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Devlin Carnet
7th Dec 2004, 11:52
Can somebody please explain this to me,
If you want your name/initials on the outside of your vehicle, then why not just write it properly in marker pen.
And some of them are totally meaningless anyway.

IMHO if you have one of these, you have too much cash.

Dons armour and awaits incoming...

7th Dec 2004, 11:59

..nope, don't work. :(

tall and tasty
7th Dec 2004, 12:03
Devlin Carnet

Did see one that was

B 757 LGW :p

that made me chuckle as I was expecting to see a young Captain sitting at the wheel but no! Bet if that came up it would be swooped by those who fly.

Have a friend with a Mercedes and that seems to be almost standard to have them personalised.

Not sure if I would want one though just a personal thing. I am not that pretencious but I guess people go for them for different reasons


7th Dec 2004, 12:05
N1 GEL Works but went for 30,000 two years ago.

a)Couldn't afford it
b)Think car might be a target for vandals
c)Would be better money spent paying off a bit of my mortgage.

7th Dec 2004, 12:10


etc etc.......

7th Dec 2004, 12:17
As I understand it, personalised plates are ones for which you choose your own combination of letters and numbers. The ones you are describing appear to be standard plates issued by the local authority and would need (in some cases) quite a stretch of the imagination to make anything remotely "personal" from them.

Some of the ones seen around here have been quite clever ... O2BATC (Oh, to be at sea), IAMAQT (I am a cutie), BAA BAA, seen on the back of a black Jeep (Baa Baa Black Jeep, geddit?), GR8 M8TS (great mates). And of course the more unimaginative ones with simply a name on them although BIG AL would probably give some pause for thought. The RSPCA here has PAWS 1, PAWS 2 etc. and many companies use them as an effective means of advertising.

Devlin Carnet
7th Dec 2004, 13:37
OK, Binos
But they were 2 years ago and we have others on here since that may have an opinion. :ok:

7th Dec 2004, 13:49

Number Plate Auctions (http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/_auction/default.htm)

Vankem Spankfaart
7th Dec 2004, 13:51
Seen earlier this year - THE 805S on a crappy old Toyota

Must be worth a bob or two

PS if anyone has T3SSA available, drop me a PM

Flip Flop Flyer
7th Dec 2004, 14:09
Why don't you lot have proper personalized plates instead of that text messaging crap language? M8S instead of Mates is just plain and simply sucks and I wouldn't throw as much as a single cent at such clap trap.

Seen personalized plates reading 'Sexy', 'Porsche', 'Laudrup', 'Momma' and so on. For us non-text message abled people it makes life a lot easier. Fiddling around with numbers trying to make them look like letter is daft and asking somebody to pay good money for it is robbery.

7th Dec 2004, 14:17
How many cars at last weekend's Gatbash were bearing personal/cherished plates I wonder? There's several I know of begin with P1. And I seem to recall 4ERO somewhere along the line.

7th Dec 2004, 14:21
Mrs K's car was at the Bash with her own plate. The number is nothing to do with flying though.

7th Dec 2004, 14:38
It astounds me that some of these supposed "cherished plates" can be sold for 100,000 pounds plus. That is just feckin' stupid (although, not as stupid as the person who would pay 100k for a number plate that says 1 DOC). :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Boss Raptor
7th Dec 2004, 14:44
My mother who was a senior tax inspector in 'Special Compliance' had a zealous colleague who used to record any personalised number plate he saw and then trace the owner and investigate them further as he believed anyone with one was likely to be hiding a lot more...9/10 he was right...this was in the 70's when they werent quite as widespread as they are now

7th Dec 2004, 15:03
Knew a girl who had breast implants and the Doc's car reg was

B808 JOB Nearly good!! also used to see a Lancer Evo 6 up in coventry with W8OOSHH again nearly good??!!!:rolleyes:

7th Dec 2004, 15:50
I'm with Blue Diamond. Much more laid back here. Personalised plates with any letter/number combination you want (up to 8 items) can be had for $350 (divide by 2.4 for pounds). Takes away a lucrative trade for the spivs!

Me, I opted for a particular plate but not so ostentatious as a name - 001 T on one car and 0001 T on the Landrover!

BD - give me a toot if you see me!

7th Dec 2004, 16:17
Personally, I think that anyone who spends 10,000 pounds on a number plate is either a right T05 5ER or they must really have a small P3 N1S they want to make up for.

simon brown
7th Dec 2004, 16:23
Always amuses me drivers of vehicles that havent been produced for 10 years having non dating N Irish plates to conceal the age of their 1989 5 series.

according to my mate KE51 UNV, its cheaper to change your name by deed poll :ok:

Bern Oulli
7th Dec 2004, 16:32
Amongst my other interests is amateur radio. Some time ago the DVLA in its wisdom/greed offered for sale the hitherto unreleased registrations beginning G4 (single number) followed by three letters. I believe the G3 series was released at the same time. My call-sign being G4*** I looked to see how much I was to be ripped off if I went for it. Five Hundred Squid!! When only I could possibly be interested in it. Guess who has NOT got his call-sign on his car.

tall and tasty
7th Dec 2004, 19:57
This has reminded me of my brother in America had personal plates for his two cars


and I thought they actually looked good even though over there they are quite the norm


7th Dec 2004, 21:42
I'm betting your brother didn't pay the equivalent of a deposit for a house on them.

