View Full Version : can everyone vote for macey please!

7th Dec 2004, 14:51
the poll on the right hand side, cheers


7th Dec 2004, 15:08
its only a small sunday league team so we are not very well known at all! well we were all at the pub on Tuesday and one of the lads birds who picture was in his passport, now shes a looker but when he got home apparently somebody has scrawled all over it with beards and the rest, we dont know who it was but as 'Macey' is fuming that everyone is voting for him thought it would be nice if everybody could vote for him...

7th Dec 2004, 17:00
I got it to change an entire point!

The power, the power,buuuhahahahaabuuhahaha:}

I gotta get a life.....

7th Dec 2004, 18:11
Did someone called Johnston think up the team's motto?

7th Dec 2004, 18:24
Still worth voting in it though :E

7th Dec 2004, 18:43
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Adam Strange 07 December 2004 19:12 GMT

I dont care who done it but whoever it was was out of order for a) going in Jamies wallet. b) Defacing the picture of his girlfriend. Whoever it was have the guts to own up and face him about it rather than people getting accused wrongly. I dont want anymore threats or accusations on the website.

The matter should now be dealt with by Jamie and whoever is responsible.



7th Dec 2004, 18:53
Now the motto is bugging me. What does it say? "Never not skilled?" My latin is rusty.

The old nuns would be livid to see me now.

Windy Militant
7th Dec 2004, 19:18
Going where obviously no one else will tread I'd Say that would Bibby the Michelin Man!

7th Dec 2004, 21:53
can knowbody have a laugh in that team, it seems Macey got all riled by being labelled the villain of the peace, but yes squabbling between players is a good idea I think...

eastern wiseguy
7th Dec 2004, 22:08
squabbling between players is a good idea I think...

used to work wonders for Blackburn:E

7th Dec 2004, 22:10
i think everyone shd just vote yes, the manager is obviously pissed as he booted me off the website, i cant see what I did really was only a question!

8th Dec 2004, 00:18
Classic!:ok: :E