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DX Wombat
7th Dec 2004, 10:40
Reports have been received that the Viet Taff Special Forces sent to Gatwick have apparently disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The trail of events so far is as follows:
Thursday 2nd Dec, 1831hrs, the following message was received, “Viet Taff Special Forces in situ, hehehe”
Friday 3rd December, a message was received stating that they had taken Gibraltar. Silence followed until approximately 1700hrs on Saturday when PPRuNers were just getting stuck into their mince pies and mulled wine, when it was announced that the Viet Taff were at LGW and would be at the hotel within 10 minutes.
PPRuNe Forces were alerted and special measures to provide a suitable reception were put into place. :E The mulled wine was hastily quaffed, the mince pies gobbled up and PPRuNers retreated to the safety of the bar to make further plans for dealing with the imminent invasion.
Time passed.
More time passed and the ten minute deadline came and went with no sign of their arrival. A bus drivers’ strike was ruled out as the cause of the delay as the buses were still running. It was thought that they may have decided to walk to the hotel so as to be able to sneak in unnoticed but when an hour had passed with no sign of them people began to express their concern. A message was sent asking them to report their position as “Overdue Action” was about to be initiated – there was no reply. The level of concern rose. A further message was sent requesting their position and asking if they were in possession of an ELT which could be activated. SILENCE!
At 1830 hrs with the Viet Taff now 1.5 hours overdue SAR was activated and is on-going. Heat seeking devices have proved of little use as there are so many people in the vicinity of the airport. Specialist sniffer dogs trained to detect the faintest whiff of leeks and daffodils are on their way from Wales to replace the ones which were thoroughly confused by the arrival of the Rugby team from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
Extremely sensitive listening devices have been brought in in an attempt to pick up sounds of singing – particularly hymns and rugby songs but silence prevails.
Amongst those believed to have been involved and possibly amongst the missing are the infamous Captain Bluelights and Piper Arrow Heavy. Captain Bluelights, you may recall, was involved in that recent, scurrilous attack on Mr 10West of Prestwick. Piper Arrow Heavy is a friend of his and believed to be his second in command in the Viet Taff. The Viet Taff’s answer to Mata Hari, one "Blossom", is thought to have remained in the country with a view to visiting Edinburgh in the near future on a fact finding mission. Nothing has been seen or heard of Blossom in recent weeks and suspicion has arisen that she is a double agent working for the Jockistani Freedom Fighters.
The spokesman for the SAR team, Mr Iolo Llewellyn Emlyn Rhys-Gruffydd-The-Disaster, said that they would continue to search for at least the next 24 hours but things were not looking too good and he asked for any persons in the vicinity of Gatwick at the time of the disappearance to come forward.
Edited to say I don't know why it won't show Llanfair PG as one word as it is written as one in the thread original :\