(Here in Manitobwahaha "personalised" plates cost $150.)

tony draper
7th Dec 2004, 22:30
I think the Swiss have a right idea, you are issued with a personel reg number when you pass your test, and it stays with you for life and is transfered to any new vehicle you get, they also publish a book every year with names and addreses associated with each reg number, makes peeps think twice about cutting other motorists up, if you do there might be a very large angry chap parked beside your front door waiting for your return.

Feeton Terrafirma
7th Dec 2004, 22:34
I drive a HSV


When will Pomolgonians get proper personalised plates?

surely not
7th Dec 2004, 22:43
that looks quite a nice High Sided Vehicle you have there Vic :D

Windy Militant
7th Dec 2004, 22:49
Bah you're rank amatures! When I was an apprentice one of the guys I worked with got me to make up some kingpins for his Morris 8 registration number EJ I the number was originally on a road roller owned by Cardiganshire council highways department. This blokes dad bought the steam roller and transfered the number onto the Morris in the 1950's.
Apparently he's been offered some serious money for it by a folicly challenged pop star but last I'd heard he was still holding out. :ok:

7th Dec 2004, 23:04
Oh Feets....................I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!

(Don't suppose you could ship one of them over here for us?)

8th Dec 2004, 00:08
Once saw asian man in Nottingham with reg:

Made me smile.

Standard Noise
8th Dec 2004, 00:37
What's wrong with having a N Irish plate on the car then?
I had one on my 7 yo Beemer until I sold it a few months back. Mind you I bought the car in Belfast and brought it with me when I moved, the plate now adorns my Discovery.

8th Dec 2004, 00:53
SN - Did you have any problems insuring the car as it was a NI car?? I know I did. The DVLA tried to tell me I also had to re-register the car to get an "English plate" (their words, not mine). :rolleyes:

Standard Noise
8th Dec 2004, 01:13
For some unknown, god forsaken reason, bringing a car from NI to the mainland counts as an import:confused: according to DVLA Swansea. Still, they are Welsh, the poor dears.

Jerricho - I had absolutely no problems getting insurance for my or Mrs Noise's cars. In fact our insurers gave us both refunds on the current years premiums for taking the cars out of nasty Belfast and bringing them to this car loving utopia.
As for getting an English plate, yes, I believe you do have to register it here to get an English plate, but I laughed at the girl in the Bristol local office when she offered me a new English reg no, and we both kept our NI plates (well, it saved us 50 that we would have had to pay out to get new plates made). Having the NI reg hasn't caused me any problems at all.

8th Dec 2004, 01:56
Around here it seems half the cars have vanity plates. Even mine. A normal plate goes for around $40 a year, and a personalized plate adds another $30 or so. What is really upsetting however is that once the plate is manufactured, each new year you simply add a postage stamp sized sticker to the lower corner of your plate showing that years fees have been paid. You still have to pay the additional fee each year for the personalized plate, even though the added sticker is exactly the same as any other. Yet more revenue for the state for doing nothing...

The cutest one I've seen recently was "YESIML8" (Yes, I'm Late). An aquaintance who is a huge Eric Clapton fan has "EC IS GOD" -- though he had to go to the state capitol and explain why he wanted that plate before a commission. My plate is simply "Audiomn."


8th Dec 2004, 08:09
I saw a very small white car today (no idea of make) and it had the following number plate;


Thought that was cute.

Personally I would never bother.

As long as the car goes...........

Feeton Terrafirma
8th Dec 2004, 09:58
Mr Jerricho, Sorry I can't help you with a REAL HSV (http://www.hsv.com.au), but you can get the next best thing. A good old Aussie built Monaro with the same donk as the current HSV. Just rock on down to your local Pontiac (http://www.pontiac.com/gto/index.jsp?brand=home&pagename=home) dealer. The Pomlogonians should not feel to left out either as they will shortly be able to buy the new model, rather than the old model (http://vauxhall.co.uk/showroom/search/brand.jhtml?brand=Monaro&vehicleType=Car)

8th Dec 2004, 18:57
Sorry Feets, it's got to be a real one.

My old man had a 5th Anniversary Edition Club Sport (VP). Sweet car........especilly when the Brock shop had a little play with it :E

8th Dec 2004, 20:41
Saw 'NOWIFE' on a 911 in Sydney :ok:

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 20:54
Many years ago in sunniest Worthing by the sea, whilst walking home from school I saw a Porsche 911 with the plate TOO 510W
no illegal spacing or bending numbers required.

