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7th Dec 2004, 11:41
Mrs UFO and I have booked a caribbean cruise for January to get a bit of winter sun. The boat stops at Cozumel and Costa Maya (Mexico), Grand Cayman, Jamaica, San Juan, St Thomas and St Lucia.

Neither of us have been nearer to the Caribbean than Key West or a refuelling stop in Jamaica so we have no detailed knowledge of the area. We only get one day in each destination. The cruise company have a selection of excursions available at each stop, but obviously these are their own choices and we may miss something if we stick to their options. So the question is - many of you must have been to a lot of these places - is there some "mustn't be missed" attraction at any of them. (Preferably, of course, to do with matters aeronautical.)

Thanks in advance

7th Dec 2004, 11:51
Cozumel - go diving/snorkelling off the Palancar reef. Plenty of places in Town offering boat trips to the reef. Or have a half day's deep sea fishing - not too rough, not far off the coast and reasonably priced. Town centre has hundreds of tourist tat and diamond shops - you will get hassled by shop assistants who stand outside the shop doors trying to get you inside. Take a taxi to the beaches on the southwest corner of the island - nice and sandy - most of the others are rocky. Not much in the way of sightseeing other than this - Cozumel is primarily a place for lazy days on the beach and lots of water based activities. Enjoy.

Oh yes - cheap beer, too!

7th Dec 2004, 12:58
Go snorkeling with the stingrays at Sting Ray City when in Grand Cayman. You take a boat from the north of the island (transport from the passenger teminal is usually included in the $25 to $30 CI fee) out to the sandbar where the stingrays are. You get to hold them and if you are lucky you'll also see two moray eels and a nurse shark that hangs out there. Enjoy.


PS just remember that the effects of Hurricane Ivan on GCM are still being felt so things will not be up to full tourism season standard on the island.

7th Dec 2004, 13:08
I do not know the Caribbean all that well, so I cannot suggest which attractions fall into the class:
"mustn't be missed"

One that, on the other hand, absolutely must be missed is Kingston, Jamaica.

7th Dec 2004, 16:59
Used to work on the cruise ships. We allways used to finish off the day in St Thomas at a place called ....... Can't remember - but it was up a cable car so you cant miss it. Sun downers watching over the port and main town, try their "bush wackers" LEATHAL!