View Full Version : Intellectual Property rights - Beware

7th Dec 2004, 15:02
Here's a warning for y'all.

I'm a regular visitor and poster on a Rugby Website chat forum. (Being the Rugby fanatic that I now am).

It's a British based forum and it's members are from the four corners of the world, a lot like PPRuNe. Like PPRuNe its brought so many people together and has forged great friendships. Many of us now meet up at the great rugby occassions and many of us are planning trips to New Zealand for the Lions Tour.

One of the blokes who posts there, an Englishman and one of the nicest chaps you could meet, regulary posts clips of rugby games for people who don't get SKY or live abroad. He did it somehow by copying them to his computer then posting them on the forum in WMV format or whatever. It was a great service for Rugby fans who live in the US or Brazil and the like.

This guy I found out has been done by SKY, they went directly to this Rugby website and they banned this poster and now I believe they're going to go further and try and nail this guy for infringing their copyrights.

It's a sad situation but let it be a warning, the media companies are becommiong more agressive in pursuing pirates. No matter how innocent you think it may be.