West Coast
8th Dec 2004, 20:58
I saw the best license plate bracket ever a few days ago.

Top: If your gonna ride my ass..

Bottom: at least pull my hair.

I can only hope the car belonged to some young blond haired (female) vixen.

9th Dec 2004, 10:06

Nuff said :D !

Biggles Flies Undone
9th Dec 2004, 10:17
TT5 he probably let it go deliberately - it's only the entry-level model :p

9th Dec 2004, 11:09
Didn't Danny get "done" once by underemployed coppers for "wrongly spaced number plate"??

9th Dec 2004, 18:11
Gotta say, I can't see what all the fuss is about - if somebody wants to blow their hard-earned on a personal plate, what's the problem?

Notables I've seen: V12 in the UK, must be top of the tote. IYM RICH in Southern California. Nearby, a coupe with "Daddy's Little Angel" on the license plate surround. :yuk:

Jerricho: When I transferred a car from NI to UK, the only issue was insurance computers which used the reg no. to determine age, and then to validate make & model. Could normally be sorted with a little explanation. Did have to re-register with the DVLA but they allow you to keep the same plate. Which suited me, as the car looked a lot younger than its age. (Would that I was the same...)

Oh, Standard Noise: That transfer shouldn't involve the DVLA - you'd go straight to the licensing authority of France, Belgium, or wherever on 'the mainland' you were moving... := ;)

9th Dec 2004, 18:16
Crepello, unfortunately, I did fall into a little problem. When I purchased my car in NI (I was living in Harrow at the time), I rang around a few insurance companies to get quotes for insurance (and a cover note). I was told by 3 different insurance companies they would not insure the car simply because it was a NI car. And obtaining a cover note for the trip back from Belfast was a pain in the bum as well.:rolleyes: (and I had my Australian drivers licence at the time as well..........that was just the icing on the cake ;) )

Standard Noise
9th Dec 2004, 18:30
Crepello - "the mainland" is a NI phrase meaning Engerland. We use it cos we're not attached to it. Unfortunatly we seem to have a huge boil on our bum which prevents us from being part of "the mainland", it's more commonly known as the Republic of Gerry Adams.:}

Dick Hertz
13th Dec 2004, 23:23
Feets and Jerricho...

Them's damn expensive Taxi's you be wantin'/drivin...

I was told that HSV stood for "Healthy Sales Venture"

Go get some horsepower...



22nd Dec 2004, 16:42
Can offer for sale on retention V13LVO which is advertised on the net in excess of 1500 - will accept 650 from ppruners?

Own a couple of others as well, can be quite profitable if you pick numbers carefully from the DVLA website, put them on retention so transfer is quick and free and then target marketing!

22nd Dec 2004, 16:58
I wonder who has P1 LOT??

With the new number plate system coming in a few years ago, I did wonder if YE52 ABJ would be driven around by a pensioner! :E

Vlad the Impaler
23rd Dec 2004, 14:57
Saw this in chelmsford last night. Sadly the lady was not around so I cannot verify the claim !!http://uploads.savefile.com/redir/62473.jpg

23rd Dec 2004, 17:31
Ah the Swiss, to quote JC, "even if Steve McQueen had made it to Switzerland on that bike he would have been fined or put in jail." Switzerland is like the dark ages when it comes to motoring..but Mr Drape has an excellent point!

You can get FA02 SHA and X800 NAS ... good for those ex SHA era types.

Nah you ONLY buy a Boxster if you cannot afford a 911 it is that simple...(or you are a woman).

8th Jan 2005, 22:02
A well known soft core porn star who's first name was Fiona and surname was an area of SW London had PEN 1 S a few years ago (when I said had, I don't mean in the biblical sense)

17th Jan 2005, 23:30
Always wanted C01 TUS aparently it got missed out in the DVLA clean up of naughty ones.:E

Loose rivets
18th Jan 2005, 06:48
F1 seen leaving my little Essex town. Man with straight grey hair riding in the back. The thing was, that the car was a Ford saloon of no particular worth.

young stud in same town... LIX ME yellow Lotus

Englishman in LA had Bollox on his RR for some time. Apparently then not a word too well known there.

Quite a bit mentioned in regs about having the plate-maker's name or the dealership clearly visible on the boarder.

Here, tax is paid if you import a car from another state, and new plates required.

18th Jan 2005, 14:16
Why stop at personalised number plates when you could become a complete chav by sticking on some fake spoilers, HUGE exhaust pipe, ultra-violet "undercar" lighting and a Kev'n'Shazzer sun visor?

Come on folks, there ain't nothing more nouveau-riche than a personalised number plate.:yuk:

18th Jan 2005, 14:20
The Garbos (Garbage Collectors) in Adelaide when I was there around 1990 had vanity number plates on their trucks...
Garb01, Garb02, etc.