View Full Version : Work Speeches - HELP!

8th Dec 2004, 01:36
Alas it is that time of the year again. Christmas and SB has to talk to all the staff at our compnay Christmas dinner.

I am in the habit of taking the proverbial "pith" out of staff, from the CEO to the plebs (I am somewhere in the middle). For example I have a prize for our accountant, it is a pair of shorts with pockets that are the length of ones leg. This shows how tight he has been for the year.

While I am well prepared in the department of "pith" taking, I have no decent jokes that I can use to lighten things up.

Anyone got any suggestions that would fit into a computer industry type company with a diverse range of ethnicities of staff.

If anyone needs any ideas on "pith" taking I am willing to help there!!! :)

8th Dec 2004, 02:38
I hear that guy from "The Office" has some good ones.