View Full Version : GF Jet forced to land by glitch

10th Aug 2001, 10:10
So reads the article heading in todays Gulf Daily News.

The gist of the report is that a 340 from MNL to DOH lost an engine at 10,000ft and returned to MNL.

The cracker is that the Airport duty manager told the press that they dumped 70,000 liters of fuel and that this is a normal procedure to reduce the risk of FIRE!

Where do they find the staff?

Drop and Stop
10th Aug 2001, 11:47
Fantacy Island perhaps.... :D
Here is the article (http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/Articles.asp?Article=3368&Sn=BNEW)

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10th Aug 2001, 20:19
...an hour into the flight....had reached 10 000 feet.... Man, I know the 340 is not the greatest performer (but a thing of great beauty and not a hunk of metal) but these boys must have been really heavy.....

13th Aug 2001, 20:34
"Conked out"?!?!?.....how technically minded our friends with the media..