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8th Dec 2004, 04:43

1. What type you have?
2. Why?
3. Pluses?
4. Against?

Reason ......

I want to replace my 15yr old gas kettle type barbie with a new model of same type.
It has served me well (cheap) but went through a few burners (pressed sheet metal type) at about $70.00 each time. The rock and cooking grills rusted away and needed regular replacement.

The kettle type suits me because I can roast/smoke/or grill with it as required. It works fine for family sized eating and during the cyclone season (now) it stores away easily because of its size (same as the kettle type Webbers).
When people come over I use a permanent brick/wood fire BBQ to handle the larger quantity of food.

Anyone with good ideas comments and suggestions for the ideal gas type BBQ, dont hold back, let me have it. :uhoh:

I have heard of barbies being made using the discs off farming ploughs, perhaps I could modify the shell of my existing BBQ to house the disc with a heavy duty circular burner. Anyone tried this method?

PS. If you wish, dont hesitate to throw in the odd recipe or two (particularly the Christmas lunch type). :ok:

Feeton Terrafirma
8th Dec 2004, 11:44
G'day Sprocket,

I have a conventional 4 burner, volcanic rock type with cast grill over 2/3's and a solid plate over the other 1/3. It's worked pretty well for about 10 years now with the only maintenance being one replacement of the rocks because they slowly collect the dripping fat and then tend to catch fire. Looks very spectacular but doesn't help with the cooking process.

I would at time prefer something with a lid and will certainly investigate the same style but with the lid option. I don't have the same issue with cyclones but it has wheels at one end of the Jarra frame for portability. I must say that size is important. For some reason whenever I fire the barbie up there is a multitude to feed and I often find it full.

As to recipies the little woman makes shazlicks marinated in a thick orange / brown stuff which after BBQing are devine. Sorry I don't know what the stuff is but I'll try to find out.

8th Dec 2004, 15:14
BBQ's contribute to world hunger. Which is why I don't have one. I don't want to make my neighbours feel hungry. :O

9th Dec 2004, 10:18
Feeton: The kettle type comfortably tends to the meat side of a meal for 5 - 7 people. Its fine for family meals but when the guests turn up the 4 - 6 burner would be the way to go.
The new barbies are coming out with 'flame tamers' instead of using lava rock and appear to be more efficient and easier to clean. The tamers are just a cast iron plate with lotsa holes in it and spreads the heat more evenly.

This time of the year its a good way to keep the heat out of the kitchen at dinner and an even better excuse for moi to consume some liquid coolant.

airship: You should see the hungry neighbours turn up around here when I start baking the duck, chicken and pork with a little bit of local hardwood on the plate to add that mouthwatering slightly smoked flavour.