View Full Version : Does this seem like an appropriate punishment for a 13 year old?

8th Dec 2004, 15:17
Well Mr & Mrs 4f and young 4f attended parent's evening last night.

Ms P was last on the list and young 4f chose to stay out of the room. Very chatty, pleasant and pleased with young 4f's progress. I then raised the subject of sexism and gave the one side of the story I had been given. Ms P confirmed that what had been said had indeed occurred. I suggested to her that perhaps her reaction was disproportionate and maybe she might have taken the time to explain to y4f that in certain circumstances his comments might cause offence but that she appreciated he was not being malicious etc etc.

She agreed but countered that she didn't have enough time and the first thing that came to her mind was a punishment essay. It was either that or a detention.

I smiled, Mrs 4f grimaced but then she was under strict instructions to let me do the talking. Ms P was advised that as a one off she might like to chill out. Moreover, I told her that whilst I appreciated she might have strong views with regard to sexism, the fitter household is not a breeding ground for chauvinism or bad manners and I would be grateful if she concentrated on educating whilst leaving me and Mrs 4f to do the indoctrinating.

The meeting was conducted in a polite and reasoned atmosphere and I believe Ms P understood where we were coming from.

Oh, did I forget to mention, I told her that I am the head of a large educational establishment.

8th Dec 2004, 15:25
Then did you join young 4f outside and let Mrs 4f smack the crap out of Ms P?:E


8th Dec 2004, 17:12
Has anyone considered masturbation? I remember when I was 13. It seemed to help. Then as it does now. Having to masturbate in one's later years must be some form of punishment, surely? :O :uhoh: :{

8th Dec 2004, 17:30
airship have you ever considered that sometimes is wiser to keep your trap shut and leave everybody in doubt about your intelligence rather than opening it and removing all doubt?

4f, good to read the last installment of this small saga. So often we hear the start of the drama but never the outcome.
How about posting 4f jr's essay as well?

8th Dec 2004, 18:35
Combining prescription + prostate could lead one to prostration! Which would leave the door open to anyone feeling a draft under their skirts to believe they were a Marilyn Monroe...;)

Jetlegs, we're not all pilots on duty here. Have you ever tried saying stuff like that to anyone who'd passed their 11 plus face to face...without coming away with a flat nose?! :rolleyes:

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 18:44
In the whole scheme of things although the punishment seemed a little harsh and the stressed out Mizz P undoubtedly needs some care and attention, there are worse punishments in the world. There was a particularly evil teacher at my primary school. He had one of those "whistle and it beeps" keyrings. Talk about a red rag to a bull.....the risk involved in this game was if you got caught, and he was a sharp one, after school detention was as follows. Small defenseless child stands on the far side of the playing field. Menacing teacher stands on the other holding said keyring. Small defenseless child is allowed to go home when he has whistled loud enough to make the keyring beep, or if it got dark !!!!!!!!!!
Think he needed a good porking too !!!!!!!!!!!
Luvvies eh ?

8th Dec 2004, 18:51
Disregarding the rights and wrongs here....

Does anyone else think that when an adult takes issue with another adult over the punishment metered out to their child this does not do the child any favours at all? What messages does this send out to the kid? Not saying 4Fitter has been wrong to question this incident, on the contrary, I'm just reminded of the women who lives over the road from me.....

Her son was throwing stones at the street light the other week so a neighbour told him to stop it and "bugger off"! Perhaps telling the kid to "bugger off" was wrong but the following events shocked me! The kid went home, told mummy and mummy went running straight round to the neighbour's house to tell him that he has no right whatsoever to tell her son to "bugger off" regardless of her sons actions! Whether the son got a ticking off is open to conjecture.

Now this, IMHO, is where it's all going wrong! If an adult disciplines a child then so be it. It is rather telling when a child tells mummy and daddy that they've been told off (note: not that they've been naughty) and this says lots for that childs respect for their elders. When I was a kid I'd never have told my parents that I'd been told off even if I thought I was in the right, such was my respect (fear?) of adults.

Seems times have changed and kids now know the adult's limitations. I suppose someone will say that this is a good thing as it prevents child abuse or something but the bigger picture would suggest that it's not teaching children much about respect.


8th Dec 2004, 18:56
You make a good point VFE. It might be best to keep the sprog in the dark about any adult-to-teacher/adult-to-adult protestation of the sprog's report. The sprog need not know the outcome of these conversations or even if they took place.


PS I still would have liked to see Mrs 4f having a go at Ms P:E