than Dysons,one would have everybody involved with the arts taken outside, made to dig a hole and summarily executed.



gas path
9th Dec 2004, 10:54
I'm with you drapes on that one. Hey, come to think of it, if you did that you could offer it up as ...................................ART :E :E :}
Turner prize take yer fancy?:p

tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 11:06
Hmmm ,indeed one has in mind a installation called "Pyramid", twill be a twenty foot high Pyramid constructed of freshly harvested luvvie skulls, the title seems a bit obvious and would not please the Turner panel, so possble one may change the title to Elephant or summat like that, as it is essencial to have a title that has nothing whatsoever to do with the said installation, for the Turner.

9th Dec 2004, 11:55
Master Drapes
one would have everybody involved with the arts taken outside, made to dig a hole and summarily executed Pray tell, what your intentions would be regarding scientists or engineers who indulge in art as a hobby ?

No-one in mind at all, just asking, sure :E

How about music performers, especially ?
Mebbe we could hang them with their own guitar strings ? :}

[editted for speling]

9th Dec 2004, 11:57
I found Dyson’s lecture stirring. Maybe has was “clutching at straws” in some instances, but as he inferred, critics of his viewpoint have yet to offer a more viable theses.

Not sure Dyson was attacking “the arts” per se - it seemed more a case of criticising the paper-thin infrastructure surrounding the industrial climate within the UK, where investment in design and manufacturing has been replaced with the proliferation of a shallow service industry - an industry which Dyson believes is suited by definition to other nations with lower living costs, and one that will leave the UK in deep trouble when companies move what remains of such resources to India etc as they most certainly will do in the coming months.

Whilst watching Newsnight a few weeks back, Paxman mentioned the staggering statistic that 800,000 jobs have been lost within British manufacturing since 1997. For a country with 60million inhabitants, 800K is rather a large proportion of the workforce don’t you think?

9th Dec 2004, 12:36
Watched it, liked it, agreed with about 99% of it. Service and liesure industies just a bubble waiting to burst.

On a recent visit around engineering departments in London Universities didn't see any home grown students. We are educating to extremely high standards our competitors workforce.

I could go on, but then it becomes a rant, which I here at all the engineering institution get togethers...when are we actually going to change things???????????:{

9th Dec 2004, 12:53
move what remains of such resources to India etc

Erm... didn't Dyson move his vacuum cleaner factory to Malaysia or somewhere just last year?

tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 13:08
As he explained, he had to, all his suppliers are out east, the small engineering companies that could supply his bits and peices, nuts bolts plastic parts machined parts simply do not exist in the UK now.
Go to a DIY shop and try and find something like nuts and bolts made in the UK.
I remember in the seventies watching a documentry about English Electric washing machines I think it was, their factroy was located on what would have been called a trading est then, surrounded by other factories, the documentry team went around these other plants and found that they could have supplied all the parts English Electric for their machines, yet they were importing things like brass hinges, copper coils,plastic mouldings, from Europe,so the craziness is not new.

9th Dec 2004, 13:08
Indeed he did Gainsey, which is why I took everything he said with a pinch of salt. He believes that Britain can maintain her export levels by investing heavily in R&D whilst overlooking the small fact that our industrial history is littered with cases of inventors coming up with a great product and then getting shafted. See Miles M52 / gas turbine / TSR2. All given away free or killed off for political ends.
The only turnaround for muanufacturing will come if the pound plummets to a very low value and then we will have other problems to worry about. :\
Dyson believes that we can stay ahead by innovating and producing products which are better than the opposition. For a man who is involved in international business he is incredibly naive. We can't all work designing formula one cars.

And Jonathan Dimbleby referred to him as a 'latter day Brunel' :yuk:

Export or die!


Edit: ....and another thing! he seemed to imply that the Chinese are in some way inferior idiots who couldn't design a hinge without western help. I'm afraid that China and other countries have very competent engineers. We are in Big trouble.

storl tern
9th Dec 2004, 13:41
Why manufacture when the UK has no raw materials worth speaking of. Export people to Australia and South Africa, which are basically the world's quarries, and they can profit from refining the rocks and making things which they signally fail to do so at the moment.

Meanwhile, the UK can continue to promote the luvvies until there's no more money left and then the REAL artists can once again flourish (They do it because they have talent and are driven to it - and with no Arts Council grants and stupid prizes for crap only the true talent will survive)

9th Dec 2004, 15:03
If he doesn't trust the Chinese then I hope he hasn't got an IBM computer. :p


9th Dec 2004, 21:06
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tony draper
9th Dec 2004, 21:35
One is a lapsed Cathode grandpa,one no longer believes in the anode-ine of religion.

10th Dec 2004, 07:23
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